Saturday, 20 March 2010

Everyday is 'Another Day'

I feel like everyday for the next however long should be titled 'another day'. Another day when we live with knowing that mum has cancer. I sit here and try, try really hard to put it all into perspective. I tell myself over and over and try to visualize mum and what she/they/them have been going through this past week. I can't do it. I need to be there.

Checked online today and the passport office has processed my new passport - or taken the dosh out of my bank account at least.

The operation is Tuesday and during that they will take some of the tumor to test and then hand the rest over to the new an upcoming designer cancer drug people - to test so can improve their new drugs, test on mice and then give mum. Dad talked me through the operation and the testing and the chemo/radiation. It was good. I needed to know.

I will hold off booking my tickets until the tumor results come back - should be the end of the week. That will give us a clearer idea of schedules. I've checked the websites and it isn't peak season so I should be able to get a ticket for straight away if needed. My god, if you'd told me a week ago that in a month I would be going home cause my mum was having chemo I would have laughed - followed in quick succession by a bottle of wine or four - just in case it was true...

Anyway - onto normal stuff...

Hub and I went for kurukuru sushi today and some standard nappy, printer ink, plastic golf set, meat and vege kind of shop.

Tomorrow we are off to pick up the cutest photos in the history of cute babies in tuxedos, tiger outfits and sumo skirt photos. We are ALL going so heading out early with the double buggy. Shou can keep hub entertained (or should that be the other way round?) while me, the sometimes princess and the cutest baby in the world go to pick up photos and drink sakura steamers. The whole outing could of course go pearshaped and end with me doing a runner to the photo shop to pick the pics up, followed by lunch in the car on the way home.

I will try and scan said pics and upload them tomorrow. Depending on whether or not my computer has had a session with doctor on couch uploading of pic could well infact take until about mid next week. But will try. Need to buy some kind of frame too so can send cutest ones off to New Zealand Granny - to tired her over until she gets to see the real thing in few weeks. And a frame for Granny K too. She gets a cutey pic as well. She has been quite stella the last week - asking at the right times how I am and how things in New Zealand are and not saying anything at the right times - when I am going off at the kids or spazzing out for some stupid pathetic pointless reason or another. Credit to her.

Ryu is wide awake - not impressed as is ten pm. He was asleep for a couple of hours but has decided a bit of wakey wake time is in order. He difinately has a white slither of tooth I can see - although I feel like the boy that cried wolf on this one. Hopefully it keeps coming up and doesn't get sucked back down into his gums again. Need me a photo to show you all that am infact telling the truth.

Well, best get the boy, and self to bed. Big day tomorrow - followed by public holiday on Monday. Bugger fuck. Perhaps hub wil feel like taking the kids to the park to play with their new plastic golf set. And perhaps If I pack them all an obento they will stay out all day...

A nice thought at least.


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Oyomesan said...

It always IS another day....that's what makes us open our eyes every morning and stand up and get going...the double reality of this ex-pat life though makes it wierd too.

Love the sound of the Cutest baby photos - post 'em up soon!