Sunday, 7 March 2010

Almost Funny

First translation file came through last night - all 135 pages of it. OK, OK, so isn't all text. Is a users manual for a website and has a lot of screen diagrams that don't need translating. But still, the sheer amount is daunting. More are getting sent tomorrow and then I will be saying for certain whether or not I think I can handle the whole thing. Me thinks ahhhhhhh, let me think about it....


Murphey's law and all three kids are hacking up phlem, with Marina coughing herself sick again tonight. Seemed fine after her delluge (?)down hub's pajamas though! Thankyou Ryu for waking up ten seconds before Marina.

They had a long day though - and ate shitloads at dinner, which was birthday celebrations for Granny K's 73rd birthday. Being a Sunday and all I had very little enthusiasm to make gourmet dinner so we bypassed the supermarket on the way home from afternoon outing and I got 'enkai' food - fried chicken, chicken skewers, salad, stuff for german cheesey potatos and sausages, sushi and of course the cake. Can't forget the cake. Didn't go overboard with that though as the woman didn't even want one. Was for the kids really. OK, and me.

This morning hub took Shou to the library. Must have been deserted or I imagine they would have been sent home in about three and a half minutes. Marina and I went to the dryers to dry two loads of washing dry and Ryu slept in peaceful slumber in Shou's bed - giving Granny K an hour or so of peace on her birthday.

After lunch we went to Jo's house, to take ownership of some pre-loved toys, trash the house, eat their food, drink their coffee and steel from their wood pile. The kids were good and even hub was well behaved.

Despite going in two cars so hub could load up the back of his with firewood, I got stuck with three kids on the way there - and almost on the way home too. Had to buy loads of stuff for dinner though and was thinking would need to make a few stops. Had great idea that hub and I should switch cars so he could drive the sleepy (and no doubt ready to nut out) kids straight home while I stopped for beer, cake and chicken. BY MYSELF - in hub's car, with a coffee and his only MD - compiled by 'someone at work' - all songs along lines of 'zuto zuto ' (always, always) and that hikaru song 'forever love' or whatever. Hmmmm, all I get in my car is toddler favorites. I want a compilation of love songs from 'someone at work' too!!

Best be off to bed - big day tomorrow, inbetween driving an hour each way to visit friend and new baby in hospital, getting another 20 pages done of translation and normal housey, kid, baby shit - oh and fuck me sideways. I HAVE to make hub's lunch tomorrow. Have been very lazy and making him go buy it when possible - during his month of going round the local halls to do people's tax returns. Tomorrow is middle of friggin nowhere though. luckily I put away some of tonight's feast so really is just matter of putting the rice on timer now and rearranging everything pretty in his lunchbox tomorrow morning - in between no doubt trying to dress the kids and pick out all the raisins and almonds from Marina's raisin and almond granola.


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