Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Achey Breaky Head

Yesterday evening a work colleague of hub's came to the front door with an industrial sized bag of mikan (mandarins) that had 'a couple' of beers in with it. Well that's what he said anyway. Turns out a couple was infact 12. I rang hub so that he could then ring said man and express sincere grattitude on being able to get wife liquored enough to want to frolick in the futon and have so much fruit that wife will have to think of 101 ways to use nearly past it mikans.

I can NEVER remember this man's name. To me he is 'that bloke that took us out to that really bright pub to celebrate our wedding and who lives on that corner before the number 7 tunnel in the house with the red tractor and 36 solar panals'. Christ what a huuha. Can I not just spend five minutes looking at his photo and saying 'Serikawa Serikawa' over and over again.

Anyhoo, a tad liquored I got. Gone are the days of being able to spend three hours at ladies wine night, followed by a few tequilla shots, a Midori Illusion shaker, and the inevitable mince and cheese pie from the servo (petrol station) on the way home. Three kids later and I am such a cheap date. Three or four beers and I'm yours. Quite excited was hub. I wasn't too unexcited myself :p

BUT, and this is where it starts to get all twilight zoney, I woke up with an achey breaky head. How on earth does that happen? After four beers? Due to lack of servo and more importantly lack of yummy mince and cheese pies I had to settle for takoyaki - octopus balls. It was a make or break situation and fortunately they did the trick.

Despite sore head I did infact manage to get a good chunk of work done. Finished the urgent one I got sent this morning in 20 minutes - as had done one very similar. Excellent hourly rate that was. However, said project manager emailed back with another assignment. How available was I? Needs to be in by Friday at 6pm. I stupidly, stupidly, stupidly agreed to do 4,000 characters. Not much but will require a bit of time.

Why oh why didn't I just say NO!

Because I have started allocating all my recent and future translation dosh on shopping in NZ in November. 4,000 characters should buy me something niiiiiiiiiiice - small but niiiiiiiiiice. A few yummy dinners out at least. Or perhaps ten bottles of nice wine, two bottles of tequila, seven midori illusion shakers and twelve hunded mince and cheese pies.

Marina managed a whole day at kindy today which was a surprise. She still has a very very runny nose, a slightly better cough, and sometimes leaky eyes. Poor wee muffin. Fingers crossed neither of them need to stay home over the next few days.

This arvo - just after Ryu had gone down to nap - the door chime went. Bugger shit. Ryu stayed in peaceful slumber though and I opened the door to a nice young lad wanting to know if him and his recycle shop mates could free us of the old pipes and door frames stashed against the side of the garage. Sweet - free away. Saved us about 3,000 yen in dumpyard fees.

All the kids were complete bastards at bedtime. They were all still in varying stages of awakeness at 9pm - that is like 2 hours after the bed routines started. Not impressed. And no, it wasn't due to feeling under the weather. Ryu was still up when hub rocked home at 10.

Best I start the bed routine myself - but in twenty minutes. Project Runway is on. Love it. They are making dragqueen outfits... !!



Ruthie said...

It's just so hard to say no, the money gets me everytime. I've got 5,000 characters of the same translation you have. Bit more difficult than last time but not too bad I hope! You'll get a lot of cheese and mince pies for 4,000 characters though!!

Oyomesan said...

and I'm delighted to see that you use the word "arvo" - cos I just used it in a game of Wordscraper on Facebook...and my Oz friend confirmed that it IS actually a word....I think I absorbed it years ago from watching Kylie and friends on Neighbors....

Nay said...

Geez... I wish we had friends that come with big boxes of booze and mandarins :P Sounds like he is a keeper to me, lol!

Good luck with all the translation jobs you have going at the moment. When times get tough, just remember the money you are going to make!! You will be able to have one really BIG shopping spree!! YAY!