Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Would you Fu***n believe it!

Think this sums up today...
And I mean the bugger right off not the two year old trying really hard to do a peace sign but not quite getting it right!

So, Marina stayed home today - last night was FUN. She coughed herself sick. Fortunately it only landed in the very corner of her music book. Those ones that have about fourteen squares with pictures and you press one for each song. They have them in Japanese and English. Are great actually. Well worth the 1600 yen or so you pay for them. Anyway, she threw up a tiny bit of dinner in 'momotaro'. Didn't overflow into any other square. Quite well done really.

Shou had stolen my bit of the big bed with hub and both were snoring soundly with the light on full brightness - stayed in exactly same position until half six when I woke them up. I wanted to be in Shou's bed but Marina convinced me some how (playing the sick card) that I would rather be squashed up the side of her bed instead. Quite remarkbly I have no bruises from being attacked with two year old feet ALL night.

Hub took Shou to kindy, after much coaxing.
GW: Marina is staying home today, do you think you could take Shou to kindy so that he gets to go in daddy's car and forgets he's missing a limb (Marina).
Hub: What? Shit.
GW: (bores holes in back of husband's back)
Hub: But, ....
GW: If you can't do it then just say no.
Hub: Well, technically I could do it but,...
GW: For fucks sake, Fine, I'll sort it.
Hub: .....
Hub: (ten minutes later) I guess I can.
GW: well thanks for stepping up for the cause darling. Aren't I glad I married a trooper like you.

Shou off to kindy and Marina, Ryu and I doss round (Ryu sleeps a lot) until ten when I head off to the doctors with Marina. There is a pile of summer clothes for this year - that I got from Pumpkin Patch in NZ - sitting on the dresser in her room. She spied the cute pink dress and decided she just had to wear it today. So be it. But with a skivy and tights and leg warmers.
And in this pic I do believe she is doing the double 'up yours'. Perhaps one and a half.

Lucky I got a photo of it though as half an hour after this pic was taken she threw up all over it, the car seat and in between the seatbelt buckles. Awesome. Thankfully I somehow managed to autopilot a change of clothes into the car before we left. Miracle. I forget to shave, clean teeth, smile and laugh and yet I can remember a change of clothes! Am still in awe at self for superb mothering skills. Got her dressed in the car park at home centre.

Doctor's was grand. Lots of people with snotty noses. Long wait - well half an hour anyway. Is that long? And then another half hour waiting for the drugs.

Then had to do big shop for nappies, milk, loo paper, wipes, rah rah, boring boring, mundane, mundane.

In between all this was of course anxious about phone ringing with mum's results. The meeting with her surgeon and the pathologist (?? - dude who works out the histology of the tumor I think) was scheduled for this morning and then the doc was going to ring dad. I was expecting that I would know by 1pm our time - 5pm NZ time - at the latest.

Honestly, was worse than being in labor. Must have looked at clock, keitai or position of sun at least every three minutes for about five hours. When got call from sister wasn't sure what to expect. Dad said he would ring regardless - to tell me the results or to tell me if they didn't get them. I thought for a second that sister ringing meant dad was too upset to dial long international number.

But no. Would you fuckin believe it!!

The meeting this morning didn't happen. Why you ask?

Take a guess...

The pathologist bloody well went and killed himself last night.

I think I may have even laughed when my sister told me. How bad is that? You've got to be bloody joking. And mum and dad didn't find this out until they had waited the WHOLE day for results phone call. Dad ended up phoning them at 5pm only to be told whole place was in meltdown cause of what had happened - which in itself is a bit fucking not acceptable for a neuro ward in the nation's capital. If there was a neuro ward here in Kunimi and Mrs. Tanaka's uncle's girlfirend's cousin's wife's postman topped himself I might expect some kind of ceasing of business for a day or five but not Wellington.

So, to family of deceased pathologist - I'm very sorry for your loss. I have no idea of the details and I'm sure things must have been bad for him to feel like he needed to end it all. I bet he didn't think his actions would lead to 34 year old gaijinwife over in remote town in southern Japan clock watching all day and then cursing his sorry ass.

And of course poor mum, she was to wait another day - perhaps two.

And now - I have all three children in some stage of snotty nose-ness. Ryu is having trouble trying to breath through his mouth and suck his dummy at the same time. Marina is miserable full stop, and Shou is like Marina was about three days ago.

Oh - and another up yours - rang the airline today and Korean Air (who I usually fly) is booked from here to fuckin Christmas 2050.


Monday, 29 March 2010

What does your boy take to bed?

I have just come out of Granny K's room with some mystery substance on bottom of foot. At first inspection I thought was some rice but am thinking perhaps imo (spud) or yamaimo (gooey mountain spud) ?

After last post on Saturday I set out to meet friend for lunch but she rang at the last minute to say had to be round house for solar panal men (not my one). I decided to venture over that way anyway for shop of nappies, milk, and the like. Half way I got email from the university asking if could pretty please do a 5,000 character translation by Monday evening.

A the time, when I think about the ching bidda ching of the cash register (eyes rolling like dollar slot machines) I say yes, and then inevitably over the course of translation wish I had said no. Before agreeing to it I did ring hub though to see if he could look after Shou and Marina on Sunday so I could do a good few hours while Ryu was sleeping. No problem he said.

Thank god I turned straight round and headed home, put the baby to sleep, followed by toy time on mat, followed by baby einstien so I could get some good hours in. Made huge headway which made up for complete fuck up on Sunday when nobody went to sleep, babies fussed, husbands 'took kids to play' outside the living room door which was awesome for translation concentration. Got about three paragraphs done the whole day.

Was shitass knackered by the end of the day so got nothing done at night- then followed by Marina barking like a seal for about half an hour at midnight. Poor wee thing. Is a tad under the weather. Runny nose, cough.

I HAD to finish the work today though and seeing as she was no longer barking like a seal (is a sleep horizontal phlem thing) and didn't have a temp I packed them both off to kindy. For once in my life I didn't even wipe the damn bench before starting to work - that was how desparate for time I was.

Actually, just had think about that.

I did shine the bench but didn't vacuum - which is really just like six of one and half a dozen on the other.

Ryu was a legend no fuss baby and I got loads done. Still not quite finished when kindy rang at 1pm to say Marina had a temp. Bugger fuck it and shag me sideways (actually wouldn't mind that if it was perhaps a young laborer and perhaps in Tuscany with perhaps a bottle of vino). I pleaded work (true) and said I would come asap when finished translation. Was a bit harder under the pressure though - that said, bastard was sent off by half three and I went to pick up my princess.

She didn't feel like she was starting to melt so took her to the chemist for drugs and supermarket for an 'easy' dinner of udon noodles. She did a stella job in only wanting the gum, the anpanman chocolate, the anpanman cookies and the flag with the fish and the crab on it. Good girl.

Went to get Shou, dinner, bath, beeeeeeeeeeeeed - which took for fuckin ever.

Parents of small boys - what did your boy take to bed with him tonight?

Mine you ask?

Oh, not much.

Just two chopsticks
Three marbles
Half a pkt of gum
Green plastic digger
Snot sucker (don't ask)
Hackey sack (one of those little bean bags - that Granny K is meant to play round with for co-ordination so she doesn't go senile)
Popo-chan (naked)
Towel (so pop-chan wouldn't be cold)

Thats all.

I have since removed the chopsticks, the marbles and the digger but was unable to retrieve the gum from in his tight little fist.

Right, time to write up me some invoices so I actually see the reward for all this hard work.


PS - had great talk with mum today. She was sounding her normal usual self. Tumor histology results come back tomorrow which will then be ticket booking time for me. We are still confident it isn't the nasty blastomer tumor first thought - so any news that confirms it isn't that is good news.

The WHOLE family minus me and plus brother's perhaps maybe new girl will be home for easter :( Nice for them. They are having nice pork roast for sister's birthday on Friday. Perhaps some cake, some balloons, I doubt some bubbles but still - good times.

Soon though. soon. And then it really will be the whole family - us family minus all the offspring of course - well, actually, with all the offspring minus Shou and Marina.

Gotta hate living so far away aye?

Saturday, 27 March 2010


Well the Immigration Office visit yesterday was quite painless. We managed to get out the door only a bit later than usual - what with hub being very helpful after the flowers did infact end up netting him some action.

Ryu was a bit of a grizzly bugger in the car but I think we have bottom tooth number two to explain that plus the last few days of general grizzliness. You'll just have to take my word on that as the pics below definately do not show any signs of teething grizzly fussy baby at all.

I lucked out with the guy at the immigration office. He was lovely and very helpful and accommodating to mother of small grizzly baby. I could have gotten the young twat bloke behind the counter who honestly looked so young I could almost say I've been living here since before he was born. OK, so perhaps he wasn't 13 but still. He had that 'I can be a bossy bastard just because I'm in charge of stamping your passport and your the dickhead foreinger' type manner about him.

I felt sorry for the Chinese guy and his lovely Japanese wife and beautiful two year old daughter called Yuri who loves anpanman, dancing, and long walks on the beach. Ryu stopped nutting when he saw her :). Poor foreign daddy was getting ordered all over the place with not so much as a please or even a hint of a 'p'.

Me... I was getting the whole works. Although the same man wasn't as gushily nice to the four Korean students who were in at the same time as me. Is this a 'white' foreginer thing? Or am I getting some back for having lived here for so long and doing my best to increase the population? I mean, I didn't even have my boobs out.

After my new passport got stamped and I got my re-entry permit Ryu and I headed to SB for another orange honey latte. Then it was off to sister in laws for a pitstop for Ryu and to see Rin-chan and Ken-chan. Who would be Ryu's second cousins? First cousin once removed? The mother is my neice.... This confuses me every time. Anway, pics...

And none of Ken-chan as he is only five months and was nutting out so not a photo opportunity.
Got home with a bit of time to sort out dinner and the house and washing and everything that got neglected due to getting out of the house so early. Hub was late again and is today off with the rest of his office rearranging desks and computer cords etc as four new people moving into the tax department - which just goes to show how short staffed they were before. He reckons this will take until 5pm? I asked that should moving four desks with twenty people happen to take less time than expected will they able to leave? Or will they all stand round drinking can coffee and twidling their thumbs till five? Twidling them on a pachinko machine perhaps?
Obviously my glass is still half empty. He needs to earn back some of that trust. Bunch of flowers and a shag isn't going to bring that back buddy.
Tis a step in the right direction though.

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Forgiven but not Forgotten

There were no fleeting feet touches in the middle of the night. Five minutes before I went to bed Shou woke up so hub went in there to settle him and stayed the whole night. Would have been me otherwise though. Like snuggling up to Shou.

Nobody woke up until quarter past seven - which is late of bloody late for us. The kids are usually fed and being chased round the house trying to get socks on by that time. Somehow I still managed to bustle them out the door at the same time of 8am. Hub and I didn't talk to each other before he left although he was on 'I'm sorry' mode - doing more than usual. Washing AND drying the breakfast dishes and only spending five minutes doing his hair, instead of ten rah rah.

I got a few mails and txts throughout the day and I thought that each time perhaps it might be hub with his tail between his legs - if that is even possible through an email. You know what I mean. But no. No appology during the day. I told myself the only way he could redeem himself after fuckwittage events of last night was with large bunch of florals and some beverages for after English.

He walks in just before six - fast considering his 'March' carpark is a ten minute walk away and it takes him 30 minutes to get home. And they have to stay at their desks until 5:15 - so he practically flew his lieing ass out the city hall doors at 5:15 and 4 seconds.

He must have spent his lunch break scoffing down food and then driving to the florists. Not the good lady who does very modern bunches but the father of silly twatty 25 year old who smashed into the back of my car six years ago - who really is only good for a forty dollar bunch of flowers that only look nice from straight on and have very long stalks. Granny K didn't ask any questions when I borrowed one of her vases (as in she turned the thing herself on the potters wheel) and was probably relieved she would live to see another day with her bloody gaijin daughter in law and noisy but very cute grandkids. Better than the alternative.

So I got lovely bunch of flowers, a cuddle and even an appology - IN WORDS. WOW!! I knew he could do it because he has said sorry before.

So I guess have no choice but to keep the lieing fucker on a bit longer aye.

I think what you think you would do and what you actually choose to do in any given situation can be so different. There are so many things at play. Sure, I entertain the idea of upping and leaving some times but then reality hits and for ninety percent of the time the current situation is preferrable to a life of me and three small ones - if in fact, given that I only have a spouse visa, I would actually get them with me.

Japan tends to go with the Japanese parent - whereas I think in a lot of western countries kids going with the mother is more common. That said, I think he probably wouldn't put up much of a fight - not because he doesn't love them but because if wanted to keep working he doesn't have much choice. Not while they are this little and Granny K can't drive and refuses to look after more than one child at a time.

Going off on a tangent though. No need for that. Peace has been restored to the florally smelling gaijinwife household for another day.

But THANKYOU so much for all the comments. I burnt two pieces of toast while I was reading them this morning. Having a good laugh safe in the knowledge that I have a band of gaijin wives out there ready to come slap some sense into my husband should the need arise again.

Forgot to mention yesterday that my new passport arrived so I am off to the immigration office tomorrow to get visas stamped over and a re-entry permit. And to ask about the letter hub has to write that will 'allow' me out of the country with my own child - so the authorities know I'm not trying to kidnap him. Obviously I'm going to tell hub I lost the first one so he writes another one and so I have one 'on hand' just in case.

Starbucks isn't too far a stroll away from the immigration office so Ryu and I may have to just pop in. The photo place rang today and said his pic is on display in the window from today until half way through April. Would like to go admire it but is half an hour away from where I need to be so might flag it.

Mum was able to fly home today - or rather to the hospital close to home. This is great news. We thought Sunday or Monday. Her and dad got the flying doctor plane again. She was up and about this morning, still with a sore head but lots better than yesterday. She was allowed non-immediate family visitors today and had four in quick succession before being told to pack her bags cause she could go home. I should be able to talk to her tomorrow.

Got back from English tonight and two of the three sproglets were up - 9pm. The house was a complete bombsite and after spending ten minutes picking things up and thinking I was making good headway I noticed that Shou must have emptied the fuckin holepunch behind the couch. Awesome. That can wait till tomorrow.

They are all now asleep and hub keeps looking at me as if he would fancy some international relations.

Aha, so thats what the flowers were for.

Unfortunately for him I am still holding a grudge about the 60kg is too fat comment.

Not getting much action with those kind of comments.

Best be off.


Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Something has shifted :(

I kind of brought this on myself - in a round about kind of way. But I don't think I deserve this shit - not now. And hub should know this...

I'm closer to tears now than I was writing about mum yesterday. Probably because this feels so 'real'. The here and the now.

What a fuckin wanker.

There may be off the scale amounts of obscenities in this post. I'm sure anyone would swear this much.

The day started off all good - spoke to my sister. Mum is tired and not getting as much pain killers as she would like but otherwise good. Apparantly after brain surgery they are skimp on the pain killers because strong doses can make you a bit not with it - and they need to monitor you and your answers and lucidity. But she is all within the realm of just having had brain surgery patient-ness. Bloody sore head and all.

A friend came to visit and then got email from other friend who gave birth at 5am this morning. Was heading over that way after lunch anyway so went to visit with flowers. Had great story to post about actually getting the flowers but can't be flagged with that now that hub is being such a prick.

Had English. Picked the kids up. Fed them. Bathed them. Put Ryu to bed. And took Marina and Shou for a drive.

I don't know why I felt the need to check up on hub today of all days. Perhaps because it was raining, because I had spoken to him earlier, and perhaps just the feeling. You know. That intuition bullshit that we women are 'blessed' to have.

Ten past seven. I told Granny K I was taking the kids to the next town over to get friend to sign papers for immigration office. She has rung hub before and I didn't want the 'alarm' phone call to him. She seemed fine with the story so off we set.

Drove past hub's office and no car visible but there were a few cars so it could have been hidden amongst the others. Drove on to the pachinko parlor. In one entrance - past where he parked it last time he got caught and around way to the back of the car park.

Low and FUCKIN behold. 97-17. I wasn't surprised I don't think. Shou recognized 'daddy's car' and him and Marina both put on all my wipers, hazzard lights and blinkers while mummy 'moved' daddy's car. Not far - just enough to make him wonder if that was where he had really parked it.

We headed home.

I KNOW he is stressed.

I KNOW he needs release.

But fuck right off - I am at home at the worst time of the day dealing with OUR kids while he is off doing his equivilent of my 'massage, followed by yummy coffee routine' - which I might add has NEVER eventuated. How DARE (sorry - too many capitals but am well fucked off) he think that he deserves this time more than me - now of all fuckin times.

SO anyway - I don't say anything when he rocks in at about 9pm. Hard day was it? Dinner waiting on the table - bath is run, pjs laid out on the sofa, beer in the fridge.

I thought he would clue on after his car was moved and his wipers standing out - but he didn't say anything.

I was just going to leave it for the time being but he made some fuckwit comment about a tv programme. A show about fat girls getting skinny. One girl went from 108kg to 60kg - and looked fabulous. He reckoned she still looked a bit chubby as 60kg is a bit heavy for a chick.


I wasn't even 60kg when we started getting it on. I was 66kg -which by his new standards is OBESE. What i am now - after pushing out three of his children in three years is positively whale-ish. My god, how can he bear the sight of me?

So he said something about the chick, I said something back, he made some stupid remark, and the rest is....

GW: but your a fuckin lier so who cares what you say?
Hub: What?
GW: You're a lier (pants on fire)
Hub: ....
GW: How much did you borrow from bank (found envelope while moving car)
Hub: What? (can you not think up a better response darling)
GW: Did you not click on when you found your car moved?
Hub: What? (fuck already)
GW: So did you win?
Hub: Did you go somewhere tonight?
GW: (is it not fuckin obvious?) Just a drive. Around half seven.
Hub: .... (silence is better than what?)
GW: Why bother to go to the trouble of lieing when you know I know?
Hub: blah blah blah blah, dribble dribbile, rah rah

And then I got so fucked off for him getting angry at ME for checking on him that I did somethine I have NEVER done before - I smacked him round the back of the head. Open handed. Very Japanese smack on the head type thing.


He fuckin well hit me back - Open handed - to the shoulder. So not sore in anyway but there was NO hesitation. He said something along lines of 'Fuck you for smacking me'.

I appologised for hitting him. I shouldn't have. SO I said sorry but that was seriously fucked off he would get angry at me for HIS going to pachinko on the sly. Which of course leads me to believe there has been a lot of it going on. I believe him for last month though as his take home pay was twice what it normally is and that doesn't happen at pachinko. - as in it all came in in the same installment.

He said...

It's good you're going home for your mum's chemo, you should stay there.

Kick that idea in the balls fucker. I'm going to be NICE to you for the next six months until I have gotten my permanent residence visa and then ... then I can stay here with the kids but not with you.

But even that would fuck me off. MY house - I have well spent shitloads of money on this house.

You never know. We might find feet together tonight - I usually go to sleep with my feet touching his.

That or my feet will be slamming into his fuckin balls.

SDGH&QL ladies. Take what you can get of it.

PS - the very sudden comment about weight - from the TV program - do you think this is inkling that he 'likes' - is in the middle of 'liking' someone else? I would have trouble wondering how he had the time to both work, pachinko and fratanize with some skinny tart. But, you never know. He fratanized with me when he wasn't 'officially' divorced.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

One Step

I was at a very muchly extreme of extreme loose end all morning. Was planning on going shopping to fill time but instead got sidetracked - by trying to fix the exercycle (which broke after english class boys plus Shou gave the pedals a good going over while it was in upright stow-away position), overhaul the vacuum cleaner - which now sucks.

Wahoooo. I can't believe I have been putting up with a semi-sucker. Honestly the last week it probably would have been faster to drive to the next town over to borrow their dog to bring back to suck shite off floor to drive dog back home, have a coffee and perhaps stay the night, than do a good and proper vacuum.

After I had fixed everything that I could - or tried - exercyle is still upside down in baby's room. The band has come off one of the wheel things and I haven't had enough weetbix or spinnach to get the bastard back on - went to dry the clothes at the dryer place as lashing rain.

While waiting the forty minutes for that I went to visit a friend to
a)see how new kitchen and lounge reform is coming along
b)see if in fact one of their three dogs would make a good hoover and
c)quietly enquire about mother in law - who died from brain tumor a couple of years back.

a) - reform is absolutely fabulous. The kitchen is humungous and even has TWO pantries. So jealous. I tried to talk to our builder about a pantry but he had no idea what the fuck I was going on about. Why, when you have a fridge, cupboards and an under the floor storage space would you need a big ugly pantry?? Honestly is lucky I got the inbred fucker to agree to the fireplace.

b) - all three dogs in one go and I think my floor would be clean in two seconds.

c) - was very agressive kind and from start to end was only three months. Her husband is from England and was back and forth a few times then. They didn't find out until she had a scan after forgetting things, mixing words up etc.

So on to that stuff....

Today's operation was largely a


The tumor will never ALL be gone but Mr. McDreamy got all of it that he could see. Sneaky bastard tumor is intertwined in brain but of the 5cm ball (That's a big fuckin peanut - which is what I got told it was) he got everything he could see and access.

Doctor also thought that perhaps it wasn't the Glio Blastoma tumor we initially got told. This is all good news. Glio Blastomas are the worst fuckers on the block so anything that isn't that is 'better'.

Mum.... she was awake within an hour of the operation ending. Fam dam got to see her an hour after that and apparantly she was 'herself' - telling the doctor to bugger off home to his family for dinner as must be well tired after five hours of scraping shite out of her brain.

Because it perhaps, maybe, hopefully isn't the type of tumor they thought it might be the results may take a bit longer. Perhaps mid next week. Mum will still need more treatment - radiation or chemo or mixture of both. AND the bastard will still come back.

BUT - for the time being it seems that mum will get a good chunk of 'her' time. I hope she is thinking about everything she wants to do.

I am thinking about being home for the first round of 'treatment'. Would like to be able to do something useful. Everybody else has come to the cause and I am sitting all the way over here in Japan - trying to fix exercycles that have only been used twice and non-sucking vacuum cleaners.

My sister sent round and email this morning with some pics of mum from last week. I haven't been able to open them yet. There are photos of mum around our house but I haven't seen her 'recently'. Too chicken shit as I think then it might start to sink in. She doesn't even look sick but still.
It's my mum, and I love her, and I just don't wont to have to put the pieces of the picture together quite yet. Holding off you know.

Thankyou all for the energy today - pat yourselves on the back. It worked. Perhaps the best of a worst situation type scenario.

Thankyou also for the comments, texts, phonecalls, emails, e-cards, chocolate (early easter prezzie that just happend to arrive this morning :) ) - and that could be a double chin :) ).

It has been greatly appreciated really it has. The last ten days has been a bit surreal and I have managed to forget lots of things - people's birthdays - friend's kids birthdays... sorry :( Belated birthday greetings.


Later - just opened the pics of mum at the hospital and at home over the weekend. I mean its mum - looking like mum as usual but the hospital ones. She looks good but because I know what I know and that everyone else is in the photo - there with her. And I am here.

Monday, 22 March 2010

Another public holiday?

What was the public holiday today? For a country that has so much trouble taking time off they sure do have enough things to make public holidays for. Birthdays, changing of seasons, sports, environment, respect for this, that and the other...

In a house with three small chidren, two of whom are usually at full time daycare, public holidays are viewed with a mixture of...

enhusiasm - yay, get to spend whole day playing with kids and ignoring housework.

fear - for my person, for their person, for the floor, the walls, my kitchen utensils...

anxiety...knowing that I will spaz at some point during the day - if not on several occasions. Anxiety for really wishing that wouldn't happen but knowing it probably will and wondering when??

wonder... at how my kids, who were born with two perfectly functioning ears each, have yet to put them to good use.

rah rah.

We have manged to make it through the three day weekend all still here and even perhaps all still talking to each other. No small feat. Fortunately two and three year olds don't hold grudges for very long. I have a feeling in about ten years grudges might last a bit longer.

Hub took Shou and Marina to the park not once but twice today - first to the park 5km away with the rocket roller slide and obstacle course and then to the usual park with the ship roller slide. In between he took Shou out by himself past the men up the road laying concrete - they both got to ride in the concrete truck back to the concrete place to refil and back again. Talk about fun fun fun.

We had visitors this morning. Friend is 39 weeks pregnant about to enter week 40. Her hub is busy at work five towns over all this week so have said she can ring gaijinwife taxi should it feel like the baby is making it's way towards the saloon doors - unless tomorrow's surgery in New Zealand doesn't go too well in which case I may be stocking the wine rack and beer fridge in which case in no state to drive and she would be better off getting a normal taxi.

Well, best get to bed. Tomorrow is a big day. Need to get up and do the house and kid stuff before heading out - for no real reason other than I don't have any translations to keep me occupied while I wait for txt/phone call from home. I'll sit here and eat all day if I don't get out :(

cold leftovers, old tomatos, the chair, the dining room table... I wish I lost my appetite in times of stress :(

I'd be well skinny by now.


Sunday, 21 March 2010

Pics pics pics

Have only scanned them and not played round with them (ahem, cropped them) to sort them out properly. Have decided they aren't as 'beautiful' as the ones I got done in New Zealand - that are a lot more subdued colors, posey poses rah rah. But these are cute just the same - very baby dressed up and placed in front of bright colored back drop with random vase of flowers - ish...

Grrrrrrrrr. I wish every year was the year of the tiger! He wasn't too keen on the hat so this is the only one they have with him not trying to pull it off.
This is my fav - and came out properly because it is a bigger size in real life. It is in color though and the backdrop is bright sky blue. I realise that if he ever turns out a bit cheerful and gay he will look back through his baby photos and say tis no bloody wonder mum - you had me wearing a tutu at 9 months. Is actually a big fluffy feather boa thingy ma jig that the girl pulled out and drapped over him so you wouldn't see his nappy.
The Japanese side... and nope, have no idea what flowers have to do with anything. He tried to throw them away even. I should have squashed the idea as soon as the girl brought them out. But I was too memorized by that cute baby in sumo outfit. Oh My God... He's mine.
And just because you HAVE to dress every nine month old up in a tuxedo. Why would you not?
The whole fam dam was set to go this morning but by the time we got to the next town over hub and I had made the executive decision that him, Shou and Marina would change over into his car - which was at work after his drinking thing on Friday night - and Ryu and I would soldier on to pick up the photos on our own. I say soldier as it really was quite the mission after the night hub and I had last night.
And no, we weren't at it all night at all. Ryu was being a fussy bugger with methinks sore teeth from between 10pm and 2am. SOLID. I had no more pamol and for the life of me couldn't find the ora-sed teething gel. He finally went to sleep only for Shou to come into our bed at half three - decide to sleep horizontal, and so in order to get any sleep oursleves - hub went into Shou's bed and I slept horizontally beside Shou, feet hanging over edge.
Ryu and I did a wee bit of hitting the shops, nothing too drastic. A bag, some sunnies, a wee pointless waste of money plastic senbei holdber for his baby crackers on the plane - so they don't get mashed to cracker cumbs in my bag like usual.
Picked up the pics and then spent half an hour oohing and aaaahing over them at starbucks - and a honey and orange latte. Yum yum. Went and got nice frame for New Zealand Granny and put the pics in them in the shop so the girl could super duper pack them all up. Will post them on Tuesday morning.
Made it home in time to get dinner sorted - and ignore the state of the house. Whenever I come back from being out for any amount of time with just Ryu, the house is a complete bombsite. I think hub finds it enough effort to keep the kids alive and kicking and the house standing. No time to clean up after anyone or anything.
Ah well, whats a few blocks, times a hundred, some game cards, times twenty, a plastic stethoscope and syringe (where did they come from?), some magnetic animals off the wooden with magnets ferris wheel, times eight, bob the builder and other random DVDs and videos, times fifteen, all the washing from the washing basket (but that was my fault apparantly as hadn't put away - bang, smash, pow), plastic golf balls, gumboots (??), .....
Ryu and Marina went down without a peep and I am presuming Shou (and perhaps hub) are on their way. Neither of the kids had afternoon naps and the baby only had about twenty minutes so they were all knackered.
Time for a bath - all on my own. What bliss.

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Everyday is 'Another Day'

I feel like everyday for the next however long should be titled 'another day'. Another day when we live with knowing that mum has cancer. I sit here and try, try really hard to put it all into perspective. I tell myself over and over and try to visualize mum and what she/they/them have been going through this past week. I can't do it. I need to be there.

Checked online today and the passport office has processed my new passport - or taken the dosh out of my bank account at least.

The operation is Tuesday and during that they will take some of the tumor to test and then hand the rest over to the new an upcoming designer cancer drug people - to test so can improve their new drugs, test on mice and then give mum. Dad talked me through the operation and the testing and the chemo/radiation. It was good. I needed to know.

I will hold off booking my tickets until the tumor results come back - should be the end of the week. That will give us a clearer idea of schedules. I've checked the websites and it isn't peak season so I should be able to get a ticket for straight away if needed. My god, if you'd told me a week ago that in a month I would be going home cause my mum was having chemo I would have laughed - followed in quick succession by a bottle of wine or four - just in case it was true...

Anyway - onto normal stuff...

Hub and I went for kurukuru sushi today and some standard nappy, printer ink, plastic golf set, meat and vege kind of shop.

Tomorrow we are off to pick up the cutest photos in the history of cute babies in tuxedos, tiger outfits and sumo skirt photos. We are ALL going so heading out early with the double buggy. Shou can keep hub entertained (or should that be the other way round?) while me, the sometimes princess and the cutest baby in the world go to pick up photos and drink sakura steamers. The whole outing could of course go pearshaped and end with me doing a runner to the photo shop to pick the pics up, followed by lunch in the car on the way home.

I will try and scan said pics and upload them tomorrow. Depending on whether or not my computer has had a session with doctor on couch uploading of pic could well infact take until about mid next week. But will try. Need to buy some kind of frame too so can send cutest ones off to New Zealand Granny - to tired her over until she gets to see the real thing in few weeks. And a frame for Granny K too. She gets a cutey pic as well. She has been quite stella the last week - asking at the right times how I am and how things in New Zealand are and not saying anything at the right times - when I am going off at the kids or spazzing out for some stupid pathetic pointless reason or another. Credit to her.

Ryu is wide awake - not impressed as is ten pm. He was asleep for a couple of hours but has decided a bit of wakey wake time is in order. He difinately has a white slither of tooth I can see - although I feel like the boy that cried wolf on this one. Hopefully it keeps coming up and doesn't get sucked back down into his gums again. Need me a photo to show you all that am infact telling the truth.

Well, best get the boy, and self to bed. Big day tomorrow - followed by public holiday on Monday. Bugger fuck. Perhaps hub wil feel like taking the kids to the park to play with their new plastic golf set. And perhaps If I pack them all an obento they will stay out all day...

A nice thought at least.


Friday, 19 March 2010


Stooooooooooop sending those vibes, energy, good wishes and hugs - especially if you have been sending them all the way to New Zealand. You all must be well exhausted.

Mum's op has been postponed until Tuesday. Fuck it. The op before hers went on for longer than usual and then Monday, well Dr. McDreamy is busy so Tuesday it is. Mum and Dad decided to go back home for the weekend and managed to score a ride on the med plane.

For about thirty minutes today I was CONVINCED something bad had happened during the operation. Nobody texted me to say that mum had gone in like they were going to and then when I couldn't wait any longer I sent one and got a reply five minutes later saying op was postponed will ring you later. Ring me later??

Hellloooooooooo. Toodle pops. Over heeeeeeeeeeeeeere.

I know nooooooooooothing unless you keep me up with the play. I was convinced that somthing had happened and they were all far too upset to be able to ring me. Despite text saying op had been postponed. The mind does worketh in mysterious-th ways-th.

So anyway, thankyou for all sending the energy and vibes my way. Must have worked on me a bit as managed to get translation all finished and only had that brief half an hour of melt down - which by the way was over lunch time so no doubt exact time when you lot were all eating your lunch and forgetting to multitask and energize me at the same time.

Anyhoo, three days to refill the energy tanks.

Tuesday it is.


Thursday, 18 March 2010

Twas the night before...

Twas the night before brain surgery
When all through the house
The kids were a sleeping
And mummy was on the piss

Fuck it.

That so doesn't rhyme.

But what can you do. House... spouse....mouse....

So, the translation - finished and sent by 1pm. What a legend. So much earlier than I thought. I even got some play time with the baby today AND spent more than half an hour making nutritious meal for family.

I rang mum as soon as I had finished - and could therefore fall apart and not have to pull self together to continue working. She was having some bean salad and waiting for MRI - with black marker dots on her head for positioning. She was cheerful. Over cheerful - as I guess you would be to your daughter. Mothers are strong. They pull through. They pretend to us like things aren't as bad as they are.

Poor mum.

She must be so damn scared. God knows I am. Tomorrow Dr. McDreamy (and I will so google him when I ask his name) will be cutting into her head - her brain. Her brain people. This is seriously scary scary shit.

And I will be here translating - something different that I took on yesterday morning and has to be in tomorrow 'sometime' - I have done 1/4 of it already and am sure a few cups of coffee will get the rest out of me tomorrow before mum is due out of surgery - hence when I will start shitting self that am not getting phone-call fast enough.

Fingers crossed - angels - white lights, whatever. Send it our way tomorrow please. Or more specifically send them to Wellington.



Of Mice and Men

This post may be a bit all over the show, but I'm sure you'll forgive me given the current situation.

Firstly, thankyou for the continuing comments. I have been checking from my phone - gives me something to do besides twiddling my thumbs, translating screeds and screeds of online operation manual and looking at the clock.

Today my parents flew down to Wellington for a consult with New Zealand`s answer to Dr. McDreamy. The appointment was for anytime after 1pm. Needless to say there was a lot of clock gazing - on this, a day when no news most probably definately doesn't mean good news.

By 2pm Japan time (6pm NZ time) I couldn't stand it anymore and had to ring my sister. She was on her fourth glass of wine - three while she was clock gazing and the next in relief - relief for that glimmer of hope given to us by Dr. McDreamy and a lab full of mice. Not hope in the sense that bastard peanut sized tumor will suddenly up and leave but hope in that our time, mum's time, might be extended.

She has the most aggressive form of incurable cancer. It is called a Glio Blastoma for those of you who didn't access the link a couple of posts back. I haven't googled since then so any information herein is about third or fourth hand from my sister, my dad, the doctor and a pukeko in a punga tree.

People with this type of cancer, if left untreated, usually die within 3 months of finding out. Fortunately, mum's not a roll over and die kind of person. I have an inkling she plans on sliding in to the finish line completely done over, all life squeezed out of her and with a glass, no a bottle, of sav in hand.

The only option really is the 'procedure' - as mum is calling it, the 'cut and suck' as dad is calling it, and a 'craineotomy' as it is more commonly known. (My computer is far to delicate today after hours of translating that I fear putting the spell check on will put it over the edge - so please forgive fuckups.)

A successful 'procedure' and we may get up to a couple of good years - after of course course/s of chemo. From what I can gather, even if all the bastard is sucked out during the 'cut and suck' it will re-appear. One of those cancers that just KEEPS. COMING. BACK.

However, there is a new clinical trial of some wonder drug that has only been approved for trial in New Zealand for the last couple of months. This trial has been proven, on mice, to destroy the cancer in fifty percent of recipients. It is a drug specifically made for this type of cancer. Mum has signed the papers and IF they get all the tumor out on Friday, and WHEN the bastard re-appears she will be all set to get those been-proven-on-mice-but-just-starting-out-on-men drugs.

It's a glimmer though. I glimmer of hope that mum will be with us for longer yet.

But first things first... the cut 'n' suck (sounds like something I need done on my thighs and flummy) is scheduled for Friday.

My dad is with her and my little brother and mum's sister arrived today too. My other sister is flying down tomorrow and I have a feeling the other one is going to be there too. That's the whole fam dam. Minus me.

I know she has a lot of loved ones with her to perhaps make it a little less scary but that doesn't mean I wish I wasn't there. I so wish I was. That said, I think I would be more scared.

You know I had a good talk with her yesterday. Good in that we talked about the kids and the weather and other normal stuff. I was too chicken shit to ask...

So how are you really mum?
Are you scared mum?
Are you pissed off that life is ripping you off mum?

I imagine the answers would be not so good, yes and fuck yes. I think I was afraid to ask them because

I'M not ok.
I'M scared, and
I'M pissed off that life is ripping ME off.

How utterly and entirely selfish.

I'm still in denial a bit did you know. Not so much denial I guess as pretending for large parts of the day that nothing is wrong. That life is as it was this time last week. I don't think it will really sink in until I have been home.

Speaking of which - I sent my passport application off. Even went to the big post office three towns over so it would be faster! I arrived there at 8:59 hoping to get the courier envelope in the post by thirty seconds past nine. I wasn't thinking I might be behind a vestling wanting to send one apple, one carrot and one daikon to every living relative - all of course living in the far corners of the country.

Passport post stamped at 9:15.

I get a little bit nervous when I have to send my passport in the post. However, in taking the ten photocopies of it before sealing it up I realised that my visa is absolutely one hundred percent valid - until the year after next in fact. Just goes to show that you really should keep a list of everything important that happens while you are pregnant - I applied for current visa while pregnant with Ryu. Mushy brain. I still need to get a multiple re-entry permit though so will go and spend half a day at the immigration office (and perhaps starbucks) getting that and my visa transferred to new passport -when it arrives.

Anyhoo, I best get to bed. I have spent the whole day translating and still have to do it all day tomorrow to get it in on time. May have to cancel English. Probably seems silly that am translating at time like this but this one translation (if I actually get the bastard finished) will pay for a whole trip home for Ryu and I. Not something to be laughed at lightly.


Edit - and thank you friends for the phonecallas and the emails. I haven't been ignoring you, I have been ignoring EVEYRONE. Screening my calls. I only answered the phone once today. As was completely non related. I will ring you all back though and reply to emails - next week maybe. Will have more news to impart after Friday's 'procedue' anyway. But thankyou. Really.

Monday, 15 March 2010

Grey's Anatomy

Just caught the last twenty minutes of part of season 5.

That episode where Izzy and Alex get married - when before the ceremony they find another tumor in Izzy's brain.

Biggest sob yet.

Did you know you can bend over shoulders shaking sob and still not make enough sound to wake up three sleeping children and a snoring husband.

Oh my god. I still can't believe this is really happening.

It's not fair.

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Another Day

Another day - slipping in, slipping out, is it real, is it not, kids playing up, forget for five minutes, get some me time, remember...

Hub took the kids out for a couple of hours this morning and Ryu slept while I did some work. Tis a good mind user - the one I have on is due on Thursday. That big 145 page one. I decided to keep it on as very easy and fills time. The urgent one I got on Friday morning I sent back just as urgently on Friday afternoon after 'the phonecall'. They understand though and have sent a flag out to the other project managers to not email me for work until I am ready.

This afternoon Ryu and I went to Jo's to get her to sign 'the ugliest passport photo in the history of passport photos' - she was quite impressed and only just agreed on signing it as 'true likeness'. Her kids were home which was good as meant that I couldn't break down the minute I walked in the door like I thought I might.

I spoke to my sister this morning. She was feeling the effects of a hard night last night with her hub and her best friend. And not the go out and dance till dawn type of hard night but the teary cry till you've got no tears left, talk till you've got no voice left, drink till you've got no wine left type of hard night.

I need one of those I do. Unfortunately circumstances don't allow it - what with best friends being thousands of miles away and all. I have more of a teary cry till your child or your mother in law walks in, talk to yourself in your head so as not to scare your children, drink till you've got no asahi left type of nights - although Friday and Saturday night I was in bed before hub with not much drowning of sorrows.

I did a wee internet search. The internet search is a dangerous thing though. I spoke to my dad yesterday. Having a doctor as a dad could be very annoying sometimes - as in those days you want to skive off school and pull a sicky but dad always checking your glands and upon declaring you fit sends you off to school. But, getting older, having miscarriages, a daughter with a dicey kidney, a mother with a tumor and doctor dads are good things to have.

Dad has the best bedside manner. He explains everything to you as if you have no idea about anything - which I don't. He somehow makes things sound 'manageable' when probably they are not. I don't know how he kept it together to have the half an hour or so conversation with me yesterday. Lord knows I didn't. So thank you Dad.

I have spoken to a lot of my friends who have phoned - I tend to break down at the same part in the conversation everytime. But don't worry, I haven't got many friends left so won't have to go through too many more times.

The kids all wrote New Zealand Granny a picture tonight. Even Ryu - or rather he tried to eat the crayon and then screwed up the piece of paper. But we'll send it anyway :)

Fuck, I still can't believe it.

But thank you lovely readers for all your comments. It helps - every one helps it does. I know I'm shit at replying to comments and commenting on other blogs but reading your comments these past few days has really helped me pull through. Just knowing that other people are thinking of me or have been through the same thing makes a huge difference. So, thank you.

Sweet Dreams, Tremendously Excellent and Good Health, and Quiet Living to you all.


Saturday, 13 March 2010


Not a better day than yesterday. There will never be the 'day I found out' again and as days go it was pretty horrendous but there will be worse.

I woke up and for a brief second the world was normal.

And then you remember.

Yesterday wasn't just a dream - or a nightmare.

It really happened. And somehow we have to adjust our lives to cope. To give the support that needs to be given. I don't even know what that support is or if infact I will even be able to give it.

This is the big one. The person who gave you life. Who you complain about and bitch about but love with a passion, unconditionally. This isn't supposed to happen. Not yet anyway. It hasn't 'happened' yet but the journey has begun.

And I'm not there.

So much going, so much to take in. I can't begin to imagine what the rest of the family is going through - being there. 'living' it every day. Here, in my isolated paddy in Japan I can have pockets of time where I forget. Kids help with that too. You can't break down in front of a three year old. I have once - and Shou - well he came straight over and gave me a big hug and told me to 'genki dashite'.


Didn't come near me and had a look of 'pull it together, you're the mother here'. Her look made me laugh but so I guess it had the right effect. Ryu - he laughs at anything. And I hope he is still laughing at everything when him and I go home in a few weeks. Me thinks New Zealand Granny needs her some cute grandson baby laughs.

Who doesn't.


PS - got seriously the worst passport photo in the history of passport photos today. If there was a 'passport photo wrecks' page I would spend the 48 hours it would no doubt take my computer to upload it! What do you know and everything I own expires in June - passport, visas. Sending off for new passport on Monday. Lets hope next weeks tests don't mean I should be flying home before my passport gets back. They will send my old passport back with my new one aye? So I can get the visas transferred - even though have to go apply for new one.

Friday, 12 March 2010

Just One Phonecall

I had written today's post, or what was meant to be today's post, in my head many times.

Translation is crazy - but good as keep getting heaped with praises, recommended to other companies by colleagues, more work, more work, dosh dosh dosh, rah rah rah.

Kids are crazy - but good as keep getting heaped with praises, as have realised after a few good 'praise' droppings to me that lots happier and that kids probably happier if they got lots of praise too. Of course know that need to praise kids lots...

What a good boy for eating all your dinner Shou - should be a survival technique but instead seems harder than writing two year dissatation (sp? - as have never written one).

Good girl Marina, mummy loves little girls that clean their teeth - instead of sucking all the grape flavored toothpaste off and throwing toothbrush across room. Throwing maybe inappropriate - more like hurling. Toothbrush hurl - should be new Olympic sport.

And various other tangents about life at casa de la Gaijin Wife.

But a phonecall this afternoon, just one phonecall, and life is spinning - out of control, upside down, inside out, back to front, you name it.

It will have to remain an unbloggable as have just found out today and even though I guess I am directly involved it isn't 'about' me so we'll have to leave it at that.

I can't believe it really. Did that phone call really happen?? And only two days after one friend who I used to work with at the university mailed and said he had to go back home for family health reasons, and then the same day my best friend from intermediate - junior high - her dad went into hospital for a routine procedure and is now in a coma - switch getting turned off on Monday.

Bad luck really does come in threes.

So with out going into details, can I ask you all to do something.

Can you ring your family and tell them that you love them.

Can you hug your kids extra tightly tonight and tell them that they are the bestest kids in the whole wide world.

Family - our worlds would be nothing without them.


Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Another Funny - Sorry, real post later.

Sorry but I have to share this funny too. I wont make a habbit of it. Didn't start blogging to share bulk email attachments afterall. Thankyou to friend for sending it to me though - made me giggle several times it did.

Gotta LOVE this doctor...

Q: Doctor, I've heard that cardiovascular exercise can prolong life. Is this true?
A: Your heart only good for so many beats, and that it...don't waste on exercise. Everything wear out eventually. Speeding up heart not make you live longer; it like saying you extend life of car by driving faster. Want to live longer? Take nap.

Q: Should I cut down on meat and eat more fruits and vegetables?
A: You must grasp logistical efficiency. What does cow eat? Hay and corn. And what are these? Vegetables. So steak is nothing more than efficient mechanism of delivering vegetables to your system. Need grain? Eat chicken. Beef also good source of field grass (green leafy vegetable). And pork chop can give you 100% of recommended daily allowance of vegetable product.

Q: Should I reduce my alcohol intake?
A: No, not at all. Wine made from fruit. Brandy is distilled wine, that mean they take water out of fruity bit so you get even more of goodness that way. Beer also made of grain. Bottom up!

Q: How can I calculate my body/fat ratio?
A: Well, if you have body and you have fat, your ratio one to one. If you have two bodies, your ratio two to one, etc.

Q: What are some of the advantages of participating in a regular exercise program?
A: Can't think of single one, sorry. My philosophy is: No pain...good!
Q: Aren't fried foods bad for you?
A: YOU NOT LISTENING! Food are fried these day in vegetable oil. In fact, they permeated by it. How could getting more vegetable be bad for you?!?

Q: Will sit-ups help prevent me from getting a little soft around the middle?
A: Definitely not! When you exercise muscle, it get bigger. You should only be doing sit-up if you want bigger stomach.

Q: Is chocolate bad for me?
A: Are you crazy?!? HEL-LO-O!! Cocoa bean! Another vegetable! It best feel-good food around!

Q: Is swimming good for your figure?
A: If swimming good for your figure, explain whale to me.

Q: Is getting in shape important for my lifestyle?
A: Hey! 'Round' a shape!

Well, I hope this has cleared up any misconceptions you may have had about food and diets. And remember: Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well-preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways - Chardonnay in one hand - chocolate in the other - body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming "WOO-HOO, what a ride!!"

AND..... For those of you who watch what you eat, here's the final word on nutrition and health. It's a relief to know the truth after all those conflicting nutritional studies.

1. The Japanese eat very little fat and suffer fewer heart attacks than us. 2. The Mexicans eat a lot of fat and suffer fewer heart attacks than us.
3. The Chinese drink very little red wine and suffer fewer heart attacks than us.
4. The Italians drink a lot of red wine and suffer fewer heart attacks than us.
5. The Germans drink a lot of beer and eat lots of sausages and fats and suffer fewer heart attacks than us.

CONCLUSION: Eat and drink what you like. Speaking English is apparently what kills you.

End of funny. Will post later tonight. Back to translation.


Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Achey Breaky Head

Yesterday evening a work colleague of hub's came to the front door with an industrial sized bag of mikan (mandarins) that had 'a couple' of beers in with it. Well that's what he said anyway. Turns out a couple was infact 12. I rang hub so that he could then ring said man and express sincere grattitude on being able to get wife liquored enough to want to frolick in the futon and have so much fruit that wife will have to think of 101 ways to use nearly past it mikans.

I can NEVER remember this man's name. To me he is 'that bloke that took us out to that really bright pub to celebrate our wedding and who lives on that corner before the number 7 tunnel in the house with the red tractor and 36 solar panals'. Christ what a huuha. Can I not just spend five minutes looking at his photo and saying 'Serikawa Serikawa' over and over again.

Anyhoo, a tad liquored I got. Gone are the days of being able to spend three hours at ladies wine night, followed by a few tequilla shots, a Midori Illusion shaker, and the inevitable mince and cheese pie from the servo (petrol station) on the way home. Three kids later and I am such a cheap date. Three or four beers and I'm yours. Quite excited was hub. I wasn't too unexcited myself :p

BUT, and this is where it starts to get all twilight zoney, I woke up with an achey breaky head. How on earth does that happen? After four beers? Due to lack of servo and more importantly lack of yummy mince and cheese pies I had to settle for takoyaki - octopus balls. It was a make or break situation and fortunately they did the trick.

Despite sore head I did infact manage to get a good chunk of work done. Finished the urgent one I got sent this morning in 20 minutes - as had done one very similar. Excellent hourly rate that was. However, said project manager emailed back with another assignment. How available was I? Needs to be in by Friday at 6pm. I stupidly, stupidly, stupidly agreed to do 4,000 characters. Not much but will require a bit of time.

Why oh why didn't I just say NO!

Because I have started allocating all my recent and future translation dosh on shopping in NZ in November. 4,000 characters should buy me something niiiiiiiiiiice - small but niiiiiiiiiice. A few yummy dinners out at least. Or perhaps ten bottles of nice wine, two bottles of tequila, seven midori illusion shakers and twelve hunded mince and cheese pies.

Marina managed a whole day at kindy today which was a surprise. She still has a very very runny nose, a slightly better cough, and sometimes leaky eyes. Poor wee muffin. Fingers crossed neither of them need to stay home over the next few days.

This arvo - just after Ryu had gone down to nap - the door chime went. Bugger shit. Ryu stayed in peaceful slumber though and I opened the door to a nice young lad wanting to know if him and his recycle shop mates could free us of the old pipes and door frames stashed against the side of the garage. Sweet - free away. Saved us about 3,000 yen in dumpyard fees.

All the kids were complete bastards at bedtime. They were all still in varying stages of awakeness at 9pm - that is like 2 hours after the bed routines started. Not impressed. And no, it wasn't due to feeling under the weather. Ryu was still up when hub rocked home at 10.

Best I start the bed routine myself - but in twenty minutes. Project Runway is on. Love it. They are making dragqueen outfits... !!


Girls Night Out - LOL

Should be working. The person who wrote the first 40 pages of manual am translating obviously got tired, went oh holiday, got fired or something cause from page 41 there is a definate change and new writer is a lot more long winded. Slog, slog, slog. Procrastinating.

Just got phonecall (usually get emails) from my most current project manager at other translation company have been doing a bit for lately. Can I take on a short (500 characters) job right now. Said OK after confirming wasn't thesis outline on discrete mathematics or nano tubes. Is a questionnaire. Should breake up my day of translating "click on XX to return to the XXX screen shown in diagram XXX". Riveting stuff.


Why females should avoid a girls night out after they are married...

The other night I was invited out for a night with the 'girls.' I told my husband that I would be home by midnight, 'I promise!' Well, the hours passed and the margaritas went down way too easily.Around 3 a.m., a bit loaded, I headed for home.

Just as I got in the door, the cuckoo clock in the hallway started up and cuckooed 3 times.Quickly, realizing my husband would probably wake up, I cuckooed another 9 times..I was really proud of myself for coming up with such a quick-witted solution, in order to escape a possible conflict with him. (Even when totally smashed.... 3 cuckoos plus 9 cuckoos totals = 12 cuckoos MIDNIGHT!)

The next morning my husband asked me what time I got in, I told him'MIDNIGHT'... He didn't seem pissed off in the least.Whew, I got away with that one! Then he said 'We need a new cuckoo clock.'When I asked him why, he said, 'Well, last night our clock cuckooed three times, then said 'oh shit.' Cuckooed 4 more times, cleared its, throat, cuckooed another three times, giggled, cuckooed twice more, and then tripped over the coffee table and farted.



Oh - and I wont claim the above as my own. It was sent to me in one of those bulk funnies email from a friend.

Monday, 8 March 2010

Not so Daunting

Plodding along with the translation - did as much as I could today and have realised a lot of it is very repetitive so not as 'daunting' as first thought. New file hasn't come through yet so not sure how much after this file but will worry about that at the time.

Went to visit friend in hospital with her three day old son. Awwwwwww. God, babies are cute. Ryu is cute but newborns are just so adorable. And he was quiet and slept the whole time which of course adds to cuteness factor. Definately a lot cuter than Ryu when he came out the saloon doors, cord wrapped round his neck and all purple. Friend had a 'good' birth - two hours at the hospital, four hours in total.

While I was there two other friends came in. I didn't recognize either but one was all 'hey katy, ohisashiburi, howz it going' type thing. Woooa. Hate it when that happens. I must have met her ten years ago when on JET and when I first became friends with other friend. For the life of me I can't remember who she is though. Bit of bugger as she wants to come to our house with her husband to look at the fire as they are planning on putting one in, and what with there only being about four fires total in Kunimi and us being such good friends and all....

Marina made it through the day at kindy but I got warnings to keep a close eye on her - bad cough but no temp. 6 out of the 8 kids in their class have had or currently have the 'both ends bug' - no explanation needed. The only two so far to not have it are Shou and Marina. Tis only a matter of time.

Completely off the topic of anything - who else is a bit worried about the state of the nation? A nation that feels the need to make a huge huuha out of the 8 (?) year old princess taking a few days off school. Honestly, the family who lived in a cardboard box in the park for a year and abused their kids got less press yesterday.

Must have escalated things ten fold just by making such a huuha. Kids will be kids. One explanation of events said that as the princess was walking along a bigger kid from the next classroom came out late and gave her a bit of a fright - on purpose or not is yet to be revealed. Tis no wonder her mum is too ill to attend public functions - I would be too with all the stupid bollocks. Oh, to be born into royalty.

It even made international headlines. Is that how desparate the world is for news? Christ. Hub lying and going to pachinko is more news worthy than that.

Best get off the puter. Ryu should be wanting his dreamfeed soon. He was a right bugger to get down tonight. Not in the Shou meaning of the word but still more of a trial than usual.

Need to get some serious work done tomorrow so sweet dreams princess Marina. Please no throwing up on your bed, or daddy, or mummy, or edward the donkey, or... or....

Oh dear, watching Academy rerun - and George Clooney is on screen. Hub starts singing/humming/somethinging the 007 soundstrack. ???

I can see the resemblance I can. I can't even remember the name of the bloke but there is a 'very' slight resemblance.

hub will be hub.

And we shall just have to laugh.


Sunday, 7 March 2010

Almost Funny

First translation file came through last night - all 135 pages of it. OK, OK, so isn't all text. Is a users manual for a website and has a lot of screen diagrams that don't need translating. But still, the sheer amount is daunting. More are getting sent tomorrow and then I will be saying for certain whether or not I think I can handle the whole thing. Me thinks ahhhhhhh, let me think about it....


Murphey's law and all three kids are hacking up phlem, with Marina coughing herself sick again tonight. Seemed fine after her delluge (?)down hub's pajamas though! Thankyou Ryu for waking up ten seconds before Marina.

They had a long day though - and ate shitloads at dinner, which was birthday celebrations for Granny K's 73rd birthday. Being a Sunday and all I had very little enthusiasm to make gourmet dinner so we bypassed the supermarket on the way home from afternoon outing and I got 'enkai' food - fried chicken, chicken skewers, salad, stuff for german cheesey potatos and sausages, sushi and of course the cake. Can't forget the cake. Didn't go overboard with that though as the woman didn't even want one. Was for the kids really. OK, and me.

This morning hub took Shou to the library. Must have been deserted or I imagine they would have been sent home in about three and a half minutes. Marina and I went to the dryers to dry two loads of washing dry and Ryu slept in peaceful slumber in Shou's bed - giving Granny K an hour or so of peace on her birthday.

After lunch we went to Jo's house, to take ownership of some pre-loved toys, trash the house, eat their food, drink their coffee and steel from their wood pile. The kids were good and even hub was well behaved.

Despite going in two cars so hub could load up the back of his with firewood, I got stuck with three kids on the way there - and almost on the way home too. Had to buy loads of stuff for dinner though and was thinking would need to make a few stops. Had great idea that hub and I should switch cars so he could drive the sleepy (and no doubt ready to nut out) kids straight home while I stopped for beer, cake and chicken. BY MYSELF - in hub's car, with a coffee and his only MD - compiled by 'someone at work' - all songs along lines of 'zuto zuto ' (always, always) and that hikaru song 'forever love' or whatever. Hmmmm, all I get in my car is toddler favorites. I want a compilation of love songs from 'someone at work' too!!

Best be off to bed - big day tomorrow, inbetween driving an hour each way to visit friend and new baby in hospital, getting another 20 pages done of translation and normal housey, kid, baby shit - oh and fuck me sideways. I HAVE to make hub's lunch tomorrow. Have been very lazy and making him go buy it when possible - during his month of going round the local halls to do people's tax returns. Tomorrow is middle of friggin nowhere though. luckily I put away some of tonight's feast so really is just matter of putting the rice on timer now and rearranging everything pretty in his lunchbox tomorrow morning - in between no doubt trying to dress the kids and pick out all the raisins and almonds from Marina's raisin and almond granola.


Saturday, 6 March 2010


Ryu had his photo studio debut this morning. We arrived half an hour before scheduled time but got bumped up the que. Ryu was in fine form and stayed that way for the full forty minutes - despite being manhandled into a baby tuxedo, a sumo outfit and a tiger costume. He was on fire. Must have been tiring smiling for so long.

These studios are gooooooooood. They 'encourage' you to pick as many 'free' outfits as you want and then proceed to take a hundred cute pictures of your child. Because you, your baby, the girl behind the camera and the girl kneeling down by your baby in case they fall sideways have all gone to the trouble of taking photos with each new outift you feel 'obligated' to buy at least one print from each lot. Oh, and the close up lot, and the naked lot -but not the lot with Mickey as that has extra 'Disney' costs involved.

I ended up ordering one quite big size one - the same size as the ones Marina and Shou have from their photo shoot in New Zealand (which was a hell of a lot more of a fleecing by the way), four of the smaller sizes (plus two extra to send to New Zealand), plus two mobile phone straps and a key holder - which was free if you booked on line. All for the fair price of 30,000 yen - or about 500 NZ dollars. Also got one free enlargment in frame but only get that on condition that they can put it up in their window for a month. No worries. Am sure Johnny's Jimusho scout will walk past and see all that potential - of course he will have to imagine him with some flicky hair first. Or any hair for that matter.

So, will all be ready by the 20th - so will probably go on 24th due to current translation project on the go (see below)

After the shoot Ryu and I did a starbucks run to try the sakura (cherry blossom) steamer. Was quite an infusion of sakura. Quite tastey and on trip back to pick up pics will try me the sakura frappucino. Hopefully it's not pissing cold with rain that day!

Hub, while we were shooting and knocking back coffees, was pachinko-ing it - with my permission. He admitted to having no luck and that should have watched the pics being taken instead. I got a bit wild at that. For the love of god man. If you can go and waste money with my permission can you not at least lie that you had a good time.

We have just gotten all the kids down - 9pm. Bit of dramas at the last gate but otherwise a very 'happy' evening. You should see the house. Is like a bombsite slash Chinese laundry. And for once I have all intentions of leaving it exactly as is!!

So - translation. Got an email this morning from bloke I know who I used to work with and who is now back in Australia. Could I take over a translation for him? Not very good rate but relatively piss easy - at first glance. He has his fingers in a few pies and it would be a good idea me thinks to do this for him, do a fab job of it, so that I am near the top of his list should he require further 'assistance'. The whole project is 28,000 characters though. Quite large - and only two weeks. Will do a bit now and tomorrow night and then he will send through the rest on Monday and I can make a final decision as to how much I think I can handle in given time.

Cash would be nice. Have to pay for pics after all - and (if I do whole lot) would cover most of our 'living expenses' during trip home in November.

Best get on to it.


Friday, 5 March 2010


A few crap pics from the last few days. In no particular order - because seriously, trying to put them in the same order they uploaded would just be too hard for my computer.

Marina auditioning for the 'Blair Witch Project'... As for the green nose - Shou drew with green marker all over the magnifying glass - which Marina held up to her face. I took her to kindy like this. That green shit was hard ass stuff to get off her face. Not to mention Shou's hands, the magnifying glass, popchan's forehead, Edward the donkey's foot....

Marina's Hina (girls day) Dolls. I bought them for their size mainly - fit perfectly in the genkan. They didn't get as traumatized by the kids as I thought they would...
And the prince and princess being kidnapped by the North Koreans...It is custom to take down the dolls on the 4th - the day after girl's day. If you don't then your daughter may well live a life unwed. For the first time I took them down on time. Quite a miracle.

The iPod - the newest 'cool toy' round here...
This is Shou trying to sing Southern Allstars 'Banzai' into the headphone in hope that it will travel down his wire and up Marina's. Three year old logic.

My boys!! Obviously the older they get the better they get at keeping their eyes open while the ten flash lights go off!
Shou looks so damn cute and innocent - not like he hates his mummy and wants to go rough it in the mountains - or his latest, burn the house down - after of course he has removed all his toys, Marina, Ryu, daddy and Granny K. Awesome. Leave mummy to burn at the stake.

What you looking at aye? Aye? Wanna a piece of my cake? Baaaaaack off!
Marina having her cake and eating it too on Girls Day - with her hanging she did at kindy.

And that's all from here - sleepy. Took over an hour to get Shou to sleep tonight. Hub just got home but has the WHOLE weekend off. Even Sunday - when the rest of his office is working. Me thinks somebody from his office has seen his frazzled and harrassed looking gaijinwife round town and realized it was in the best interests of Japan-New Zealand international relations.
Tomorrow we are off to the city where Ryu will be having his 'Alice Studio Debut' - baby photo studio. They are having a special and I thought hey, why not. The shop is ten metres away from starbucks afterall!
Nighty night.

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Trip to Guam

Trip to Guam - I so wish that was my excuse for not blogging for four days. Quite fancy myself a bit of sun, some pina coladas, some shopping, some peace, some quiet, some..., some....,

Unfortunately my only excuse is work, kids, husbands, mother in laws, and a bit of struggling with a new diet regime - not struggling so much as crumbling to bits. Ah well. More on that below. Might have to do this in points for fear of it taking on far too may tangents.

Wouldn't want to do that now would I.

1. Work
Have finished latest translation - sent it in this afternoon. Wasn't too difficult, although I did find a lot of it on the university's homepage already translated. Good translation too. What to do. What to do. I 'borrowed' a few good terms but other than that redid it and stopped looking up the webpage. Translators - if the source you are translating from already has a good English translation is it 'plagiarism'? The client is the same so it makes sense to me to keep the English uniform. I didn't though, for fear of being caught out and not getting paid. Had the English I found been shit I would have ignored it anyway but it wasn't.

2. Kids - Shou
Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck
Do you know what he said to me last night....
"mama daikirai, Shou wa nigeru. Yama ni itte neru. "
I hate you mummy. I'm gonna run away and sleep in the mountains.
For the love of God I wish I could 'beam me up scotty' to a year from now. We are having huuuuuuuuuuuuuge Shou issues at the moment. Not helped at all by hub being around so little. And definately not helped by hub giving in and letting Shou have something completely innapropriate and then walking out the door to work - leaving me to deal with trying to get said item off Shou while trying to get him and Marina out door to kindy. Twat fucker husband.

2. Kids - Marina
She was my princess. Note deliberate use of past tense. Bring it on baby. Foot stomping, grudge holding, fight picking - she's the man. Still not as bad as Shou was at that age which I attribute to her being a girl but still - coupled with Shou being a complete dickhead and woooooooooooooa, bring mummy a jacket - with buckles.

that do up at the back.

Padded cell - optional.

not fussed.

as long as I have a beer fridge.

and someone to open it for me.

2. Kids - Ryu
Bless the wee smiley piece of rolly polly joy. He can sit properly - as in only falls sideways once every two minutes or so. Still can't do anything except belly moonwalk backwards but surely crawling, walking, calling mummy a dickhead, running away to the mountains to sleep and bringing home slapper girlfriends isn't far away?

3. Husbands.
Almost like ships in the night. He has been ultra busy and I am too bloody ultra tired to go check up on his lying ass. Next pay day will tell though. I expect a biggy. And the month after that. His absence has had a noticeable toll on the kids - especially Marina and Shou. Ryu doesn't really give a shit although he does bring on the million watt smiles for daddy. But then he brings them on for the post man.

And I haven't even shagged the postman.

4. Granny K.
Conversation she had with sister in law in our genkan (frontdoor) this morning...
SIL: You have a door. (and what? you live in a tent?)
GK: I know, it's really good. (what like for keeping robbers and shit out?)
SIL: I wish we had one.


In Japanese they used the word 'ドア' and they mean 'sliding door' from what I could gather. Our front door is a sliding door and because I have been to said SIL's house I know their door is an open / close normal door. This is odd as in Japanese 'to' is used for sliding door and I thought that must be what they had said - but I put the cup up against the wall and they definately said ドア Maybe their Japanese and borrowed English words are failing them in their prime vestling years.
Has actually been doing a stellar job with the kids and me asking her to look after Ryu for an hour here, get him out of the bath there, keep Marina entertained for 40 minutes morning, noon and night...

5. Struggling.
Twas the night before the first of March and I decided - that March was it - the month I would shed shed shed my flummy and say hello hello hello to a newer me. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck I was doing so well!! My biggest downfall is beer at the end of the day and then after a drink thinking that cheese on toast is really the best option - that or four cadbury cream eggs in a row. But blame that on friend who just came back from trip home to OZ. That and the two blocks of Dairy Milk pepermint chocolate. Christ. Know when to fatten a girl up just when she's trying to slim down - and got the willpower of a fricken somthing that has no willpower.

Anyway - will keep trying to not fall of the diet waggon completely and utterly onto my face. Tis hard though. I comfort eat.

And lately I have needed a lot of comforting.

And not the leg over kind.


PS - a few pics. Will maybe upload tomorrow when I have whole day to doss round cleaning the house and stuff while the computer does his thing.