Friday, 26 February 2010

yadda yadda yadda

I should stop sitting infront of the computer. Eyes starting to go funny. Only one file left in current translation so that will be sent off this evening with another similar sized one coming in tonight sometime too. All this translating does maketh a very boring blog.

My three English classes went without hiccup yesterday. Although one girl got a telling off at the primary school one. They were standing up to say good bye and she was 'supposedly' talking at the back. I didn't even notice but her teacher did and told her to 'suware' (sit - comand like you would give a dog) for five seconds and then stand back up before reprimanding her infront of her class for being so rude (WTF??).

As I was leaving I saw same teacher out the back having a ciggie so me thinks he's a bit stressed - probably not helped by my comment as I was leaving. I thanked him as was our last class together for the school year. I then said '先生は来年異動ないでしょうね' - you wont be changing schools next year will you? Have feeling it came out more as a hopeful statement rather than its intended bit of friendly how's the weather banter as walking towards my car. Ah well. Nevermind.

I did my 8pm class in the hall across the road from us - so sick of Shou coming in and turning it into chaos. Hub was home early so I stuck a notice on the front door for the students and away I went. NONE of them noticed the big A4 sign - or rather they just thought it was my standard 'please be quiet or spawn of the devil will wake up and ruin your class' one that is taped there every second week or so. Luckily Granny K was on genkan duties and sent them all in my direction.

The hall is quite old and has far too many knooks, crannies, and mirrors for my liking, a bit like Japanese scary movie with long black haired women in white gowns crawling all over the place. I made the students help me put the table and stuff away afterwards so we could all leave together.

Anyhoo, nothing much else happening here - bar the usual tantrums and three year old (and thirty three year old) hissy fits. Hub has tomorrow off and was thinking of taking the kids out of kindy after lunch and taking them somewhere to play so they don't forget who he is. On Sunday I am taking the two terrors to Rachels for a belated Waitangi Day celebration - which is really just an excuse to get together and talk and drink coffee while the children, all in costume, run round tearing her house down. I have a proper Maori costume that Marina might fit - Shou definately would so maybe will get him to wear it and he can run round trying to claim some of Rachel's land and perhaps throw an egg or two while cooking a hangi in the back garden. (I know - very un PC)

And to leave you with something cute from my baby who can finally sit up by himself - lazy ass. Only took him 9 months.



Megan said...

soooo cute! have fun on sunday :) x

Anonymous said...

look at that smile, makes anyone`s day brighter!