Thursday, 11 February 2010

Woe is me.

Thankyou Japanese TV for putting two naked (not sexy but) men trying to both fit into a drum-can bath - being heated over a real fire on a beach somewhere - and making it all fall over while one of them was trying to get in. Made me laugh it did - as only Japanese variety TV can.

And I think that was the first time I have laughed all day.

Has been a long day it has.

I think I may have even started it off by feeding Ryu his banana, Farrex (baby rice cereal) apple mash through tears. No specific reason. Sometimes it all just gets on top of me - usually happens on a Sunday or day like today when all the kids are at home. God, makes it sound like I have about ten kids running amok and not just the three!

The things that got on top of me... you mean apart from hub three too many times in the last four years...

Had to go to the bank yesterday to get ping to pay for mammoth petrol station bill of 800 dollars - including four snow tyres but still. Got enough for the bill and small shop at the supermarket and was shocked/surprised to see we only have 25 dollars left until pay day, which is the 21st.

Nothing sinister in the amount - hub hasn't been pilphering it all to go to pachinko. Everything in the bankbook checks out but there has just been a lot taken out since last time I checked - kindy fees, mobile phone, solar panal loan rah bloody rah. It doesn't mean we have to live off moyashi (sprouts) for the next two weeks as I have secret stash in mug in back of cupboard and my account which still has the remnants of my last translation pay in it, but it was still a shock.

I somehow thought there was at least a thousand dollars in there. Shite, that's how good at budgeting I am!! Actually, how can you be crap at something you don't even do :)

So, after finding that out yesterday I emailed my little bro to say that Ryu and I wouldn't be hitting Hokkaido with him for friend's wedding but hoped that he would still come. There's a lot of stuff going on at home at the moment and that coupled with that I am actually going to be seeing them all later in the year then I do understand if he decides not to come. God I want to see him though. Shou and Marina will be at school before they get to see any NZ family again at this rate. And to tell you the truth 'Uncle Dam' (my little brother and not his real name - but what Shou calls him) is the name Shou can draw out of the hat the fastest. He knows Granny and Granddad but he associates them with being told off over playing with the metronome on top of the piano at home. Uncle Dam however gave him his favorite digger and dump trump.

I didn't get a reply back but just the fact that I even sent the text got me off on the wrong foot this morning. Breakfast was fine I guess - Shou was being a silly bugger after not much sleep - didn't get to sleep till ten last night (don't even get me started). Hub offered to look after all of them while I did some work. I have to use the online dictionary though so can't exactly faff off to the park to work and drink coffee.

Seeing as work was not on option we left Marina (sorry sweetie) at home with Granny and took the boys out for a few hours. Fine, but when we got back Shou somehow managed to dismantle Marina's hina dolls out on the table/ledge bit in the genkan. They were all OK except the boyfriend's sword which was bent at right angles. I went bloody wild - he knows he isn't allowed to touch them and the fuckers cost 1500 dollars so I was not happy. Hub managed to bend it kind of back into shape enough to fit back into it's sword case.

After lunch Ryu went down for a long nap (bless him) and hub and Granny K took the princess and the spawn of the devil out shopping. I thought they were only going to shop ten minutes away but they infact ventured about an hour away and didn't get back till dinner time. I got two more profiles finished and talked for ages to a friend that rang so feeling loads better by the time they got back and not quite like needed to cash them all in.

Honestly, somedays I really question the choices I have made. The glass is usually half empty and all that. Today was worse than usual though. I shouldn't have ended it by ringing home to ask someting quite stupid but which, after reading an email this evening, I got a bit panicked about and just had to know. Not fair on sister - she has heaps of stuff going on at the moment. They all do. We all do. The whole world does.

Don't you just feel though that some days you are starting to sink and that you have to snap out of it?

Anyhoo, fortunately crap Japanese TV has helped me snap out of it - that and the fact that the house was quiet for my 8pm English class. Has been a while! So much easier without a child on my knee or a baby crying in the next room.

Enough already.

Woe is me.

Tomorrow is another day.



thefukases said...

Hang in there! You have the most difficult years x3 at the moment but I swear give it a year or two (I know that's eons in toddler years but anyway) 5 and 3 was the chrysalis stage and 6 and 4 is heaven! Mine spent the *entire day* today entertaining themselves with no parental input and no structural damage to house or child. Seriously! You do begin feeling guilty they're *too* independent though....

Here's to miles more translation to get miraculously done and sweet dreams to all at GW's house tonight. :)

tj-injapan said...

sorry you had a shitty day. I cry for no reason often (and not just with preg hormones) and I only currently have the one - you are doing a fab job!
Hope tomorrow is better.
Good luck with the translations too.

Oyomesan said...

Just accept it - some days are fuckers...and you crawl into bed at the end and try to forget.

I have no idea about kids and their development stages, but I guess they will be emerging soon out of the worm stage and into small butterflies...

and don't kids with siblings grow up faster too because they don't want to be a "baby" like the others?

Corinne said...

Shitty days suck! I think we all have fed babies through tears at some point, so you're definitely not alone! My little "worm" had been testing my patience lately, his latest trick was taking a shot of vanilla essence yesterday, although he did smell lovely all day...
I would be in a looney bin if I had three kids so I think you're doing a great job just keeping your sanity!

Nay said...

Shitty days must have been in the air yesterday because I had a real crap day as wel. *HUGS*

I hope today is a better day for you and the kids are angels over the weekend so you can get lots of translation work done!

Chrysanthemum Mum said...

I think we all have days like these. You are not alone. I think it is quite normal to cry when you are dealing with little kids all day long and there is no escape to the park or a coffee shop to do your translation. Hang in there.

We say the terrible twos, but we all soon learn that three yrs old is far worse. I heard someone say "the fantastic fours" which would reinforce what somebody else said on here too. I can't wait...another 4 months to go!

You are doing a great job. Here's to a better day today.