Saturday, 6 February 2010

Wannabe Kiwi Husband

Random New Zealand facts

We have the most golf courses per capita - as well as the most yachts. There are 14 times the number of sheep than people. When did that happen? I used to have in my New Zealand speech when was CIR that it was 20 times the population. Either there is one massive baby boom going on or everyone is eating shitloads more lamb and mutton.

Hub was meant to be home and I hope he gets here soon as the whole show - called 不思議発見 or mysterious discoveries - is on the kiwi husband, supposedly the best husband in the world. Whatever. But would make hub feel not so hard done by. I've never asked him to vacuum :)

30 minutes later (Ryu woke twice and has been put back to bed with some boob and some pamol) - hub is now home and making song and dance of how much of a 'kiwi husband' he is. Think I'll just let that be. Wont start the non-housework stuff, like overtime and voluntary obligatory on the lash with the wannabe firemen, union lads.

Anyhoo, need to use points as losing train of thought.

1. Translation

Yesterday was a very productive day which was just as well as today was the opposite. I still got three done today but it was extremely tedius and Ryu was punishing me for ignoring him too much yesterday. I wanted to pass him off to Granny K instead of baby einstein this afternoon but she was out on a temple-crawl.

As I was looking up words on online dictionary I came across, completely by accident, this little gem...

無理なことを試みる beat one's head against a [the] (brick [stone] wall.

Made my day it did.

2. Sleeping Arrangements

I thought, and even commented on a blog or two, that Ryu had perhaps gotten over his crap sleeping. Talk about counting your eggs or chickens or whatever. Every hour last night. Every fricken hour. I was ready to enroll him in sumo school from eight months. He could be the next Asashoryu - all the non beating, non playing soccer when you supposedlyhave a dodgy back and all other non bad bits of course. I reckon chanko nabe wouldn't be a bad food for babies to start on.

We still haven't caved in and gotten in bed with Shou when putting him to bed. I should actaully be using 'I' but I guess hub did have the one night I was singing bad renditions of every song I could think of and swilling too many cervesas out in Fukuoka. It has however been quite painful. Well, for the first week. There have been a few nights where he has truely gone to sleep on his own - with the door open but with no lights on and with me not present beside his bed. Tonight was one of those - but there was half an hour of turn the lights on and mummy beside bed thing beforehand.

I have decided though that lying on floor beside bed is infact excellent time to do stretches. Have figured out an exercise plan and is sufficient enough to get me some heavy breathing so Shou knows I am still there without having to sit up and look. I know he has his eyes shut if I can get away with doing the 'bicycle'.

3. Marina

Is so deeply entrenched in the terrible twos that I fear I will have to bribe her to come to her own 21st. The current phase is 'NO' or 'iya' in Japanese. Said to everything out of principle, regardless of whether she actually means it or not.

4. Shou

Is sleeping with popochan and just this evening had a go at Granny K's lipstick. Popochan was a Granny K prezzie to Marina. So, if it should eventuate that Shou likes Brad and not Angelina then Granny K can take credit. She'd be horrified. I'd probably be pleased I didn't have a daughter in law to contend with. Especially if she turned out to be like me. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.

5. Hub

He's not really here much so what can I say - oh except last night. Revolutionary Road with Kate and Leo was on satelite. I hadn't seen it before so had it on when Hub (oh my God, I just typed Brad and had to delete it) came home. Saw most of it together and somehow got into argument during the scene when the wife April runs out into the woods after hub tells her he doesn't want the baby rah rah. It was a stupid argument - and had nothing to do with abortions or babies but still made me pissed off enough to not want to spoon cuddle in bed.

Actually the usual sleep position is facing back to back but with me trying to get as many bodily bits flattened out against hub - end up sleeping like a sideways tin soldier but hub is sooooooooo warm and I always forget to put on my fluffy bed socks and of course go to bed after hub as have Ryu to deal with.

6. Granny K
Has actually been very good and doing a stella job at helping out. When I pack my complete spaz attacks she stays clear though. Good woman. She is either getting better at luring the kids into her room or thinks it is in the best interests of everyone if at least one child is taken out of the chaotic mix - usually Marina.

7. Me
Lazy ass still but unavoidable while translation going on - bar of course my nightly stretch and crunch classes in Shou's room.

Right, and thats enough points for tonight.



Corinne said...

Ryota tried to tell me he was a kiwi husband too, although was suspiciously quiet when they showed the blokes doing the housework. He also now thinks nz is soooo much better than oz because everyone lives in mansion like houses on rolling green farms and eats 10 times a day! Ganbatte with the rest of the translation!

thefukases said...

Sounds like three is a real merry-go-round- get this one sleeping and that ones up, that one sleeps and this one goes nocturnal on you...@_@ Congrats on the Granny K training, though! ;P

Bought myself a learn Japanese sayings calendar for the loo and I love today's one: 針の穴から天をのぞく means to talk out your butt. Meg can read them now too and we have been dishing it up to K all day when he starts in on the 'In China/ NZ/ Brazil...' rubbish.