Sunday, 28 February 2010

Tsumami Warnings!!

Tsumami Warnings. Following the humungous earthquake in Chilli yesterday Japan has been on Tsunami warning alert the whole day - the first has just hit Oita about an hour ago - at 7:50pm. 50cm I think and most of them around the country so far have only been about 30cm and the like with one or two big ones over 1m. 30cm isn't going to get ya running though. Is only about the circumference of my calf afterall. They reckon there's a chance waves up to 3m could hit though - hence the warning still in place, probably until tomorrow morning.

So this morning, with the earthquake and tsunami warnings all over the telly Shou and I were talking. He has been calling them TsuMami Keiho - warnings all day. TsuMami are nibbles, snacks. Probably a 3 year olds dream - to have a 3m wave of snacks and nibbles rain down on you. Yay. I had to try not to giggle every time he said it though as he is into saying '笑うことじゃないでしょう' (not something to laugh about) at anything I even show a hint of a smile at, that he wasn't intending to be funny. Silly bugger.

This morning was an eaaaaaaaaarly start. Before 5am I think. I was 'this' close to cancelling our trip to Rachels to throw eggs and claim back land. Hub left for work at eight and we got out the door just before nine. I decided to leave Ryu and just do a visit for a few hours. In hindsight (a wonderful thing) I should have taken him so we could have stayed for longer - and at least seen Illahee and Kuri and Ping. Where were you guys?? So can't use the sucked in by a 30cm tsunami excuse.

We arrived and after five seconds of shyness the kids had a great time. Marina was loving having Rachel's older two (10 and 8-ish??) - as older kids that weren't going to try and take all her toys. Is perfect really as they have Erica who is Marina's age and so are fully primed in the ways of two year old girls. Shou, being a 3 year old boy, nearly fits into that category though so he was loving it too - especially as he had chosen to wear Marina's pink with pom pom leg warmers.

He did put on the spider man outfit I forgot we had and re-found this morning - for about five seconds but promptly took it off when he remembered that I squash the spiders I see with a tissue box.

Got home five minutes before Granny K had to head to the funeral - in jacket over black vest, black slacks and black hush puppies. Ryu was content to hang out while the rest of us palyed outside - mummy being the big bag wani (crocodile) chasing them in and out of the adventure playhouse. Fun and games.

Hub was home early only to leave again for a wannabe fireman 'meeting' slash on the lash at the hall thirty metres away. Not much stumbling to be done from there to get home. Although I guess he does have to get over the bridge so technically he could fall in the river. Quite possible considering he has been so busy lately and is so knackered. A few shochus might just stumble him into the river.

Edit - Marina has just woken up and vomitted all over herself, bed, floor and me. Awesome. Poor wee thing. She seems fine now and is in Granny K's room cutting up bits of paper and saying she wants to sleep in there - acutally now hub has just taken her up to bed. Will see how it goes. He also said the teacher at kindy this morning said a funny bug was going round so hopefully that was her lot in and out and over with.

And this not five minutes after I had emailed hub and said the kids were asleep and he could enjoy his drinking thing without worrying about coming home to bitchy gaijinwife. I shouldn't have told him but I did and he came home straight away. Good man.

Right, I better get to dealing with the bed sheets and chucky PJs and pillow slips.

But, seeing as I spent twenty minutes uploading 4 pictures before I started this post - over an hour ago...

We had asari (baby clams perhaps?) butter with dinner...
Shou is so into helping or doing EVERYTHING and half the time it is better to let him do it in the name of keeping the peace. And no, Marina had none of the shellfish so can't blame it on them - and it she had and it was them then I would be up for one hellova night as I ate 90 percent of them.

My little vomitty princess...
The party today was afterall fancydress. Shou was not impressed I didn't have a tutu for him. Am wondering should I be getting worried about him sometime soon?? Not that I care if he grows up wanting to wear tutus, leg warmers, sleeping with popchan, and being 'fierce' on project runway but still :)
Shou at Rachels - with his train town he made with Amy - and with a chip in his mouth and again not quite getting the peace angle right. Check out the legwarmers. So manly (?) with his Tomica jumper.

And... IT.....HAS......BEGUN....
My baby no longer wants toys!!!! Arrgggghhhh. He wants remote controls, wallets and keys already. Fuck it. I was hoping I could blind side him with squeaky soft rabbits and moshimoshi talking play phones - but he wants the real deal. Does mean I have a whole cupboard of baby baby toys I can get rid of now.
Note Ryu'S beautifully round face - we are getting round at about the same pace. VERY SCARY. Something needs to give. A couple of thighs and a flummy would be a welcome start.


kuri, ping & the pinglet said...

We missed you! We got there at 2:30 (the Pinglet took a nap...of course...she hasn't napped since last summer, but today of all days!) and I think you had already left. :(

We ended up leaving at 6PM...had fantastic time and the Pinglet was sad/crocodile tear-crying as we left because she didn't want to leave the girls behind. :) Was pretty cute, actually!

Megan said...

cute pics! laughed out loud at your last post with the pics of shou and marina trying to do the peace sign! hope marina is all good now.
just took amelie to her gym class-I was not enjoying it at all- its on too early for stella to have a sleep first so she was ratty as and amelie was being all stroppy..and you have to help your toddler the whole time which is rather tricky with a baby under your arm. grrr wish i could flag it but it cost $100 for the term!!! oh well 7 to go and then its back to dance classes!
anyway, had a great day yesterday ...amelie stayed at jans on sat nite and we didn't have to pick her up till 8pm last nite! even got to go out for dinner (with stella but she was good)
well better stop writing now!!!! have a good day xxx

illahee said...

we got there just after you left. i thought you were bringing the baby! it's a long long drive for us :( and took us three hours!

sorry we missed you!

Gaijin Wife said...

I should have taken Ryu - would have been absolutely fine - especially as Amy and Lena were waiting at the carpark when we got there and therefore could have helped with bags and toddler hands!! Sorry :(

Slime said...

That whole tsunami thing is just so incredible! I thought of you immediately b/c you're the only people I know who actually live near the coast! Glad you didn't get swept away!

I can't find your e-mail, do you have mine? If not, could you contact me thru my bloggity blog? Thx!