Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Speeding Lycra

Hub didn't get home till past midnight last night. He rang at ten to tell me to just go to bed. Turns out he didn't have time to eat lunch or dinner and quite frankly I don't know how he survived. If that were me I would have had to start eating people's tax returns - or at the least some pencils and perhaps a stapler.

So bento (lunch) making started this morning instead of tomorrow. Can't have him starving now can I. As it is he will no doubt lose about ten kilos over the next month from all his stress at work and I will of course find it. Am trying to think when I became a stress eater... I never used to be I don't think. I used to do a lot of exercise though so perhaps I just didn't notice? I also used to be single and childless so my life now definately has a few more 'stress' triggers in there - namely five in the shape of two headless chickens, a husband, a mother in law and the cutest one...

So not cute in the middle of the night. Last night was a shocker. Ryu's cry is the worst sound on the planet. Not particularly screechy or high pitched but it hits that part of my neuro system that just wants to run away and hide and not have to deal with it again and again and again. What a stupid thing to say. I'm a mother. The best job in the world. Who in their right mind would complain about having to wake five times a night for that cute bundle of joy.

Anyway, back to the bento...

Very standard and very muchly screaming frozen foods nuked in the microwave. Come to think of it the only things nuked were the meatballs. Then there was chicken nuggets, some salmon, weener, egg roll - all cooked in majic four compartment frypan, and some brocolli, a tom and a strawb just for token color and nutrition. All in his new lunchbox with new furoshiki wrap thing and bag. With of course his genki drink that has 3000mg of something extremely off the wall genki.

He was meant to be home at 10 tonight but still no show. Have been sitting here twiddling my thumbs - well not quite. Have actually been looking up the affects of food coloring on children and its link to ADD!! It would appear that food coloring and other additives have been found to make children with ADD more hyperactive and less focused. Assuming my children don't have ADD* then am thinking one meal of rainbow pancakes won't put them over the edge. Will make them in the morning just to be on the safe side. So If I do make them then I want to do it right and it will be a one off treat - unless they are such a hit that they will be the solver of all fights in the house - in which case I will make them at every opportunity and perhaps even ask the kindy to put them on their menu.

*Unless ADD stands for

A - Attention - something to be chosen at will and quite often not chosen at all when two or three years old.

D - Deficit - usually in hearing. What ! Are those ears painted on son?

D - Dickhead - something to be said to mummy at random intervals just to piss her off. Dickhead - baka in Japanese. Definately at the list of top ten things Shou and Marina like to say to mummy to spark a reaction.

So if ADD stands for the above then my kids have it and when I make rainbow pancakes on Sunday there are going to be two small children running round the park yelling baka (dickhead) at the top of their lungs, ignoring anyone that has the misfortune of trying to talk to them and spending thrity seconds on the slide followed by ten seconds running round mental, followed by forty seconds trying to climb back up the roller slide in slippery shoes, followed by three minutes running down the beach in search of crabs in the middle of winter, followed by ...

Shou and Marina's latest mean thing to say to mummy is 'mamakuso' - which they say after first saying 'hanakuso'. Hanakuso is nose (hana) followed by snot/boggies (kuso) - so I am presuming they are using mamakuso more to mean mummy your a snotface as opposed to mama shit. Either or I'm not a big fan and the other day on the way to kindy I had to lay down the law. They were screaming mamakuso from the top of their lungs so I stopped the car, did a u-turn and said that was it, no kindy, going home to spend day with mummy and perhaps a couple of chairs, some ducktape and one ration of water and bread.

They stopped immediately, appologised and resorted to singing the 'eels on the bus' . For two minutes until I heard Shou whisper (newly acquired skill) very softly to Marina 'ssshhhhhhhhh, mamakuso'. giggle giggle giggle.

It was hard but I managed not to laugh or even let them know that I had heard. Gotta let them have their brotherly/sisterly moments where they gang up on mummy and are kings of the world.

Speaking of kindy - Shou was absolutely fine this morning. We had a few issues at dinner time but overall it wasn't so bad. He has lost most of his cough but has snotty nose enough to make him sound very blocked up. So much in fact that I crawled into bed with him at bedtime - out like a light in about three minutes. Him, not me. I was back downstairs to give Ryu a bottle.

Despite the fact that I was thinking about starting to ween him off the boob anyway it would appear that he is getting in first - ouch. This morning when I tried to shove some boob in his mouth he had a token suck and then did the big back arch. Granny K, who was standing about 30cm away, reckons it is because I drink too much coffee. I had to remind her that while I do go through the process of making a cup of coffee in the morning very very very rarely (about as often as Haley's comet) do I get to drink any substantial amount before it goes cold. I also don't slug it back at night. I would be more inclined to think that perhaps he just isn't an Oreo Cheesecake kind a boy. Definately had my share, and everyone elses, of that over the last few days - and by the way is just as yummy on day one, two and three after making.

Right, best get back to looking for kamen rider money box. Is going to be next strategy to try and get Shou to get with the program a bit more. He is into money but is still young enough not to know the difference between one yen and a hundred. He will get money for acts of kindness and good will towards man - or more importantly anything that makes our life and cohesion as a family easier. What bollicks. Ten yen for going to sleep on his own, ten for eating all his dinner on his own, five for doing the bath things without picking a fight and one yen for smaller things like good sharing and helping mummy. You would be surprised at how much we still do for him. Embarrassing.

Right, hear hub home.


Christ, nearly forgot. Title of Post - who saw the speed skating today? I don't get off watching men speeding along in lycra body suits but it was still good entertainment. Ryu and I were jumping up and down yelling go go go - well I was and Ryu was laughing at me being a silly bugger.

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Sarah said...

Comments while watching the speed skating in our living room - "The Canadian skaters look like they have saran wrap wrapped around their middles!" and "Why do the Japanese look like they have golden g-strings on overtop their suits?"

Scintillating mid-race conversation going on here!