Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Sleep, money boxes and IR meetings (long)

So this is what it feels like!

To wake up after having five hours of sleep in a row. That was not a typo. I repeat. That was not a typo.

On Sunday night Ryu went down at half seven. Shou came into our room and I just presumed that it was about 2am seeing as I hadn't gotten up yet for Ryu. Closer inspection of my keitai clock said it was half five. Holy shit. Was so surprised I had to run downstairs to make sure the wee tike was still breathing. And that he was. Snoring infact. Not long lived though after spawn of the devil came flying down the stairs stomping and crashing about.

But hey, stomp away. Mummy on so much sleep is a looooooooot nicer than mummy on three pockets of forty minutes sleep.

Last night wasn't quite so fabulous but still miles better than the last three and a half years. For starters I went to bed early - 10pm. No point waiting up because 'Ryu is surely just about to wake up'. He had gone down at seven and slept till midnight. Had a bottle and slept through till five which was when I shoved the dummy back in his mouth and turned on his pooh projecter (!!) and went back to bed for half an hour.

I also had nothing to eat past 7pm last night - not even the end of day beverage with hub - and I tell you I woke feeling light and clear headed and full of beans. What a difference. See if I can keep at it for three days in a row before declaring to the world that I have 'turned over a new leaf'.

We had a puchi-matsuri (mini festival) at our house yesterday morning. It happenes every year at one of the houses in our cluster of paddies. Priest comes round, makes a heap of bamboo and white paper flappy shinto (?) things and then they go round the respective houses to pray to some god for some thing. Granny K has to prepare a tray with fish, a vegetable, rice, sake, salt... I think.

I remember six years ago when the old house was still here and it was our 'turn' to hold the festival. I was here that weekend (I didn't move back until I had a nice house with a toilet that wasn't just a hole in the ground and down a huge spider infested dark hallway - imagine if we hadn't built the new house that only lets out big spiders ocassionaly. I would have had a litter of children) and remember sitting in on the festival and writing notes. Must have been when I was still trying to convince self that sucking up to Granny K and showing interest would make it easier to live together.

God, pull the other one. Easier to live together. LOL. Mother in law. Easier. ROTFL. Actually now we have moved on to - 3 kids in three years. FUCK. Mother in law and crap advice. FUCK FUCK FUCK. Mother in law coming to take baby out of bath while you clean two wriggling toddlers. FUCk. Mother in law looking after baby while you take two screaming toddlers to kindy. FUck. Mother in law looking after toddler for whole day while you take the other two out. Fuck. Mother in law offering to iron hub's shirts cause she knows I wont and she feels sorry for her son. Pathetic but fuck.

OK, OK. so the woman definately doesn't piss me off as much as she used to - especially now that I can 'use' her to my daily advantage in trying to make life with three small children easier. People told me how lucky I was - live in babysitter. Not quite the same but. She is 73 after all and has specific rules - like no looking after Shou or Ryu for more than about half anhour each. Also would prefer the babysitter lived next door, if not at least 500 metres down the road.

But I digress.

The festival was, according to Granny K starting at 9am. The preist arrived at said time but no-one else. I enquired as to start time again and Got that the neighboring vestlings were turning up at half nine. I said I was going to put Ryu to bed then cause he wasn't lasting and needed to crash. She commented that the boy didn't need to sleep and should stay up till the others arrived.

Seriously woman. The boy is tired. To prove her he promptly feel asleep on my shoulder (very very rare occurance - in fact it wasn't even on my shoulder. He was on my knee facing forwards and I was doing 'this is the way the lady rides, trit trot, trit, trot...' and he still fell asleep) as the vestlings were trit trotting down the drive. I went to let them in to showers of 'oh, isn't he cute' - and oh, isn't he so very asleep and not appreciating any of it. He went down for two solid hours. All the while there were five vestlings munching senbei, drinking green tea and watching the priest flap bits of bamboo and paper about.

In other news - the kids money boxes arrived and were a great hit - well, Shou's was at least. It lights up and makes terrific train noises. Marina's is just a stone cold kitty chan. She wasn't too excited! Shou ate all his dinner on his own (three yen - as realised very quickly that it wasn't value of money it was number of coins) and had a bath with no fuss or drama. Marina flagged the bath. After she had gone to bed Shou and I used the box to make a tunnel and some tracks - all of which he folded up and took to bed! Didn't go to sleep on his own but it wasn't a huge drama.

And, just to make this post far too long - some TMI for you seeing as has been a while. MUM - I'm about to write a paragraph on sex and blow jobs so stop reading now.

We have had a few international relations meetings lately - well, only two in the last four days but that is in the 'frequent' category as of late. On Friday, I think the night that I posted hub was going to liquor me up and take advantage of me' - well that he did, only we realised we had run out of 'securities' and therefore obviously the meeting wasn't as fulfilling as it could have been. Don't need another calculated-miss (eventhough Ryu is the cutest calculated miss ever). Did the necessary chemist shopping on Saturday - and that night hub got better servicing and exclaimed that 'if this was the service everynight he'd never work late' - Not quite sure how he would get away from the 'overtime' - perhaps by telling his boss that he couldn't stay late cause his wife was waiting and ready at home, and he was going to get a blow job to boot. I said if he was home early every night I may well be a lot more inclined to get on my knees a bit more often.

So last night he was home at 9 - he said it was early and .... ???

I said, you've got to be joking.

Early means 6 - and helping with dinner, bath and bed routines.

9pm would be OK if it was with flowers, nice wine or fine foods.

I should probaby tell him what his chances are. He is a man after all. He wont pick up on it unless its written on his forehead. .



Lulu said...

The money boxes are a great idea- will have to remember that. Great way to get rid of all those annoying one yen pieces too! Try explaining that the ones with holes in them are "LUCKY" and that they are the ones they should strive for by being good.

Oh and the sleep fairy must be paying us all visits recently. Noah has slept well and gone down well the last three nights (hope I am not jinxing myself!)

Take Saturday for example- he bathed at 8pm, was asleep by 9pm and slept until 3am and then fed then went down again til 7:30am!!!!! Oh my I woke up feeling dandy! The net two nights have been good although this morning he woke at 5:30 (after a 1:30am feed) and came into bed with us until 7am in which I told Shun to take him to the living room, pop him in his bouncer and give me another half hour sleep- cue me waking up with a start at 8:15am to baby screams as Shun had fallen asleep and Noah was STARVING!

Lets hope the baby sleep fairy continues to pay us visits!

Oyomesan said...

I'm seriously in awe of how frequent your international meetings are!
How do you find the energy for them AND do all the other stuff....amazing...

Once upon a time we joked about couples who didn't have meetings very often...and now...I fear we've become our joke...with his shoulder and my knee giving us excuses....

Gaijin Wife said...

Lulu - the money box was great for two days. He didn't mention it at all this morning but did kind of half assed attempt to eat all his breakfast with the promise of more cash!

Oyomesan - I fear that some of our meetings do not require much energy at all! On my part at least.