Thursday, 4 February 2010


Actually not respect at all. Wanted to put K.N.A.C.K.E.R.E.D but it didn't have the same ring to it!

To delve into a little of what I have been doing today:

Axiom (not something you chop wood with)
Artificial Life (popo-chan reborn perhaps?)
Infinite Sets (too much tennis??)
Deformation of hard objects (bend the boner?)

The only reason I didn't find that concrete wall today was because I didn't have time. Did my quota of over qualified lecturer profiles. Also did my quota of screaming at the kids. And guess what...

Marina went to bed with NO DINNER. It has been threatened before but not enforced. Seriously though tonight was just too much. I'm off my feet busy all day but still find the time to cook dinner (curry, misoshiru, salad and fruit). She wont have a bite - licks the spoon a couple of times and thats it. I try to take it away but she packs a hissy fit - but forty minutes later and she still hasn't had any so I trash it. She runs off to Granny's room and ignores me for a good ten minutes. After granny changes her into her PJs I make same milk (caved in) and take her to bed - not a peep after that. And when I gave her cuddles good night we had a little two year old talk.

Shou, who did eat his dinner, told me off for being such a bitch - which I deserved. He then proceeded to not go to sleep and spent the hour I was teaching in Granny K's room coloring in Kamen Rider (double). I then tucked him in and he went to sleep on his own. We're getting there I think. Slowly but surely.

And now, it is time for me to go and curl under the duvet with hub. We are both so knackered we haven't got the time or energy to argue let alone get any legs over. God, I think I'd put my back out.



thefukases said...

wallop loads of R.E.S.P.E.C.T at your workload at the moment.

No problems eating here (more like stopping them!) but I have followed through on 'no bath/ story' threats before. But I felt terrible and it ruined my night. Hope you are a bit stronger!!

How's the bento making going? I hope your DH is as accommodating as mine when it comes to the ancient art of the bento. Basically as long as there's enough food for three people in there he doesn't complain!

Nay said...

My sister has had to use the 'no dinner' threat a lot of times with my niece... But then again this a girl who is nearly 7 and STILL can't be reasoned with!! Marina has hope yet :)

Brenda said...

Good luck on getting it all done and keeping your head intact and far away from the concrete wall!

Oyomesan said...

Bed with no dinner - never hurt anyone! ( as long as it isn't e regular thing I guess!).

You did great - lots and lots of "erai" thoughts from up here in Hokkaido!

Would you like to swap the kids for kittens maybe? Probably make about the same mess..but kittens are easier to pick up and put in a different place...