Monday, 15 February 2010

Rainbow? Pot of Gold?

Aren't these just fabulous? Have been blog surfing and found these over at Wendy's blog. Her hub gave them a go and while they didn't turn out as story book colorful as these they were pretty fantastic. Am thinking cooking rainbow pancakes might make for a fun Sunday without daddy activity. Well, keep them entertained for about seven and a half minutes at least. Might have to get some cream and custard on the go too so we can make rainbow pancake towers!

The sproglets are finally all asleep. Bit of an effort tonight -as was this morning with Shou packing an absolute mental on the way to kindy. He didn't want to go and has never been like this before. I felt terrible - obviously not enough so to keep him at home. He had a bit of a snotty nose so me thinks he might be getting a cold. The teachers said he was fine though - when I rang up at nine to check.

Had to go and do big shop today, in preparation for hub's bento making and just in case the kids get sick and have to take a day or two off kindy. They have been great this winter so it would be murphy's law that just as we are starting to maybe see the very beginnings of spring that they would get colds. The kindy teachers are temperature nazis so having to stay at home doesn't always mean being so sick they can't run riot and behave like headless chickens.

Ryu had a huge sleep this morning which was no surprise as he was wide awake at 5. Not happy but dealt to it by plonking him in front of young einstein while I went back to bed. No sing songs or play time with mummy at that hour. Bugger right off. Perhaps if I had had more than an hours sleep in a row before then but no such luck.

Bought up a storm at the shops - including some genki drinks per hub's request. Just hope he is intending on having them in the morning before work and not at night.

Ryu and I popped in to see Jo for a cuppa and a nappy change - and for Ryu to be the laughiest baby ever for Jo. Should have taken my camera.

Shou was in a very definant mood tonight. I was very good though and didn't lose it - much. At dinner time he sat there crunching bits of apply up and spitting them out on the floor, repeat, repeat, repeat. I just ignored him and pretty soon he stopped and even tried to clean some of it up when a box of tissues ended up strategically placed infront of him.

He also said he hates me and that he will never forgive me for taking the toothpaste off him. Poor boy. It must be hard when the worst thing you've got to complain about is mummy taking the toothpaste off you.

Best get going - got some hearts to cut up. My Thursday English class is doing a belated Valentines Day lesson this week as last week was a public holiday. We are doing cards and decorating chocolates.

Very boring sorry.



anchan said...

Wow, they would make my kids so hyper that I'd have to scrape them off the ceiling! Mind you, today is the perfect opportunity - Pancake Tuesday!

Gaijin Wife said...

anchan - I know, will have to make them in the morning and then take them to the park to run round mental for a couple of hours!!

Nay said...

wow... they are some awesome looking pancakes!! I'm sure the kids would love making them with you - but better still eating them :) What kid wouldn't?!?

Jen B said...

Oooh! You read my mind, I was going to make rainbow cupcakes!!! Don't know why that's so exciting to me. Although I hear that strong quantities if colouring cause ADD and other things. Nothing for me to worry about then.

umebossy said...

Ooh, I doubly want pancakes now! I wanted to make dropped scones (Scottish pancakes) for brekkie this morning in honour of Pancake Day but someone decided they'd rather grab an onigiri from the combini. I might make them this afternoon for myself, out of spite! ;)

Corinne said...

I thought about giving them a go too but I don't think I have the patience and would just end up all bright blue pancakes... Do it and take pictures, it might inspire me!

Lulu said...

They look awesome! And as others have said, a great time since it is pancake Tuesday!

It will make you jealous but Noah slept til 8:40am this morning after I brought him into bed with us when he woke up at 6:45am for a feed (he wasn`t due til 7:30)- it did mean Shun was late for work though seeing as I woke up with a start at 8:40am (such a start that I woke little Noah!)- if he woke up at 5am and wouldn`t go back to sleep I am not sure what I would do. Probably tear my hair out. Sleep deprivation and me do not mix AT ALL! hehehehe

Hope Shou is feeling better soon- I am sure the kindy stand off was just because he is a little under the weather!

Megan said...

done all the hearts? great to chat today- when ben got home tonite I went straight to bedroom for a 'lie down' tee hee xx

Violet said...

Snap - my son chucked a wobbly on the way to hoikuen yesterday. He screamed all the time I was trying to get him dressed and then when we were crossing the road he spazzed out and refused to move - sat down in the middle of the road! Cried all the way there and in the genkan but when we finally got to his room he was fine. What's he trying to do to me??

Bryn said...

Talk about perfect timing! Those are sooooo AWESOME!!!! Tomorrow is E's b-day and I was trying to think of something special to start his day!!! Thanks so much GW!

Wendy said...

Hi! Thanks for mentioning my husband's attempt at the rainbow pancakes! I can't wait for him to try them again soon. I also saw Valentine pancakes in pink and purple -- another cute idea!