Sunday, 21 February 2010

Rainbow Pancakes

Not exactly what the photo looks like!! The green ones were made using blue coloring. Not impressed but also didn't want to put in whole bottle. As it happens I would be the one going hypo as the kids weren't too thrilled. Piss me off really. Went well out of my normal Sunday routine to get these on the table. Nevermind. Myself, the diet and I forgot about healthy eating and munched them back.

This afternoon was a complete fricken nightmare. I followed through with my threat to Shou and he got not an entire mouthful of soap but enough on his inside lip to keep wiping it on a towel for half an hour, nutting out - and not spitting since. Granny K came out mid nutout and upon finding out what had happened had a severe go at me for poisining her grandson!! From the lady who stuffed her kerosene hands in his face just not last month. And seriously, our handsoap is organic shit so how bad can a whiff in the mouth be?

After that things calmed down but I was still very pissed when hub rang and said his 5pm home time would be more like seven. Fuck it. Not his fault but. He had 30 people personally to deal with - and most of them just bring in their tax return and expect him to fill the whole thing in, and then ten seconds before he has finished it produce a fuckin reciept of some kind from their pocket and he has to re-write the whole thing. Had no time to eat lunch and came home and ate cold bacon and egg pie - which is proof to just how hungry he was!

Ryu got a bit left out today - but was a champion about it. Had crap morning nap in the car but slept semi-OK this afternoon. Out like a light at seven as was Marina and Shou at half seven. Honestly I had only said two lines of my 'momotaro' rendition when I heard his 'sleep' breathing.

And, in trying to get some cute pics to compensate for the crap day...
Nope, not happening.

Or that mummy you fuckwit, ease up on the flash already.

Christ woman, Miffy's got bigger slitty eyes than I have. Learn how to use the goods man. It's a happy snappy digicam how hard can it be?
I want good camera skills and a good camera.
Perhaps a few good children.
And occassionaly a good mother in law.
Fuck it, sometimes a good husband that doesn't lie too.
AND who wants to pleather me as much as he wants to get plethered. So not into the 'what goes around comes around' program at the moment.


nikintheguch said...

lol the photos of Ryu are too funny! Bummer the kidlets weren't overly impressed by the pancakes! I will have to show Liam the photo as I'm sure he would be very excited by them. We had pancakes for breakfast and he ate the same amount as me.

Tax season must suck for your fam! I hope it passes quickly for you all!

kuri, ping & the pinglet said...

I'm sorry that the pancakes weren't a hit. They looked good to me! You could have sent them by expack to our house and I would have gladly partaken in the feast. The Pinglet would probably also have eaten her fair share...only because it's something I didn't make.

Nay said...

It's a shame that the kids weren't really interested in the pancakes - especially when you were to all the effort of making them. I would sure have loved eating them - I am having a pancake craving lately actually!!

Love the photos of Ryu!! I am sure he gets cuter and cuter every photo you post :)

Megan said...

hey good effort on the pancakes anyway and very cute pics of Ryu. hope today was a better day!! x

Lulu said...

THe pancakes look awesome- shame the kids weren`t so keen! I have a pancake craving now for sure though...

Photos of Ryu are classic. I have quite a few of Noah looking bewildered because the DLSR flashes several times sometimes before actually taking the photo (even with flash off!)

Tax season will be over soon! Thank god!

ps: sorry havent commented much lately- I have been reading and keep telling myself to comment but then the baby nuts out, or I fall asleep or realize I should really fold the washing.

Ruthie said...

The pancakes look great! Have currently joined Weightwatchers with Mum so all sugary/cake-y looking products look extra nice ;)

Midori said...

Those pancakes look GOOD. :-) Might have to experiment with colouring next time I make pancakes but I tend to make the thin crepe-style ones rather than the fluffier American-style ones so it might not work.
I LOVE those pictures of Ryu. He is far too adorable and making me very broody!