Friday, 12 February 2010

Psssssst, all finished!!

Just sent translation off. Yay. Was a very profound day with translations on quasicrystals, clinical psychology and discrete mathematics.

Hub is home early but in need of the computer so have to be quick.

Very ealry start to day with Ryu wide awake at 5. Decided to get up and sort stuff out so I could crawl back into bed after taking the kids to kindy - as had all intentions of spending today and tomorrow finishing the translation. And therefore time for couple of hours to nap back some of my sleep deprivation.

It is always a great idea - when I am still stucked up warm in my duvet. Not so inviting when I have to get back into a cold bed by myself. So, not wanting to suggest a warm bed snuggle up with Granny K I dumped the nap idea and translated instead.

Until lunch when I LEFT the baby with Granny K and WENT FOR LUNCH CHILDLESS. Kept feeling like I had left something behind. Well, obviously but you know - was odd feeling. Coffee Chiemi left her accessory baby at home too and together we spent the whole hour scoffing spaghetti, choccy sundaes and talking about our respective three pre-school aged children and town office koumuin husbands.

Got home and took Ryu for drive to drop off DVD and get ingredients for choccy fondu party on Sunday night for valentines day - just the fam dam though. Should put Marina and Shou in enough chocolate for a year. Maybe will do it at lunchtime instead so they have a good seven hours to run off the sugar.

More work in the afternoon followed by completely fogeting that I had told mikiprune lady that I might rock up to her house around two for her coffee afternoon. Shit, but nevermind. They would have just tried to tell me mikiprune was the healer of all wounds, diseases, flummies, you name it and mikiprune will heal it.

The kids were good (loose meaning there) this evening.

And me....... I am A LOT better than yesterday.

Best let hub do some work.

Off to have a bath - kids didn't get one this evening. Am going to soak to my hearts content - with a beer. I deserve it all you discrete mathematical geeks.



Lulu said...

Yay for finishing translation.

Boo for having to get up at 5am though. Noah didn`t settle last night (due to trip to airport and many a dramas) until 11. So while he woke up at 3am & 6am for feeds he then went back down until 8:45am....which was nice (although I got up at 8am when phone rang)...

illahee said...

yay for finishing! and for feeling better than yesterday. :D

hiro has plenty of days off in march. may we come and visit you guys then? maybe just me and the kids during a week day.

Slime said...

Hooray for you! And so glad today was a better day!

medea said...

Congrats on childless lunch and completing translation!

Sara said...

yay for finished translation!!! now it is time to reap the monatary rewards of all your hard work!!

glad you had a fun babyless lunch thats a special treat for sure!! yay gw! give yourself a pat on the back and enjoy your weekend!