Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Operation Red Horse Pups

Hub is home already - 9pm. Early. We are watching the figure skating - mens short program - reruns. I saw them this morning in between hanging out washing and the likes. Of course the Japanese media has hyped up the three Japanese blokes so am enjoying watching things unfold. Honestly how is anyone meant to get anything done when the olympics are on.

Before the figure skating this morning was the women's curling. We (Japan) were playing America and it was on the edge of the chair tense and exhilerating and all that - well not quite but a good game and while it won't keep me up all night to watch Japan play Canada it will keep me interested in the curling till the end.

I think the snowboard half pipe is tomorrow - with the Japanese snow boarder with dreds who got off the plane in Canada with his Olympic dress pants halfway down his ass and his tie all loose and altogether looking like a 20 year old half pipe dude with dreds. Not the best when traveling with the Olympic team though and he promptly got a good telling off and wasn't allowed to attend the opening ceremony. Hope he can redeem himself a bit tomorrow - not that he seems to give a shit mind you.

Enough of the Games.

I did two things I haven't done for ages today. The first was a walk outside with Ryu - we did our 4km loop and it was a tad cold (as in have had the fire roaring all day) but got him suited up in his snowsuit and out we went.

The other thing - I had an apple. A whole round apple. As mental as that may sound, I have not had an apple for over a year. I ate it in the privacy of the car so not many Japanese people could see me and wonder why on earth I was eating an apple so barbarically and why I didn't bother to peel it, core it, and shape it into small rabbits before eating.

Coffee and Chiemi came round before English and finally got a pic of her boy who will be one soon and Ryu...

As of this morning Ryu's hair lies flat on his head and not up in mohawk. I was looking at him this morning wondering what was different and on seeing this pic have realised. Yay, my boy might finally be losing the mullet. Excellent. Only Marina to go now.

No juicy goss today. Hub late everynight and Granny K actually being a help and the only goss is me being a mad bitch angry at the kids and I'm not posting about that every night - although today was loads better.

But just quickly - last night after posting I found a link through another blog to a campain raising money to get a litter of dogs out of the warzone and back to the states and into nice homes. They were found in a cave without a mum when they were just little. It is costing shitloads to get them home so I made a small donation. I haven't got a stedfast rule when it comes to donations. Whatever appeals I guess. I'm sure there are loads of places to donate to help actual people in the warzone but I wasn't particularly out looking - just came across the link, clicked, and thought it was a nice story. If you're interested in reading...

Operation Red Horse Pups



Anonymous said...

Ryu is freaking adorable. Sticky up hair or not. My kiddo has a bit of a mullet thing going on too, but because she is all curly its like an afro-mullet.

I wish I could come to Oita and sit in front of your fire and drink wine... you got me feeling all nostalgic for fires and the likes.

thefukases said...

Ahhh Mr Kokubo. Poor guy huh? Butwasn't it just the official Japan arrives at the Olympic Village Ceremony he didn't go to and that was because he chucked a wobbly at being told off about his uniform and refused to go? I didn't realise it was the opening ceremony as well... I guess he spent most of the 'morals education' classes outside boarding?

Go you for walking in this weather. My exercise consists of getting up and putting more wood on the fire at the moment. *^_^*

And Ryu is, as always, sooooo cute

Gaijin Wife said...

Ahh - could well have been (and probably was) just the Japan team ceremony. He did well today though - through to the finals and this morning the news highlighted him and even made comment about public having to be more understanding about the snowboarders fashion.

Today's exercise will consist of same as you. Far too windy for outside stuff and my arms are so sore from rocking Ryu and his big head soooooo many fricken times last night I haven't got the energy to carry the exercise bike in here. Woe is me.

ANd RYu is still cute - but only just. I passed him over to Granny K this morning after what ammounted to about 1 and a half hours sleep for me last night - saying that I couldn't deal with him I had to get the other two ready for kindy. I'm coming right though. He might even get a cuddle when he wakes up! Poor thing.

Slime said...

Hmmmm, the 3rd "Thank you GW" comment in a row!?!?! You soooooo rock!

I always think Ryu couldn't possibly get any cuter, but every time you post a new picture, he's cuter than ever! And compared to the other bambino, you can truly appreciate just how round his melon really is! And those cheeks.......!

Sarah said...

The Canada-Japan curling match was definately not worth wasting your limited sleep-time over, but it was good fun. My father, my Japanese friend and I had tickets and had a blast (especially freaking out the Japan fans by chatting in Japanese...)!

Azu said...

Ryu is cute and so is Chiemi's boy, he has such a cute round face :)