Monday, 1 February 2010

Oni wa uchi, fuku wa soto...

Crap. This piece of shit computer is crap. I upload four pics and it takes about ten minutes before the press 'done' window comes up. I press it and wala, I lose two pics. This happens quite often. I can usually be assed uploading them again but not tonight. So you get two pics of the girls night out. Turns out I did have pics on my camera after all. Ahem. Can't quite remember all of them being taken but nevermind.

Four out of the five of us... Am wondering if in the blogworld it is OK to actually post pics of people you haven't asked whether is OK from?? I figure its only a head shot and we all look just as boozed as each other. And I love fact that you can see all of our teeth - that would never happen in a pic of four Japanese women.
And one pished looking gaijinwife and one sleepy looking Ryu...
Did I mention yesterday that I got home to a bombsite? Took me two hours to find my house this morning - and that wasn't even spent shining benches and shit. That was JUST the tidying. Not helped of course by Shou deciding to pull everything out of his shelves and then dismantal the shelves themselves at 5 am this morning.
He then went to wake Granny K up - after being told to piss off (and yes I fear I may have even said those exact words) by hub and I. Hub who had been up till midnight doing work and me who well, hasn't slept for 1000 days. I'm sure I've said this before but if you already have two very close in age small children and are thinking about a third - my advice to you is don't. I love Ryu to bits but by god two under 4s is sooooooo much easier than 3. My sister told me the gap between 2 and 3 was bigger than you would think. She has three at 13, 11 and 10. All girls!! That's going to be a bitchy katty house in a few years.
We can't talk though. We'll have two moody angry teenage boys and a bitchy katty girl. 16, 15 and 13. I caaaaaaaaaan't wait. Actually I have a feeling Marina might be bitchy and katty before then!
Sometimes I look at families with a couple of kids with quite a big gap - say five years, and I think how nice. Both those kids would have gotten a lot more attention and love than what mine do. Yes, Shou, Marina and Ryu get lots of cuddles and kisses but on too many occassions it is all just spread a bit too thin. Mainly my patience. I am sorry that I have had them this close together. They are so beautiful and deserve much better than an 'oni' (ogre) mother.
On that note, today was 'setsubun' at the kindy. Without looking up wikipedia and speaking a bit through my ass here I think setsubun is the changing of seasons. It is also when kids throughout Japan are being scared shitless by kindy teachers dressed up as 'oni' or ogres. There are some nice oni costumes but at our kindy they are down right fuckin scary and if I was a two or three year old I would piss my pants - at the very least.
The oni comes in to scare the children and they throw mame (beans or peanuts) at it and shout 'oni wa soto, fuku wa uchi' - cast the ogres out and bring the good fortune in. Thankfully Shou and Marina didn't keep chanting this upon their return home from kindy. I don't fancy a night out in the rain sleeping in the adventure playhouse! They were even kind enough to say, after slight hesitation, that 'mama yori kowakatta yo' - scarier than you mummy. Christ, that is some scary oni we're talking about. Might have to have a word with the teachers for subjecting my lovely children to so much ogre-ness :)
I reckon in our house it is more like 'oni wa uchi, fuku wa soto' (ogres inside, good fortune out)
But that is me on no sleep. In a few years I will be counting my lucky stars (and I am now too really, honestly) but right now. The no sleep, the three small ones, the overtime working with hub aaaaaaaaaaand to top it off - I have to make his bloody lunch everyday for an entire month starting next week. Why thank you mayor of our fair town. Could you not actually think about the person when you put them in a position.
Who in their right mind would think about going on a diet in such times? - I am you know. Thinking about it. Quite seriously infact.
Watch this space.


Lily said...

Oh my goodness- I feel exactly the same about the 5 year gap. Just yesterday I was wishing that I planned the spacing better and that "5" year mark sounds perfect. But really, only 1 out of the 3 was planned. But what you mentioned about the kids deserving individual attention- that is for me the biggest guilt too regarding the spacing.

Looks like you girls had an awesome time. When I read about you guys doing that I was wishing I could call illehee and say "let me come too" :)

A serious iine!

Kelly said...

Ahh, so that's what you look like :)

That photo of you and Ryu is so cute. :)

illahee said...

where did that photo come from? i don't remember it, either! LOL

hiro's kindy is doing the setsubun thing tomorrow. wonder how scary it will be...

nikintheguch said...

Great photos! I will have a 5 year gap with my two kidlets so I will see how it works out. The only reason it has happened this way for us is that I thought I only wanted one kid for ages and then had a sudden change of heart. I am glad Liam will be able to take care of himself a bit and help out with things but he also understands everything that is going on so feels a bit rejected and acts up a bit. I'm sure things will be easy for you when the kids are older and you will be glad you finished the old baby/toddler stage in a blur ;-)

Chrysanthemum Mum said...

So that's what you look like? Great photos.

My two are close in age mainly because I left motherhood until the last minute! I do feel guilty about the lack of individual attention they sometimes get. I'm finding it is getting harder as they get more assertive.

Lulu said...

I think there is a pro/con for all age gaps between kids.

I mean Shun & his brother have a 5 year age gap and because of it they are not that close. That said, hard to tell if they would of been even if they were closer together. I think it is nice that Shou and Marina can play together and entertain themselves, together- even if it creates a bit of a mess! Ryu will be joining in before too long too!

My brother & I have a 2.5 year age gap and I think it was a good gap- so does my mum. I think we will try to aim for another kiddy born in about 2 years time. We only want two though- so hopefully it won`t be too stressful. I am already going to pieces over little sleep and I know with another one it will only be worse!

What is the difference between you and your siblings?

Sounds and looks like a great weekend was had by you girls! Love the photos!! Oh and I love your glasses!!! THey are cool!

misome said...

You look so much younger than I imagined! :D Love your glasses! Ha! your kids think the oni is scarier than you are...such sweethearts :) my husband told me I am the scarier one when I blow my top...but I'm taking that as a compliment.

L. said...

Two HUGE advantages to close-together kids:

1) Shared childhood memories -- priceless;


2) all of a sudden, one day, NO ONE IS IN DIAPERS, and the kids are still young enough to enjoy!

Well, maybe Granny K. will be in diapers....but hopefully, that won't be your problem. :)