Tuesday, 2 February 2010

New Food Group?

Doesn't take much - either to set me off or get me back to 'me' again. What set me off this evening...

Marina, my little toothpaste guzzling princess, was having a good suck on the anpanman toothpaste - straight from the tube. I gave her three warnings and then took it off her. It's kiddy stuff so probably not going to kill her but still, not something I think she should get into the habbit of. Toothpaste is for cleaning your pearly whites, not pretending is one of the food groups.

Nutout of paramount proportions followed. Ryu, who had been asleep for twenty minutes after spending a long restless afternoon trying to get a poo out - which hasn't come and I am forseeing a midnight explosion, of course woke up then too and I had two screaming kids and Shou yelling at the TOP OF HIS VOICE that could everyone please just be quiet cause he couldn't hear the television.

That's it. That's all it took. I was doing so well with the calm mummy thing up until then too :(

Five minutes later and a teary eyed Marina is PJ-ed and teeth have been brushed and she has been put into bed with her bottle. Snoring two minutes later. Ryu is picked up by Granny K per my request but doesn't stop howling till I take him and give him a bottle - asleep two minutes later. Shou is still awake. He was asleep but woke up to change his own nappy. The sleep thing has been getting better, I think. Haven't gotten into bed with him since last week or whenever it was we stopped. Do sit beside his bed though - and quite often find myself sliding backwards out of his room, although just before I was going forward on my hands and knees and in an effort to displace my weight evenly over the creaky floor boards I found myself in very odd position - not unlike what the pro golfer guy does when he is checking the course of a putt - can't remember his name but he is low down to the ground with one knee and leg out at right angles.

Doesn't take much to get things back on track either though - got an email about a translation job that, if my offer of hours and how much I can do gets accepted, will set me up for Hokkaido trip. And all I have to do is be a complete nazi bitch for ten days - which at the moment isn't really much different to how I am anyway. And sleep?? Still not getting much of that so may as well be utilizing my time to help line the family purse.

Well my purse at least. Mine, mine, mine. It's all mine.

The content of the translation doesn't sound as completely painful as the last one from this company and I may even get through it without feeling the need to put bash head and concrete wall in the same sentence. Is meant to start tomorrow so depending on how bad it is I may have to forgo some blogging.

Anyhoo, best go and get hub's din dins sorted. He should be home shortly. But before I do...

Are these just not the most beautiful pics ever! I would have paid hundreds. So thankyou Jo! When I come over to the shelter for pregnant women and mothers of small children for my one night of uninterrupted sleep I will traverse afar and come bearing gifts. Probably not gold, frankincense and myrrh , more like cheese and and a nice sav - or two.

I am going to have to get these printed out properly so they can go beside the ones of Shou and Marina - that did cost hundreds of dollars!

In other news, my little bro rang this morning and we are sorting out the Hokkaido trip and his flights. I was getting worried about the money but wadda ya know. Translation that will pay for whole trip has just gone and landed in my lap. Now if I can just turn my brain from crap angry mummy bitchy wife to translation queen then that would be great.


Anonymous said...

Wow they are really some beautiful pictures! You are very lucky to be able to get such great shots of Ryu..so so sweet.
Excellent about the translation/paying for Hokkaido trip too! Don`t you just love it when things work out :):)

Chrysanthemum Mum said...

Alexa is always squirting toothpaste into her gob. She has an obsession with handwashing too which I don't think should be discouraged. We had a biting incident tonight which resulted in James being put to bed! Don't you just love being a mummy sometimes??

Love the pics of Ryu. He's adorable.

Lisa said...

When my sister was little she ate a whole roll of bright red cinnamon dental floss. She kept it a secret until it came out the other end and my mom was on the phone with the pediatrician. So don't buy flavored dental floss! :)

Lulu said...

Ryu`s pictures are so cute- Jo did a great job!!!

I used to like eating toothpaste when I was little- and it wasn`t even kiddy flavoured stuff. It didn`t kill me so I am sure she will be fine- that said, you are right, and it probably shouldn`t be encouraged!!!

had to laugh at Shou waking up to change HIS OWN nappy! He is showing inniative!

Oh and great news about the translation and Hokkaido trip! YAY!

thefukases said...

K is convinced toothpaste is poisonous and hovers until the girls gargle. I think he would have been out cold if they actually ate it! I used the anpanman one once when we were out of adult stuff- it's sooo sweet! I can see why the kids like it!

waking up to change his nappy is gorgeous. I'm seeing training to change his siblings and much more sleep for GW....

Nay said...

Wow, I think you should hire Jo to take some family portraits for you. She did a great job with the photos of Ryu - they are just adorable!!

Isn't it great how things work out sometimes? I am so glad to hear that you have gotten a translating job and will now be able to go to Hokkaido!! YAY!!

umebossy said...

Lovely pics! Good luck getting Marina off the toothpaste before she moves onto the harder stuff like me when I was little. I used to adore the tingly numbness and flavour of bonjela and my mum would often catch me stacking things so I could try and get it out the bathroom cabinet for a hit!

Tracey said...

I used to eat toothpaste when I was a kid, and I had these like white stains on my teeth due to the fluoride. So my teeth looked really weird and multi-coloured unless I brushed them so that they were pearly white. The dentists also told me I couldn't get my teeth whitened ): Just something to watch out for :D