Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Nella's Story

I haven't posted twice in one day for a while, but I have been surfing and came across a birth story that has moved me to tears and puffy eyes. It is beautiful and it is honest and it will move you.

Please read Nella's story - as written by her mummy

I'm off to bed - via some sleepy kisses on my sleeping kidlets.



Oyomesan said...

isnt this wonderful!
the raw feel every moment.
It is amazing how she can recall all the dfferent stages...and the pics are beautiful - altho i have to wonder at how photogenic all her family and friends are.

also...doesnt Downs Sydrome show up in pre birth checks? didnt they know really?

hmmmm...i am a cynic...sorry...questioning journalism genes....

Jen B said...

*heads off to work with red eyes and a wet hanky*

Gaijin Wife said...

Oyomesan - I'm pretty sure the only downs test is done quite early on - perhaps about twelve weeks. Not sure as in Japan I was never told/asked about it although when in NZ pregnant with Ryu I had it but they didn't know if it would pick because my timing was out so I guess if you miss the boat then afterwards it is too late to test. And there's always the well what would you really do if you found at at four months pregnant.

Agreed - the photos and the writing are amazing.

Nay said...

Wow - what a emotional but beautifully written story!! Not only is her story an amazing one but she wrote it with such raw emotions that it does leave you with tears running down your face.

Nooh said...

GW, thanks for sharing that link. what a moving, but beautiful story of what was going throug Nella's mum's mind at her birth. I also had tears and puffy eyes after reading. The photos of Nella and her family are so beautiful.

A few months back I was talking with my friend who is 42 and just given birth to her miracle IVF baby girl. She was asked if she wanted to do the DS testing mid-way through as she was high-risk, but she said that knowing the result wouldnt change their minds about anything and yet it was going to cost them roughly 30-man to do the test, so they decided not to do it. As you say GW, sometimes, for many difference reasons, people choose not to do the tests before hand. And maybe they only ask those who are high-risk???

Slime said...

Oh GW, impeccable timing again! I really needed that story tonight! Thanks so much for sharing the link!