Friday, 19 February 2010

A lot better

Today was definately a better day. Started early I guess but I got two pockets of three hours sleep so felt 'refreshed' when I got up just before six with Ryu. Got straight into hub's obento and then snuck back upstairs into our bed where Shou was, after a late night last night he had a not so good night.

Hub to work, kids to kindy, Ryu to nap and me to sorting out nengajo (finally putting them in their little folder) infront of the Olympics - mens skating free program. The Japan blokes team were great - they did everything they could have. The young underdog landed his 四回転 - quadrupple axil / toe loop ?? Oda's boot lace broke half way through but after a short break he kept going - to loud cheers from the crowds. And, Takahashi - well he got the bronze. It was good all round. And to top it off Granny K and I watched it in here together - all friendly like.

Today Shou and Marina had their kindy photos so Shou wanted to wear his super cool tomica top and Marina her skirt - well I suggested it and she fully went with it. I swear this past month she has got all girly girly. Loving it.

And just so he doesn't feel left out - Ryu and his new party trick...

Yippy Yi Fuckin Yay - life gets that little bit easier. My baby can feed himself. Hasn't quite figured out that he needs to tip the bastard to get the last half out but I figure if I don't help him it wont be long before he does! Notice the bouncer falling apart underneath. This bouncer has done the distance man. Got it from Jo who used it for her two kids. I gave it back after Shou and it got used by someone else and then I claimed it again. Old school bouncers - better than any flashing, singing, swaying piece of modern bouncy technology you can get now. Anybody want it in a few months?

So a very lazy day - during which Granny K suggested that perhaps I would have better luck getting Shou down to bed if I let him run round outside for half an hour when he got home. Good suggestion. Afterall, three year olds are like dogs - they need their one or two hours of running round time per day.

I think she was really only 'suggesting' but I took it on board and went and picked the kids up early and promptly delivered Marina to Granny K who was already looking after Ryu, and took Shou for a 1.5km walk. Took us about half an hour cause he kept jumping into random paddies and claiming that there was a digger in this here paddy however many moons ago and how it was building that wall or digging this drain. He was also pushing popo-chan in her pushchair the whole way!!

Someone we met along the way commented on how Shou was out with one Marina's toy's. What they didn't realise was that the pushchair was really a super duper jet fire pushchair. It had blinkers of course and if you pushed this here screw 'button' then a jet fire stream would come shooting out the back (and occassionaly from popopchan's ass) - at which time Shou would run full speed ahead. All in all a very manly pushchair.

Got home, the kids got bathed and fed - nikujaga-don and yoghurt and mikan and then I got a phonecall from a friend in the city two hours away.

I'm outside your house. Rightio. Fuckin excellent. Actually in terms of timing if she had rung an hour earlier I would have been in the bath and an hour later putting Shou to bed. The kids were all still up but just about to go down. She came in and had a wee play and then I took Marina to bed - not a peep. My princess. Thought I'd try and put Ryu down - and what do you know, not a peep. My wee little I-can-feed-myself man. No way Shou was going down at seven though so he stayed up while we had a coffee.

Friend can talk the hind legs off a donkey and that she did - while Shou re-fashioned popo-chan's fringe and put string through all the dining room chairs and every toy he could find that had a hole or doors or whatever. Very elaborate labrynth of string, wood and plastic.

Friend left and Shou went down pretty easily. Half eight and I am 'home alone' so to speak. Hub arrives just after nine which is well early for a Friday night these days. He has work all day tomorrow and Sunday. He brought home a few brewskies and shucream this evening so me thinks me is trying to liquor me up and take advantage of me. (and of course make sure I don't start any good eating regimes (god forbid 'diets') today)

So I guess I should be a good obliging wife and go get liquored and taken advantage of :)



Sara said...

Yay for better days!!
The ice skating was pretty fantastic wasn't it. The Japanese skaters were really good but have to say I was pleased with an American taking the gold (haha)

And omg... Marina's skirt is adorable. I want one in my size!!

illahee said...

oh shit, it was friday yesterday! i guess it was...i forgot i had to get hiro at school, but luckily remembered at the last minute.

speaking of fridays, that might be the best day for us to visit. yoshi usually gets home late (around midnight) on fridays. hiro's first day off is the 19th, if that's too early, maybe the 26th? give me a call, or i'll call you. :D

Chrysanthemum Mum said...

I haven't seen any of the Olympics as the kids comandeer the TV for themselves these days. I don't watch anything actually except for the NHK kiddies shows!

Our boys seem to have the same taste in fashion - James has the very same Tomica top in the same colour no less! Alexa is still showing no signs of dressing girly....current fave item is a Thomas the Tank sleeveless bed jacket thingy!

I always let my two walk home from nursery and/or run around outside as they don't get to go out all day - indoor play only at this nursery! I think it really helps to knacker them out and get them wanting to go to bed. James often tells me "I'm tired, mummy" Though Alexa is my problem as she has a nap at nursery and consequently isn't so tired in the evenings.

Violet said...

I find my son is very much like a dog. He really needs his daily run around in the park. Even brings me his shoes (rather than leash) when he feels the urge. Wish he had a leash actually. Would make the walking to and from the park a lot easier!

PS. did anyone else think the American dude who took the gold was way hot?

Midori said...

:-) Is nice when you have a day when everything goes well! Hope the weekend is just as good. xx

Gaijin Wife said...

Violet - he was definately hotter than Palchinko (hmmm very like pachinko) or whatever the guy who came second was called.