Sunday, 21 February 2010


Listen... can you hear that?

Go on, try really really hard...

Still can't hear it?

Neither can I. Bloody slience. The house is silent. And you don't even need to call social welfare. The kids aren't under the stairs drugged out on horse tranzquilizers. Two of them are asleep and one is over next door at the temple with Granny K. No points for guessing who isn't napping.

I foresee it lasting perhaps another twenty minutes until Granny K gets sick of the sight of Shou and comes back - Shou will be pissed at having to come home and will scream the house down, hence waking up both Marina and Ryu. In the space of five seconds I will go from having a silent house to a madhouse.

Hub is at work. Really and truely. As he was yesterday. Ryu and I went over to meet him for lunch and he was home in time to pick the kids up early from kindy and have a bit of daddy play time.

Bit of a crap night sleep-wise lastnight but not all Ryu's fault. Marina and Shou both woke up once each and Ryu twice. Thanks hub for snoring, or pretending to sleep, through it all. I guess he does have to crunch numbers all day today.

I was a bit wired this morning and while the the first two hours went well - I even got things cleaned up, washing hung out and kindy futons out to air - but then we had a serious meltdown because Shou wasn't impressed with just the one lolly he got. He wanted the whole bag. Things got worse when he caught me taking most of them out of the bag in preparation to give him 'the whole bag'. Woooooa baby. Screaming, throwing things, piling pillows up against the outside of the door so mummy couldn't get out.

As if that would stop me.

And the spitting. My god. It makes me wild it does. Any advice on how to put a stop to it? It isn't spitting in your face type - just spitting on the floor. I told him he was getting a mouth full of soap next time he did it and he stopped so hopefully that will hold through. Can't imagine what hell would break loose if I actually had to follow through with that one!

I took Shou and Ryu out in the car and Granny K took Marina - thankyou. We went to the vid shop where Shou got a tomika DVD (no surprise there) and tried to convince me that Marina wanted a Shinkenja one and not Kitty-chan or Elmo. Coming out of the shop Shou insisted we do the UFO catcher. It wasn't your normal type. It had two rows of lockers with prizes in them and you had to win a key from the UFO catcher in the middle - although you couldn't see what was in any of the balls. I got a ball first go and whadda ya know... locker #9

Unfortunately not locker #6 which was a WII. Still, something to keep the kids entertained for two seconds. I haven't been able to get close enough to read the instructions but it makes lots of cool noises and talks to you to Shou thinks is great. Also doubles as fantastic little day bag (looks like - not as in actually able to fill with tampons, lipstick and cell phones) which Shou is quite keen on too !

Right, I can hear Shou coming back and Ryu stirring. Might let them run round outside on the adventure playground before we start the rainbow pancakes. So much for doing them in the morning.

Will post pic - maybe.



Oyomesan said...

I can hear the silence!!!!!!

Ruthie said...

Hannah will be so jealous. A Puri-cure handbag laptop. How fabulous!