Thursday, 25 February 2010

Just a little bit of appreciation.

As I have no doubt harped on about endlessly before, one of the biggies about being a stay at home mum for me is the lack of appreciation. I know that an 8 month old, 2 year old and 3 year old are unable to go round thanking me for everything I do and I don't expect them to - well not all the time anyway.

I should take their good health, their well being, their growth, smiles and laughter as my appreciation. Sometimes though, just sometimes, I would like it in words.

And yesterday morning I got just a little bit. Not from the kids mind you - hell no. Shou was far to busy trying to convince me he just had to cut a hole in the sofa so he could thread that there bit of rope from the dining room chairs, through the sofa, and in a perfect world, through a hole in the TV as well.

I got another tranlsation request - I replied saying if it was same shit about nano tubes and discrete mathematics as last time then I wouldn't be able to. Got lovely email back saying that it was a lot more general and that she hoped I would take it as my work last time was of such a high standard. I know she probably says this to all her translators, especially in times when she is pushed and needs to meet a deadline. Butter up the staff and all that.

Still, for a brief minute in my hectic, sleep deprived (five hour sleep - thing of the past it seems) and under-appreciated day it was a ray of sunshine it was. More for the fact that I felt appreciated, as opposed to fact that translation money will help line my purse with gold, I took the job. It isn't as big as the last one - only half the size. Due on Monday but at current rate I should have it signed, sealed and delivered by tomorrow night. Not a nano tube, carbon fuckwit discrete bastard in sight. Tis all very nice and easy 'please wear indoor shoes when using the gymnasium' type of stuff. Honestly, whole chunks of stuff I can do without looking at the dictionary.

My god, I can do something other than feed uncooperative children and wipe dirty bums. It's a nice feeling.

I spent all available time yesterday doing it, had English in the afternoon - with a new girl (and another boy starting in April). Went well although my usual lot were a bit wired due to new face. Showing off and lots of stupid faces, naughty words and trying to out stupid each other.

Went to pick the kids up from kindy and had a genuine 'holy fuck something is going to happen to my child' moment. There is a new path alongside the kindy and the primary school. Up until now it has been trees and you couldn't get down that way. The concrete is all dry and yesterday was the first day you could walk on it.

Shou, flash gordan wannabe, took off.I dumped bags and literally dragged Marina by her arms and we went off. Got round the corner and he was already on the other side of the playground and heading towards the big carpark and road. Hightail to the car, shove Marina in and go. He hadn't gone as far afield as I had thought but still, I thought he had taken off up the road and god knows where. NO-ONE offered to help me, or keep an eye on Marina while I went for Shou - despite about four mothers standing there watching it all. Shou got a huge telling off - in English and I was so angry with fright and fear that I just about left their kindy bags sitting by the gate.

That, coupled with Shou not eating his dinner and wanting to use the BBQ tongs to put one yen pieces in his moneybox and... and... huge meltdown. Huuuuuuuuuuuuuge. Granny came in to rescue the other two kids while Shou threw things round the room. I was helpless.

Trying to reason with him..... yeah right.
Trying to interest him with something else.... not happening.
Getting cross with him.... makes it worse.
Put him outside..... runs to front door and in doing so falls over and grazes his knee making it tens time worse.
Sitting in the middle of the lounge asking for a cuddle..... getting there.

He gave up and came for a cuddle and we both had a wee snivvle.

This morning - with the rope and the wanting to put a hole in the sofa - I can see his imagination working. He knows exactly what he wants to do. The rope going between the chairs, attached with the tongs and some clothespegs.... Obviously a railway crossing. I can't beleive I didn't pick it up. Had to pretend to put money at certain point in rope and then the train station man (Shou - not the fat cunt, the fat cunt, the fat cuntroller - sorry only amusing for people who have seen the youtube vid of the fat controller from thomas the tank engine) would lower the rope. Dramas.

Anyway, off to drop some vids off, get nappies and the likes before coming back for a class at the primary school and my usual Thursday afternoon and evening classes.

Best get off to it.


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