Sunday, 14 February 2010


Iyoiyo - here we go.

Tomorrow is the start of the worst month ever. I have just seen hub's official schedule. He feels he needs to show it to me so I won't have a go at him asking where he is all the time. Wonder why I'm like that though??

From tomorrow the tax blokes go around the halls and community centers and spend all day helping people with their tax returns. It lasts exactly one month, after which they then have to spend however long sorting through them. I presume it has to be in before the end of March so perhaps the shittiest month ever will last for six weeks.

This might not sound so bad, sitting in a local hall helping vestlings work out how much they spent on fertilizer for the rice this year. The shit bit is is that they are still expected to do their normal work as well. Hub is in charge of tax returns and therefore is on the schedule EVERY DAY (except Saturdays (none of them do Saturdays) - but including Sundays) for the next four weeks. This means that he will have to go back to the office every day after they finish to do his normal work. He won't be driving home down our paddy driveway until after ten every night.

No time for silver balls in that schedule I tell ya.

Although today when he went to work I kissed him at the genkan with a 'silver balls today and you can forget about coming home tonight'.

I feel sorry for him I do. So damn busy and can't even have a few hours of 'peace' at pachinko. He just needs to get with the gaijinwife program and not lie about shit.

He was away all day today. Bless him though cause I got to sleep in till half seven, after a crap night but still. Granny K looked after Marina most of the day. Ryu slept for two hours this morning and him and Marina both slept for two hours in the afternoon so today wasn't as horrendous as it could have been.

After lunch (which was weeners, egg roll and chicken bits - all so I could test out the new frypan) we did our valentines day fondu...

Not in my proper fondu thing obviously but none the less they made a right mess of themselves and seemed to enjoy it - so much in fact that Marina was still trying to suck the chocolate off the bowl twenty minutes after all the good stuff was gone!!

I had the cheesecake I made yesterday (which looks like I have attacked it with a pink bedazzler) and a bottle of wine for hub and I but he had work to do so sat here doing that instead of sipping wine over cheesecake and gazing into each others eyes (giggle giggle) like I was imagining. Nevermind but. I had all the wine by self so will sit here gazing into something. He did try the cake though and, when prompted, even said it was very scrumptious.

Well, am pretty wrecked. I will need to nap tomorrow - and have decided infact that in order to survive the next month of shitty hell chaos I will need to nap when I can, exercise more and drink less coffee and beer and more water. Or just do what ever I need to survive - which more rightly may involve having to buy industrialized can of coffee and shares in local brewery.

Ryu has just had his dream feed (first of many - bottle tonight) so best get off to bed while the going is good.

Happy Valentines Day to you all.


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Nay said...

Your cheesecake looks delicious!! I love what you did with the strawberry chocolate bits - very cute :)

I dont think I would be able to eat it without fresh strawberries though - I found it WAY too rich!!