Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Getting there.

So hub came in yesterday morning and was all cuddles and appologies and I love yous. I went with the cuddles cause the more the better in my opinion, but I got very pathetic and 'but if you really loved me you wouldn't lie to me'. It was so not something I would usually say that I actually laughed, met by look of relief from hub.

I then took the kids to kindy and got there only to realise I had left the friggen naptime futons at home - or so I thought. They had been in the genkan, flung in there before it got dark after being hung out to air. They then got flung into the tatami room when the local 'giin' (city exec council dude man) came round to push for votes for upcoming election.

Anyway, I think they are still at home so come back to get them only to realise they are neatly folded and in the back of the car. Fuck it. Could he not have mentioned it on his way out the door perhaps. (OK so perhaps I should have checked - but our car is big enough to not be able to see anything in the very back unless you really really want to)

Turns out hub thought that when I left with Ryu after dinner on Sunday (in huff over pachinko thing and needing some self thought reflection time - in other words a beer run) that I would not be coming back that night and was in fact making a hasty retreat to a night at Jo's house for pregnant women, mothers of small children, and wives of gambling lieing husbands. He thought that I had packed my and Ryu's stuff and put in my car waiting to escape after dins.

So, after I left (in his car as he came home after us) he went through everything he thought he needed to do on his own for the kids - getting the kindy stuff ready and folding up the futons and putting them in the car already. I didn't find this out till yesterday. Bit gutted really. If I'd known that's what he thought perhaps I would have vacated the premises for a night - not to Jo's obviously as half an hours notice is too short even by my turn up on your doorstep standards.

Enough about that saga already. Over with.

(but oh so not forgotten)

Ryu has been a fussy bugger the last couple of days and only really had his morning nap properly meaning there isn't much oppotunity in the afternoons to get translation stuff done. That said though, I have still managed to get my self-set quota done both days. Only seven left to go - yay. Which is why I said OK when friend emailed to see if coffee was a goer tomorrow morning - here.

Will mean a bit of frantic cleaning in the morning and perhaps even dealing to the two full washing baskets on the couch - which we seem to have been living out of the past week. I seriously don't think I've opened the kids drawers. Wash, dry, wear, wash, dry, wear...
And hey, if I don't get time to deal to it in the morning I'll just put them in the washhouse for a couple of house. And I say washhouse in the loosest of loose looses. What is the name for that room off a Japanese bathroom where you get dressed and where the washing machine is??

This morning I was bringing in the mail and there was another mail order catalog for Granny K. On the front cover was a frypan. But not just any frypan. It had five compartments - all sealed off so you don't get flavors mixed up. One compartment is even a special egg roll one. I made small comment, half taking the piss, about how cool it looked. Half an hour later Granny K comes in and says she has ordered it for me and wont it be great when I have to cook hub's obento for a month starting next week.

What a gem.

I will take a photo of it when it arrives - in use of course with egg roll and god help me four other things in it. Fuck it, probably just the egg roll and four weeners.

Oh, and completely off the topic but hub rang me three times today to remind me of time changes for when the union-supported candidate for the local election would be visiting our house this evening - not to be mixed up with the other bloke who came round last night and who lives down the road and who Granny K promised she would vote for. To introduce herself and ask for our votes. chuckle chuckle. That would be the one vote - Granny K's. But we all turned up in the genkan - entranceway - where all of the great decisions get made. That and the pub where you can propose some fabulous plan and get it granted while your boss is loaded and singing kareoke with a tie round his head.

Hub, who got home about half an hour ago, said that perhaps from next year foreigners will get to vote?? Anybody know anything more about this. He reckons they have started talking about it which could well mean it takes ten years to happen - unless of course they go stand in someones genkan or go to SHIDAX for four hours.

Right, best get back to it. (the translation that is)



thefukases said...

Hahaha! The frypan catalogue? One arrived at work and I made the same 'wow, how useful, how did I live without one before??' comment to my boss and she said she has one... woops... Still, nice of Granny K to think of you like that.

As for the voting last I heard (last night's news) the discussion is only for local elections (it's a start though, right?) and while Hatoyama and Ozawa are in favour there is growing opposition- 14 prefectures have passed laws against it already, so that even if it passes nationally it won't come into effect. Personally I think keeping it for citizens only is fine- just as soon as they recognise dual citizenship!

Jo Tomooka said...

The home for the waifs and strays has had less than 30 minutes notice before... you are welcome any time!

Kelly Azuma said...

Yep, I read something in the news yesterday that they are proposing changes so that foreigners can vote for local elections.

Lulu said...

Yeah just in local elections- I heard that too. I am hopeless with politics and wouldn`t know where to begin with Japanese politics.

I asked Shun last year if voting was compulsary for him and he said yes. Then I asked why he didn`t vote then and he said he didn`t have to. I was bemused but just left it- perhaps he misunderstood compulsary?

Oh lying husbands- when I got up to feed Noah at 2am Shun was still awake (he didn`t get home til 12:20am, work has been kicking his butt) and near the genkan- so after I fed Noah, I got up to get a drink of water and said "What are you doing?" and he got a shock and said "um, locking the door" and I said "Have you been smoking?" and he looked at me and paused (obviously thinking about his options) and said "yes....I had three today. Work is stressful" - so I made him sleep in the other room as punishment. I suppose he didn`t lie but he wouldn`t of told me if I hadn`t "CAUGHT" him...plus he was already in his PJs and had been in them when he went out to smoke so they were all smoky and I do not need that in my bed! Silly husbands!!

Slime said...

GW, I wish you lived w/in driving distance, so I could escape to YOUR house when the shit at mine reaches intolerable levels! I promise I'd give at least an hour's notice, I'd probably even fold your laundry for you!

As always, your comic relief is perfectly timed for my next round of unbloggables!

Gaijin Wife said...

Fukasas - ditto on the dual citizenship. Surely it will be OK by the time our kids need it though? Fingers crossed anyway.

Jo - can I be a waif pretty please!

Slime - you don't need to fold my washing - but if you do I can offer you a place to sit!

tj-injapan said...

MIL came over today and the major topic of conversation was this fantastic frypan she saw on tv-shopping - it has 3 compartments, the one in the middle you can make a single serve egg roll in it! She was totally taken with it. Made me think of you ;)