Saturday, 27 February 2010

Family Time at the Park

Hub had thought he would take Shou out of kindy for the day and they would go on a boys day out - minus Ryu. After a couple of hours of Shou being a complete twat this morning - waking the whole house up at 5am, racing round the hallway with popochan and his shinkansen money box in a pram at 5:10am and getting IN Ryu's cot with him and just about suffocating him at 5:30 - and he changed his mind. Shou's two seconds of silence brought me racing down the stairs. Three year old boys and silence usually only means one thing round here - bad news. Fortunately Ryu wasn't quite complete covered in blankets.

So of to kindy they went and then hub went to get his hair chopped - did try to tell him he could save his 3,000 yen by just getting Shou to do it. I got an hour or two of translating done while Ryu slept and then we headed off for sushi for lunch. Home centre for shite that you don't ever need but which you always buy and to the supermarket for ditto. Plus beer - which we always need and which we always buy.

Hub got an afternoon nap - lucky for some - while I sorted dinner and tried to clean up a bit of the madness that eventuated from Shou being Shou for two hours this morning. Left Ryu with Granny K for a couple of hours late afternoon so hub and I could go pick the sproglets up early and take them to the park for some much needed family time. And honestly, I haven't seen a winner like this for a while ...

Hub tried to take one of Marina but...
Very nice form though. 10 out of 10 darling.

And, four hands and not one proper peace sign. Who said my children were half Japanese again? Obviously missed out on the 'peace' genes.
See that bomber jacket Marina has on - 700 yen people. AND it's reversable. Great value at nearly local supermarket / dept store that had all its winter stuff on sale. I bought it thinking it would be good for next year but looks like I might have to dress her in it every cool day left this year and then pass it on.

After dinner and bath usual goings on I told Shou that we were off to Nakatsu tomorrow to Erica's house. And that Nao and Sasha would be there too. I think he's too young to figure out that he will be the only boy in a house of girls. (Too young to appreciate it properly. Will have to take a photo so he can look back at it in 15 years and boast about at least having it going on with the gals when he was three.) He wasn't really even paying attention - he heard 'Sasha' and got all excited that we were going to a party in Nakatsu with a 'ミクサー車' - mikusaasha - or a concrete mixer. So Illahee, don't spose there's anyway Sasha can be dressed up as a concrete mixer instead of a princess?

Hmmmm, No, didn't think so.
It looks like I will have to take Ryu too - as vestling down the road very inconsiderately keeled over this morning and his funeral is at 2pm tomorrow. Ahhh, Japan and its almost competetive need to see who can hold their loved one's funeral the fastest. In New Zealand I think it takes at least three or four days to get their shit together.
Granny K needs to leave here at half one and will need to suit up and vest up before then so can't really leave Ryu with her unless I plan on driving an hour to Nakatsu to spend one and a half hours there only to spend another hour driving back. After I get through tomorrow I only have the following Sunday with hub working and then things at least in the weekends will be back to normal.
Anyhoo, just cooking B&E pie to take tomorrow. I should be doing a bit more work but can't be flagged tonight. This is what happens when the translation isn't very difficult. I procrastinate and procrastinate and..... then spend the last two days in a bitchy mood trying to finish it all!!
Such is life.


illahee said...


it would take more than my meager skills could manage to make sasha a mixer! LOL

Chrysanthemum Mum said...

Great pics in the park. It's amazing how a run around in a park can be the most exciting thing for a couple of toddlers, eh?