Saturday, 13 February 2010

Day out for Mummy (long)

The latest mummy and baby mag that arrived the other day has an article called "Daddy and baby at home (alone)". I'll forgo the Japanese because I can't be assed typing it in but basically the article is all about daddy staying at home to look after the baby while mummy gets a much deserved break. Some snippets... and bear in mind this is written by a man for other men.

"So it's nearing the end of the new (start of) year drinking parties. Before your wife has a go at you for always being the one out having a good time why don't you surprise her by telling her you'll stay at home and look after the baby while she goes out for the day.

You're probably thinking it will be piss easy staying at home with the baby in your own house - where you know where everything is. But do you? Where are the bumwipes? What snacks can you feed the baby? But if you start to panic the baby will pick up on it and act up. Renew your respect for your wife who has to do this shit every fuckin day.

Even if you think you know everything don't let on. Ask your wife EVERYTHING before she goes out. What time should I do this, that and the other? If she has a jab at you for being so pathetic and not knowing anything say "へぇー、そんなこともしてるんだ。ママはすごいね" (wow! do you do all of that? You are soooooo amazing)

GW EDIT NOTE - wife - try not to bash husband over head with four compartmental super bento making frypan if he says this to you.

After mummy has left it will actually be quite fun. Scary mummy has gone and now you get to do some of the stuff you couldn't do normally. Tell your child ママにナイショ! (it's a secret from mummy). Remember to stuff the crisp or other snack that you shouldn't be giving your child right at the back of the bin so your wife doesn't find it.

Don't forget that your wife will probably have a go at you when she gets home regardless of that fact that you and the baby are both still alive and the house is still standing. The house will be a pigsty no doubt so prepare yourself for something like 'For fucks sake you silly fucker. If I had known the house was going to be such a bloody bombsite when I got home I wouldn't have gone.'

If she says something like this to you don't try and make a comeback like 'but I can't do it all' type of thing just handle it like a man with something like 'I'm sorry. Sorry. I'll clean up right this minute'.

And to finish it off don't forget to tell her that after spending a day in her shoes you now know how hard it is for her'

End of article.

I'm sure you'll appreciate the few extra words I added in there but seriously, minus the fucks and bloodys, that is what it said. Aren't you pleased this nation of men are getting such good daddy and good husband advice?

SO anyway, hub just got home and has made very appreciative noises of my butajiru - actually not proper butajiru as wasn't miso flavor. I asked Granny K for her recipe for her toshikoshi soba - the new years noodles. I really like her broth. Family secret recipe is two types of soya sauce, bit of sugar and then just make sure you have the secret veges like shitake mushrooms, gobo (?), raddish, spud, chinese cabbage, carrot and pork. Easy as and all members of the family - including Ryu - had some.

Also made some cheesecake for tomorrow - hub perfers cheesecake to normal cake - so stole Nay's Oreo cheesecake recipe and gave it a whirl. Lots of mess in the kitchen but it turned out well I think.

Ryu and I had an awesome sleep this morning. Both went down at nine and he didn't wake up till half eleven - I probably would have slept for another three years if he hadn't woken up but :) Last night was pretty horrendous and for the love of God I hope he gets those teeth soon. Granny K offered to look after him this afternoon so I could get some more sleep but I declined. Nice offer but.

I spoke to my mum - a bit of a negative call on my part. So negative obviously that she suggested I be put in a room with one of her (negative) sisters and my dad. Awesome. What a way to cheer a girl up. My other sister is doing greeeeeeeeat though. Mum is up there next week for a big dinner thing she has. Honestly, in the amount of time and money (flights and petrol) going to and fro the last few months she could have come and met her grandson.

Enough about that though - Just deleted a whole paragraphy of juicy stuff :( more like three on unbloggables and the family business. I'm sure it will come out on here eventually. I just haven't got the energy at the moment to deal with the backlash if god forbid, my family actually read this.

Bar my little bro of course. Thanks Uncle Dam for wanting to keep up with our news and my shite and my rantings. Still gutted you wont be coming to play in July. You might have to send over another cool construction vehicle so I can keep Shou on the Uncle Dam rocks path!

On another tangent - anyone else watch the opening ceremony today? I am such a pleb. Was all teary watching Japan walk in. New Zealand you ask? I think I was on the loo. Such is Japanese media - plays all these human heartstring stories about the members of the Japan team. How could you but not want to cheer them on. I could name half the Japanese team and not one person on the New Zealand one. Am well looking forward to the next 16 days of the world coming together as one in sport - oooohhh, wipe, wipe. Nothing worse than a breastfeeding, sleep deprived mother at that time of the month!!

I thought they were going to play the new version of 'we are the world' - with perhaps an appearance by Celine Dion?? Is that happening at the closing ceremony perhaps? Wasn't too impressed with Brian Adams and the other chicks song but KD Lang sounded great.

Right, time for a beer with hub. Almost wish I was pregnant so I could scrounge a foot rub with a reason.

Might not get to post tomorrow night - after whole day of the kiddies on own. Sigh. I almost have no 'shiawase' left I have been sighing so much lately. Is there a Japanese saying? I have been told that everytime you sigh you lose a bit of happiness. In which case is no bloody wonder I am so down lately and therefore sighing more. Just asked hub though and he has no idea. Perhaps am talking out my ass. Wouldn't be the first time.



Kelly said...

Is there even a new zealand team? I watched it and never saw them. Then again maybe that's where aus switched over to the aus team playing with their camera's, who knows. :/

Hanako said...

there are some good videos about the NZ team here:

Sarah said...

I have one co-worker who ALWAYS gives me the "shiawase ga nigemasu yo" when I sigh, but my boyfriend looked at me like I was speaking English or some sort of nonsense when I said the same to him. He had never heard the phrase before...

Gaijin Wife said...

Kelly - we do have a team. A small one though as I still think government are tight asses over helping word class athletes compete. Team is probably mainly snowboarders and skiiers - total guess but I would be very surprised if we suddenly had a curling team and an ice skater in there.

Hanako - thankyou for the link. This computer wont let me watch video but will read the updates.

Sarah - glad its not just me then. Am going to have to suck a whole lot of air back in to try and get me back some of my nigeta-ed shiawase.

Slime said...

I looooved the opening ceremonies! It was so awesome, I've never been prouder to be Canadian! Probably b/c I'm American, but damn it was just that great!!! They did play the new "We Are the World" it was nice. I loved the orca whales!

That daddy article was hilarious!

Chrysanthemum Mum said...

The article for daddies made me laugh. It is hardly surprising really.My hub bought a "how to look after baby book" when I was pregnant the first time and there was no mention of men being involved in anyway at all after the baby was born. No pics of daddy holding the baby or giving the baby a bath (which I am led to believe is daddy's responsibilty). Naturally, he never read the book anyway!