Wednesday, 10 February 2010

The best blind date...

Just watching program on the best job for a 'gokon aite' - someone you have a group blind date with, usually same numbers of females and males. So in order of worst to best...

Entrepreneur - rich but lot of stuck up wankers

Media related blokes - life of the party at the gokon but shit hours so wouldn't get to see them enough at home.

Lawyer - you'd lose the fights

Doctor - lots of doctors are doctors because their fathers were and marrying into that kind of family would be a bit shit.

Civil Servant - not a huge pay packet but stable position.

That would be hub. The number one gokon aite. He just felt the need to remind me how lucky I am ! Awesome, and ten minutes after I find out he has signed up to online banking through his mobile phone. He doesn't know I know. A bit of information to tuck up my sleeve until needed, as not much I can do with it now.

Today was very non-productive on the translation front. Had friend round for coffee this morning and I got a bit over enthusiastic with the cleaning and spent the whole time until she arrived cleaning, washing, folding, making beds - just in case she decided to go upstairs (but was possible as they are in the process of planning their house and I was gagging to be shown round people's houses when we were planning ours. Obviously didn't get shown round enough)

Hadn't seen friend for ages so was good to catch up. She brought her two youngest - Shou's age and a bit older than Ryu. She, and her hub, work at the town office and she is going back from April after maternity leave. We had good gass about the trials and tribulations of having three pre-school age children, the difference between boys and girls, rah rah. I probably wouldn't get into really nitty gritty goss with her but it was good to catch up anyway.

She left and Ryu and I went to the shops to get stuff for lunch and dinner. I had just turned on the computer to do some work after putting him down to nap when mikiprune lady (hub's cousin's wife) turned up with some kimono for Granny K - that she is meant to be altering for the ewok's (her older brother's) wife. He is way cute - all eighty years of him.

Could tell from way she entered the genkan that not inviting her in would have been rude. She stayed for two cups of coffee and left an hour later - cue Ryu to wake up and stay very awake until English class at four.

Have just had a half ass attempt at some work but will leave it be for tonight. Hub is home tomorrow for the public holiday - he wanted to work but after Sunday's escapades he is being made to stay home and help with the kids - he is doing work beside me now but.

Only ten minutes till CSI. May as well burn the candle at both ends and all that.



Sara said...

we were watching that program too and ryohei gave me a peace sign after they announced #1. rolls eyes

sounds like you had a pretty fun day! hopefully you'll get a more productive one in soon. i've got a translation due weds morning and didnt make any headway today due to refuse to sleep baby and said komuin in no.1 bangumi....

hub has online bank account interesting.... men are so silly sometimes. really there are so few things they can hide i don't know why they try sometimes.

Midori said...

I dunno about the gokon aite. I am currently dating a lawyer and I win FAR more arguments with him that I ever did with my idiot civil servant (sensei) husband! ;-) I always wanted to go on a gokon as they sound like alot of fun (if a tiny bit contrived)
Good luck with the translation.

Kelly said...

Enjoy your public holiday :)