Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Bash Head and Concrete Wall...

We have a concrete wall in the garden. I may find myself bashing my head against it before the next ten days are up!

I got an email last night saying rightio, no worries there matey, sweet as, will send you 12000 Japanese characters tomorrow. 12000 characters is not a lot but I have learnt that three children and an archaic piece of crap that has the cheek to call itself a computer usually means I need to take on less than if I was at home all day with just me and a coffee machine and a highly advanced piece of technological genius.

I got up and, while trying to keep the peace between Shou and Marina, put the washing on, washed all the dishes, sorted the beds out, mentally went through what I needed to do for dinner, AND sorted out my English for this arvo. At half nine I checked my email (again - had been checking since eight just in case insane person at other end of computer has no life and sends files early) but no message so Ryu and I set out to do the nappy, milk, bread and prezzie for niece who is turning 13 this week run.

Got back at lunch time to find message and files had arrived in inbox. Sent in zip form as usual from this company. Holy shit, fuck me sideways and bring on the concrete wall, cause that was some painful shit trying to open that damn file. I had trouble last time. That trouble was moooooooonths ago and I had forgotten how I had rectified it. This computer wouldn't have a bar of it and my mac wasn't too happy either so I went to the local library - but they packed a spaz too which led me to believe there must be away. As in, if it wasn't just my system fucking it up perhaps I was just missing something easy.

Got home and loaded up my mac and wa la - the zip file opens using an application that 'turned up' (and this computer isn't even connected to the net) calling itself 'stuffit'. And that it was. Zip file had 35 documents in it. I wasn't too worried though as was university homepage - how hard could it be afterall?

Just writing random words off my notebook that I scribble on sideways after looking up kanji I don't know...

quantum chemistry
turbulant stock prices
transition metal complex
computational modelling
genetic algorithm

So, where was that brick wall again? Turns out I have been sent the profile of 35 teachers from university X - a university that has far too many scientific departments and geeks researching topics that are so far off my scale I am in danger of sinking, hook, line and sinker.

I translate and then I read and think 'saaaaaa, ya not so bad a translator sure ya not'. but then I wake up and think holy shit, what will happen when people who actually research quantum chemistry read my blurb? Perhaps they will have to find their own brick wall.

Anyway, enough about that. I'll continue on obviously. A big fat crab with my name on it is waiting in Hokkaido so I am forced to wade through quantum modelling turbulant shit for the next ten days.

To top it off hub came home tonight and says (he didn't actually 'say' he more like asked/pleaded with puppy dog eyes) he will be late tomorrow night (English teaching night) and the WHOLE weekend. Excellent. I didn't put Sundays in when calculating workload for translation but still :(

Poor hub - he is so over the tax department, as am I. He has been there for 8 years. He got moved to the city office of the tax dept last April. I live in hope that he will get moved this April but 8 newbies arrived last year and he is still in 'teaching' mode. Arrrggghhhh.

Anyway, enough ranting. Hard translation, hard working hub, sleepless nights, diets thrown out the window, chips and beer ...



Midori said...

Yikes. I wanted to bash my head just reading those snippets! The joys of translation!! At least it will be worth it as you get paid for it though. My company takes the piss alot of the time and gives me mammoth translations to do that count as "normal" work. I have long come to the conclusion that as I get paid normal office manager wages, I don't get paid enough to be a translator as well!! Have started to avoid translation projects as much as possible! (Although have been thinking that I should start seeking out some freelance work)

One of my old students was transferred to the Kag city tax department and lost about 15 kgs in the first year from working too hard so I can imagine your pain with regards to your hubby.

Nay said...

WOW - there is NO way I could translate the stuff you do (even if my Japanese was better)!! If I was expected to translate something like that I think I would run for the hills and hide. You deserve a medal for even attempting it!