Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Year of the Tiger

This year is the year of the tiger. Grrrrrr. Better late than never...
I took TEN and she had her eyes closed in all of them. But oh what nice lashes, nostrils and lips she has!

And a pic of the youngest - who is now sitting in a highchair for feeds. He has red winter dry cheeks, not that you can tell that much with the flash reflecting off his cheeks and big head. That thing poking it's nose (or tail) out from the front is a platapus (? hasn't that got a 'y' in it?) from friend's mum in OZ - I think.

Not much sleep to be had last night but hub did the breakfast thing so I got to sleep till 7am. Felt almost refreshed for having three hours in a row! Ryu was alseep all that time too - obviously, as he was no doubt knackered as well. He gets more sleep than me but, just takes me fricken ages to get back to sleep after I get up.

Went to try and find some textbooks for English but the bookstore I went to was crap and ended up popping by friend's house for a pit stop with Ryu before coming back home. Did bypass the bank though and my translation cash has gone in - yay. Got out hub's cut and 10,000 yen for Granny K as remembered thinking would give her a bit of pocket money for doing extra Ryu duties those two weeks and putting up with me being (more of) a grumpy tart. She was quick in taking the envelope :)

Had a phonecall with my brother this morning - he is going to send me over some baby Farrex, which is almost a staple in what you give your baby the first year in New Zealand. Is made from rice I think and you mix it with milk or baby yoghurt or banana and milk etc. Very good me thinks and fills them up - me thinks. Fills them up enough to make them zonk for a good few hours - me hopes.

He filled me in on news at home, seeing as my new 'must cut down the international phone bill' regime has meant I haven't spoken to my mum for two weeks. This is a LONG time for me. Obviously my not ringing home hasn't prompted my mother to actually pick up the phone herself. I'm not angry - I just feel a little bit like I'm being shoved to the bottom of the pile. My other 'unbloggables' sister is getting a lot of attention - as I guess you would expect but it doesn't take long to pick up the phone and ring me, especially as she already has a fricken calling card for just that purpose.

She doesn't even read this blog because I talk about shagging and other stuff that mothers don't wont to hear about. Fair enough. The blog didn't start out like that but seeing as my mum has never really read it from the start I figured I could post about that kind of stuff.

Anyhoo, enough of feeling sorry for self for living too far away and being 'forgotton' by own family. Love them really. Bring on Skype in April.

Hub just walked in the door - opened his 'cut' envelope and said thankyou, followed in quick succession by "I thought I was getting 20%?"I said that after tax 50,000 yen was about 19% so that would have to do. Faaaaaahuuuuuck. When have I ever taken that much from his pay for no reason other than to spend on whatever I want? Which in his case is the woodcutter thing so not completely selfish at all but still. That wasn't a clause, he is allowed to use it for whatever he wants - bar of course shoving down the tops of girls twirling round poles. Fuck, if he want's to do that I'll put a pole up in the lounge and he can shove money down my top. God help the pole should I actually be able to lift my entire body off the ground but.

Anyway, I wish I could go to bed and fall straight to sleep. Sadly it will take another couple of hours to wind down. Ryu is back in the alter room from today though as we are over the cold hump and don't need the heater aircon thing on anymore. Perhaps in the alter room Grandpa can keep an eye on him and pat him back to sleep for me.

Pretty please.



Kelly said...

I think you're a pretty generous wife, giving him all that money. Not to mention Granny K!! I would probably just stuff it in my account for a rainy day...yeah I'm mean. ;)

Love the pics of the kids too :)

Gina said...

Ryu is so cute and getting so big! : )

Gaijin Wife said...

Kelly - perhaps GW can stand for Generous Wife once a year or so!! Other than tha I'm a bit stingy.