Thursday, 28 January 2010

Whats with the BGM?

Thursdays are tiring they are. Shou was up again during English tonight. Ryu woke up right towards the end so hub got him while I tried to stop flying construction vehicle cards hitting my junior high school students in the face! It was better than the last time though so hopefully, if it is going to happen every week, he settles down even more and will sit down and read or 'study'. Yeah right. He's three. One can live in hope!

After posting last night I went upstairs and started on the road to that carribean island, wet nurse, two nannies, chef and bartender. Well, got me some action at least. VERY VERY SAFE action though. Cracked me up because hub, who was asleep when I rocked up, got all school boy excited and started singing to himself. We had hub-BGM going almost the whole time. Only so many notes you can get out at certain points mind you.

This morning, when I was meant to be getting ready for English and sorting out washing and the likes, I got a phonecall from both my brother and my non un-bloggable sister (who by the way rang yesterday and we had a great talk). My little bro may be coming over in July still and 'we' may be going to the wedding in Hokkaido. I REALLY want to see him and have him come stay so we can hang out and Shou and Marina can play with 'Uncle Dam'. On the other hand I feel guilty for wanting him and encouraging him to do something that is economically unviable for him at the moment.

Oldest sister was good too. The whole family is going through some tough times at the moment and perhaps some black waters ahead in terms of the family business and roles people play in it and finances of course. To be perfectly honest I am glad I am so far away. I have a very substantial interest in the business mind you as lent it all of my savings, but I'm not in on the family dramas on a daily basis - thank god or I would have more grey hairs than the two I found this morning.


Blame those directly on Ryu and lack of sleep.

Cricky, I think I best toddle upstairs. Tiredness has taken over.


And only two more sleeps till two days of freedom plus one.


Anonymous said...

haha glad (?) to hear your caribbean island with wetnurses, nannies, chefs etc is not on the horizon in the near future!

And the BGM sounds like an excellent contraceptive for me...

Today my security verification code is "Rearfo" ... sounds appropriate eh?!

Midori said...

I know what you mean about enjoying being away from your family. I think a BIG reason for my resistance to moving to Australia is that we would be in the middle of ALL the stupid family dramas ALL the time. At least living in the UK we get the long-distance/ holiday once every couple of years version. (Which suits me far more!!)

I hope your bro manages to find a way to go to Hokkaido as that would be very cool.

Not long until you have the night of freedom (ish) I suspect both of us will be in better moods on Sunday! :-) xx

Kelly said...

Hope you get to go to hokkaido, it's a beautiful place :) Lots of yummo food too.

Oyomesan said...

and Hokkaido has MAMMOTH crab legs to you know you should be coming here just for that!