Saturday, 23 January 2010

Unkempt Kiddies

My three unkempt children...
I reckon we're still a good few years away from getting a pic with all eyes open! Daddy and Ryu... with Ryu looking like he's just stuck his fingers in a socket. And no, there is hardly any hair on either side of the mo.
And some more eyelids.. strike a pose - although not on purpose. She was trying to not let me get a toy I told her she couldn't take to kindy.
Hub spent a couple of hours this morning chopping our logs into 30cm lengths ready for the wood chopper - that I thought might arrive today seeing as only coming from Fukuoka but which fingers crossed gets here tomorrow so 'the boys' have something to keep them occupied for an hour or so!
Our inbred twat electrician turned up to fiddle with the sockets - something to do with the change over to digital TV. He was faffing on about amps and voltage and circuits and shite - while at the same time laughing about how he put his foot through the ceiling at his last job. Awesome. Glad we've got you doing the wiring in our house.
Hub and I headed out for lunch and off to the shops - which got abandoned when we decided to come back and sleep the afternoon away instead. Well, an hour of it at least. Ryu even obliged which was nice. Other than that a very boring day and nothing much to tell you about.


Melanie said...

If you put Ryu with Misora, I think there would be one head full of hair. Misora has what we call old man hair, its all around her head but barely any on top

illahee said...

oh woah, marina looks so much like you!!

Gina said...

You've got some beautiful kids there! : )

sarah said...

they are so cuuute! wow wow


hahaha the lurker comment was directed at my family... it makes me uncomfortable that theyre there all silent :p lurk away if you choose to

your blog is really interesting!