Sunday, 17 January 2010

Sunday bloody Sunday.

Ohh, 'Changeling' is just about to start on BS so need to type very very fastling.

This mornig I just about self destructed - due to combination of sleep deprivation, period bitchiness, breast feeding hormons and general it's a bloody Sunday and the kids are playing up and I have to get the house in respectable order for visit by sister and brother in law grumpy tartyness. Beware thy man, woman, child or beast that crosseth my path.

Hub and Shou went off to clean the family grave - hub with the weedeater and Shou was on grave polishing duties. I spent the one and a half hours they were away cleaning and the likes - Marina was running riot in Granny K's room and Ryu was sleeping like an angel. Got loads done and the house looked quite un-Sunday like.

The plan was to drive the hour it takes to get the Shinkenja and Kitty-chan happy-meals from McDonalds. But mummy cracked a gasket and it was called off. Why? Hub and Shou arrived home just as I was about to jump in the shower. Shou was rabbitting on about some super bloody wood cutter saw that he had seen up the road at the builder's - not the crap inbred one that built our house. No. The gaijin boob loving one who has a collection of Russian porn Dvds that he keeps trying to lend to hub. He brought round a pile one time and hub and I actually watched one. I would have been keen to try another one but hub wasn't and I wasn't too keen on sitting up late at night watching Helena getting it on with Labigdongapinsky all on my own.

I digress (you don't say). Shou was nutting out cause I wouldn't go to the store right this instant and buy him a wood cutter. Ryu started to cry and I am standing in the genkan in a towel. I ask hub if I can jump in the shower for three minutes. He says OK.

Ten minutes later I come out dressed - a feat short of a miracle as getting on my super duper slimming knee to underboob pants takes nine and a half minutes - and Ryu is STILL nutting out. I run upstairs to find him blotchy faced and teary eyed. That's it. Mummy is faaahuuucked off. No happy bloody family bloody outing. No way.

Hub retreats to the park to fly the kites with Shou and Marina. I was going to go for a drive with Ryu but find myself driving to the park and watching them. Happy families. Minus mummy and Ryu. So, we get out and wander over. I appologize for massive spazz attack. In his defense hub had been outside the whole time and when I had been standing in the genkan asking if I could have a shower I said oh shit, Ryu has woken up but didn't say can you please go get your son.

Sigh, big bloody sigh. Could they not dress themselves if we didn't put their bloody feet in the undy holes.

Brother and sister and law came over to visit the family grave. They came in for coffee (that I made too strong and no doubt they will be growing chest hairs tonight as they sleep) and a catch up. Stayed for a decent amount of time, played with the kids rah rah. Brought loads of bread with them which is always welcome in this MUST-EAT-SHITLOADS-OF-CARBS household. Was good to see them again.

They left and Shou slowly started his evening meltdown - due to no afternoon nap. Bathed and fed all the kids were asleep by seven. Shou at quarter past six! Hope this doesn't mean they will all be awake at five - but quite possible in this house when one day last week I woke up at 6:50 and everyone else was still asleep and I just about bloody died. How the fuck am I going to get the kids ready in time to get them out the door at seven thirty five. Not that I HAVE to take them to kindy that early mind you. Needless to say they were half an hour later than usual that day. Teachers must have been quite excited thinking the Aramaki twosome weren't coming!

Right, back to the movie.


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thefukases said...

What a Sunday!

soooooo empathise on the 'son has woken up' does not compute as 'so go and bloody get him, please darling' grrr...... Just think of DH as 2yo with ADD and communication gets much less stressful...

Have to say they *do* eventually grow out of tantrums. Well almost anyway. But then when Amy was nutting out in the car today and I said to K 'wow, it's been a while since we drove with a screaming kid in the back seat, hey?' she heard, understood, got monumentally more pissed off and kept it up the entire drive home so I guess while the volume decreases the stamina/ intensity increases. Hmmm, lose lose situation....