Monday, 18 January 2010

Skirts, Shirts and Cinnamon Rolls

Waiting for hub to come home. Today marks the start of yet another week where hub will be late everynight except Thursday - because I teach. Although I am thinking that he should work then too as me handling it on my own would probably be easier than having to put up with last week's ordeal again. We'll see.

The weekend has left me with the distinct feeling that hub alone for 48 hours with the three sproglets will not benefit anyone - including myself. There is of course the off chance that they would all be perfect little angels. In reality however I think a whole day looking after Ryu, followed by an evening of all three of them, followed by a night of waking up possibly three times for Ryu, followed by a day of all three of them... and not a happy daddy, three year old, two year old or baby to be seen me thinks. Work timetables for the next few months mean he can't take time off to 'recover' - something I can do if I fancy any afternoon of the week.

Therefore, contrary to many a comment suggesting I leave Ryu behind , I have made the executive decision to take the little one with me on my adventures to Fukuoka. My taking him will be less of a hassle for me than it would be a hassle for hub to have him. This does of course sound very ridiculous I know. I haven't told hub yet.

There is of course a catch.

Dearest hub - I will take Ryu with me to Fukuoka on the condition that I get a baby-free sleep till the morning night soon - February perhaps. This will happen closer to home so I can leave after the evening mayhem and return after breakfast the next day. I am thinking ahh, lets see, a certain haven for pregnant women and mothers of small children....

You get the corkscrew and glasses ready and I'll get the rest.

I think this is a good compromise. Breaks my treats away up into two. Doesn't mean I get the total girls weekend like I thought maybe I would be it means I still get the good times, wine and banter and a spot of shopping in Fukuoka - with not a solid sleep, followed a few weeks later by some more good times, wine and banter and solid sleep a lot closer to home and therefore mummy is taken out of the equation for only a short time.

I checked this plan out with the owner of the haven for pregnant women and mothers of small children today. I popped over for lunch and ended up with skirts, shirts and cinnamon rolls. Marina now has hand-me downs enough to see her through the first three years of primary school!! Not quite sure there wont be some mummy telling off round there tonight when daughter realises mum has gone through all her stuff and passed half of it on. Hope there's no tears in a few years when Marina turns up dressed in her favorite pink satin party dress!!

Before heading out today I did the cleaning and of course 20km on the bike. Luckily a friend rang and I got to chat the whole way through it which made the forty minutes go a lot faster! I don't think the weight has started to vacate the premises yet but I am feeling a lot better for it so will soldier on with this new exercise regime.

Right, was going to do an FBC order but have remembered will be visiting Coscos in a couple of weeks so will hold out till then. Am very excited about being let lose in huge foreign foods supermarket. Almost the highlight of my year. Bar of course the good times, wine and banter with the girls plus one the night before!


PS - will so probably change my mind another ten times on the taking Ryu to Fukuoka thing. Such is a hormonal woman's prerogative.

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You write so beautifully!:)