Monday, 11 January 2010


Hub rang at half ten last night to say he was home - well, back at the inn. He didn't need to ring but he was being very cute so brownie points. He also came back with gifts for the kids and choccolate puddings for me - which was in addition to the huge pack of goodies sister in law sent us today. Thank god I didn't make any new years resolutions. When I do they always tend to get thrown out the window, stomped on, run over by a bus, exterminated within about 48 hours and then they just turn into Next Year's Resolutions.

However IF I was to have perhaps made New Years Resolutions they would have probably been:
1. Lose 15 kilos
2. Get Granny K to teach me some Japanesey stuff
3. Get through the first six months of hub being busy without locking the kids under the stairs or slashing my wrists.
4. Be a better mummy
5. Be a better wifey and perhaps become refined in art of blow jobs. Sounds crass (me - who would have thought) but if I was really good at it and didn't have to faff round and it was all over in the blink of an eye cause my tongue could contort the whole way round or something then.... any tips welcome)
6. NOT get pregnant - which might go hand in hand with number 5. as the more of number 5. that gets done then the less chance there is of getting up the duff. Although knowing my luck I'll be the one person ever in history that gets pregnant through oral sex - I'm sure I thought it was possible when I was 15.
7. Study some Japanese.
8. Drink less.
9. Eat less.
10. Wear less (at night - in summer. Would love to be able to fit the little black Victoria Secret lacy number I got years ago. Think I only ever wore it once)

I guess these are more goals and not resolutions. Actually they totally are. I think number 7 is probably the least likely to get done but hey, guess a year will tell.

Anyhoo, that was a tangent. Hub got home just after lunch and stayed up with Shou while Ryu, Marina and I napped. I was out to it and we all lasted two and a half hours. Bliss. In return for not having a nap this arvo Shou was asleep by half six. He was so over knackered. Ryu went down ten minutes later and Marina I think has finally stopped whacking her plastic bottle agains the side of the bed - 8pm.

Found out today that a relative is getting marriend in July - the same day as my little brother's best friend is getting married in Hokkaido and which, presuming I get an invite, I plan on going to. As family representative Hub should be the one attending the relative's wedding. I am taking Ryu with me to Hokkaido so that only leaves Shou and Marina but Granny K refuses to look after both of them for six hours. There will need to be some serious discussion about this. I have been wanting to go to Hokkaido for the wedding since I found out - and especially as little bro might be coming. It is also a month after the end of six months of shit - and hub being home late four nights out of five - the only night he will be able to come home early will be Thursdays, when I teach. So, going to Hokkaido will kind of be like my 'gohoubi' for lasting the next six months without locking the kids under the stairs or slashing my wrists.

Need me some incentive for that little black dress too. I think my superior powers of persuasion can be used to convince hub that he doesn't need to go and can send Granny K in his place. In reality I doubt the family would even notice - in fact probably would be stoked that drink lots hub has been replaced by can't drink more than a tablespoon Granny K.

Well, hub is making noises about heading to bed already. Perhaps I can start number 5. already.

Nighty night.



Nay said...

I'm back - sorry I haven't been around lately to read about the adventures of Gaijin Wife!! Mum should now be safely back in Australia and I am back to the mundane life I call my own :P

I'm not very good at making new years resolutions either. I don't think I have ever actually stuck at them for more than a week or so. Although this years resoluation is slightly different - to have a safe and a *hopefully* painfree (well as much as you can possibly get with no drugs) labour... pity I really have no control over that at all but anyway :P LOL

I had to laugh at no 5 and then no 6 - but as I keep telling you 4 children might be nice you know :P hehe, just kidding!!

I hope you can work out someway to get to Hokkaido for the wedding - after 6 months of not having hubby around much you will definitely deserve it!

Midori said...

Love the New Years Resolutions. One of mine was to stop being so nice to people and to tell people what I think more! ;-)The other is to lose 10kgs, which will start next week as I have a couple more birthday celebrations to get out of the way first!!

No real tips about becoming better at blow jobs but in the past I have found that willing and the ability to pretend you are loving it (even if you aren't) all help the process!! :-)

I really hope you get to go to Hokkaido for the wedding. I would happily have the kids if I were nearer! (I am sure Joey and Shou would have a fabulous time and Marina and I could do girly things..)

Oyomesan said...

Come to Hokkaido for the wedding!!!!

Gaijin Wife said...

Nay - welcome back! Your life wont be mundane for much longer. No doubt about that. Pitter patter pitter patter. If you discover a drug free but painless childbirth then I do believe you will need to share it with the world and make billions :)

Midori - I agree that usually just my willingness to do it is enough. I don't think I will ever be enthusiastic about it but then if I knew I was good maybe I would. Hmmm. I ask hub to tell me whats good and he is just so excited to be getting he says 'anything'.

Oyomesan - working on Hokkaido. Fingers and all bits crossed.

Anonymous said...

re: #5