Friday, 15 January 2010

Nearly Gutted

Just had fifteen heart palpertations and the need to drink three cups of strong coffee and perhaps hit the vodka. OK, so not quite that bad but shit for a minute there I thought I had lost 1700 photos off the digital camera. I would say over half are saved on the computer but still, a good few hundred from the last month or so would have been lost - and that would have included of course the three actual photos worth keeping. I'm a bit crap at taking photos so tend to have to take ten photos for every one that I end up wanting to keep.

Anyhoo, technologically savy woman that I am, I realise after five minutes of fiddling with the bastard that the memory card wasn't in properly.

The photo I wanted to post was of course the snowman...
Obviously not going to be called up to take part in the Sapporo ice festival but hey, I had fun rolling it round the garden. Has very attractive forehead moulded to his hat but had to get crafty to keep the bucket on. The kids were highly excitied - as were my Wednesday arvo and Thursday arvo English students. It was starting to look decidedly worse for wears last night so after kindy I let Shou and Marina decapitate it. Very barbaric but if a bit of snow can keep them entertained for the whole time I'm getting dinner ready then so be it I say.

Yesterday morning was a lot scarier to drive to kindy and hub, who left earlier than usual anyway, was late to work - as I imagine half his office were. Since yesterday afternoon I have been hearing loud dumps of snow fall off the roof. Gave me a fricken heart attack in the middle of the night and first thing this morning, until I figured out what it was - and could rest easy that we weren't getting burgled by a crap burgler who had fallen off the roof.

Last night was a bit of a write-off. I could see the way it was going to unwind and I tried to avoid it but hub wasn't with the program. Marina was fine and Shou and Ryu would have been but Shou didn't start the bed process soon enough and got up. Two seconds later Ryu, who doesn't sleep too well in our bed anymore, woke up too. Hub dealt with Ryu and left Shou to run around while I was teaching my Junior High School kids. They didn't mind too much and to be honest they heard a lot more English that usual. We still managed to get through almost everything but is hard with a three year old on your lap.

Hub was stressed after looking after a grizzly Ryu for forty minutes but within five minutes of English finishing I had put Ryu back to bed and was up getting Shou to sleep. I was so close to saying to hub that I would take Ryu to Fukuoka with me as obviously it was going to be more of a mission for him than I thought but I didn't. Figure I have two more weeks before I need to decide that. Also, Thursday's aren't normal days so a Saturday night should be OK. Surely.

On the Ryu front, Granny K has been the 'booby police' lately. I mentioned randomly that I might stop breast feeding soon and she has been on my case ever since. She couldn't/didn't breastfeed for long and thinks that is the reason why her daughter died at seven months. She has 'requested' I keep breastfeeding at least until Spring, which I will do to keep the peace. Going to cut the nights out though and go to the bottle. I get lazy and whip out some boob but I need some more beauty sleep or the authorities in Fukuoka will send me straight back to my piece of inaka.

Speaking of beauty. Remember the Bare Minerals stuff I ordered a while back - and a second pack came and I had to pay for it because I didn't read the small print - well, does anybody want it? The only bit I really use is the concelor so I will take that out but if anybody wants the new foundation and blush/face powder and free pouch thing then it is yours. It will just get old sitting in the cupboard so it is free to a good home. It is 'light'. I have olive skin and it is a fine color on me. It would look a bit too tanned on someone very white.

Right, best head off to go buy these damn chicken nuggets. Hub is home late tonight so I asked Shou what he wanted as a special Friday night dinner - he wants nuggets. Can't get them in Kunimi so me and Ryu are going to go for a wee drive. Chicken nuggets, rice, misoshiru (with shitake mushrooms), some takuwan (pickled raddish) and some fruitesalad and cream. That is tonight's menu - oh, and some chikuwan if I can decide what to do with it. Fried with soya sauce would be fine am sure. Is funny the different things kids like at different stages.

After our shopping outing I will come back, finish the house stuff and then cycle some flummy off. It arrived on Wednesday just before class. I set it up yesterday and had bastard and all other obscenities difficulty putting on the peddles but finally sorted it and went for my first cycle to the new me. 280 calories, 21 minutes and 10km. I am thinking 10km and 20km on alternate days with nothing on Sundays and perhaps Saturdays.

Lets see how long this lasts aye.


PS - sending bare minerals stuff within Japan only. Thanks.


Nooh said...

GW, I'd be interested in the Bare Minerals stuff. I have wanted to get some since I first saw it on tellie. It would be great to try it out first before forking out the money for it. Why dont you use it? Didnt you like it?

Gaijin Wife said...

Nooh - It's yours. I have the first set and the second set came straight away and contains exactly the same stuff. My exciting lifestyle doesn't call for makeup every day and at my current rate of putting the stuff on I won't be opening the second set until about my 40th birthday. Would much rather send it to you so you can try it out before you buy the whole set.

Kelly said...

Damn you Nooh!!

Oh well...the early bird and all that. Lol :)

Takuwan!!!!!! I haven't had that for years...can't find it here anymore. I LOVE that stuff. Damn it.

Snowman is cute :)

umebossy said...

Love the snowman! I am a bit jealous of people with snow seeing as we haven't had any in Tokyo yet. I am obviously having incredibly selective memory here as there were definitely winter days in Toyama when after digging my car out for half an our before I could go anywhere I would curse the day that I ever set foot in Japan ;) Hope the driving conditions don't get any worse for you though!

Brenda said...

We actually lost a whole camera a few months ago with about that many photos on the data card. Luckily I had downloaded all of the photos but the last 100 or so a few days earlier, but we were still gutted at losing those last photos, not to mention the camera.

Great job on the snowman! What are his face bits made out of?

Gaijin Wife said...

Brenda - his eyes are flowers, nose a carrot of course and his mouth are some berry things I pulled off a tree in the garden!! Was a bit of a mission, next time I think I'll just get a can of spraypaint!

thefukases said...

LOVE Shou giving you the finger- had you just said he was going inside after the photo was taken?

chikuwa around here is usually stirfried in sesame oil with konnyaku then caramelised in soy sauce (the recipe said sugar too but I don't add that) and topped with shichimi for we adults. It's so good you forget you're eating processed fish paste and devil's tongue root jelly!

anchan said...

It's sad that Granny K seems to be blaming herself for her baby's death, even after all these years... presumably no-one told her otherwise. Wow, I'm actually feeling rather sorry for her!

Gaijin Wife said...

Fukases - Shou doing finger not through choice but cause thinks self is doing peace sign. I have two children who are peace-sign challenged. Nevermind but, makes for more interestings photos.

anchan - it is sad, so sad. Her daughter was the same age as Ryu is now and died of bronchiolitis (??) but Granny K thinks if she had been breastfed she wouldn't have caught the cold in the first place. Hence the insistance that seeing as my boobeth overflowith with milk that I should breastfeed for longer. A layer of my 'Granny K battle' skin shed after hearing about her daughter. Despite being my live in mother in law who fucks me off something chronic sometimes she is a mother and was a mother of small children once too - gasp, just like me. This year is the 50th anniversary of her daughters passing :( The last time it gets officially 'recognized' with a 'houji' (ceremony).