Saturday, 2 January 2010

Mummy Meltdown

We had plans to go and play at Jo's this morning - really it was so Shou could get re-aquainted with their Thomas the tank engine railroad, Marina with the hula hoop and mummy with a cup of coffee and a gass with Jo. Oh, and Ryu getting re-aquainted with not sure - a zabuton, perhaps the fluffy rug, a pair of nine year old arms? Hub had been given the all go to go get re-aquainted with some silver balls. This was going to be in return for me getting three hours to myself tomorrow - well, three hours with Ryu.

We were going to be leaving after nine and I had planned to make a bacon and egg pie to take with us. I had it all ready and decided to put the pastry in the oven for ten minutes before I filled it. I don't know why I decide to do this but as soon as I have I fuckin well hit my head on the kitchen wall. The pastry shrinks and goes all bloody gooey. Ended up in bin and mummy starts to get a bit (just a bit) shitty.

The kids have of course been in and out of the cot. I should have gotten them a bloody cot for christmas. I am sick of being laughed at by a 2 and 3 year old when I tell them off and then five seconds later high jumping back into the cot. I lost it. They both get a smack on the hand and the blankets from the cot went a flying and I folded the cot down - with a lot of thumping and stomping.

I had threatened them with ringing Jo and saying we wouldn't be coming. I have never really pulled through on this kind of thing before - mainly because my want/need to go outweighs whatever it is they are being naughty about. Not today though. Enough is enough. I did ring Jo - which of course put me in an even worse mood because I had really wanted to go. Shou lost it and was in tears for half an hour - appologising over and over again to me, Ryu, daddy, the postman, anyone that would listen and saying 'mama daisuki' and how Thomas was waiting for him rah rah.

So, the lesson was learnt - for the morning at least. Hub ended up taking them both to the park for a couple of hours and I got to straighten up the house, which as boring as it may sound actually improved my mood. Ryu got two back to back baby einstein DVDs which he was quite jovial about as first time in six days. I got lots of washing done and turned half the bacon and egg pie mix into pielets - miny pies ?? with the small bit of pastry I had left. Then had nice cup of coffee in peaceful house and thought about ringing mum for a new years catch up - but that goes against my new years resolution of cracking down on my international phone bill so I texted her with 'ring me?' instead.

I texted yesterday with Happy New Year and got a 'And Likewise xxx' text back. Felt a bit rejected that I got no reply at all today though. Not going to give in though. The money I spent on phone bills last year was probably enough to put one child through university for four years. Going cold turkey will be hard though so will try and limit calls to one a week. Bring on broad band. Can't wait. Our TV went cable today and the internet is hapening in April.

After lunch everyone napped, minus me, for two whole glorious, fabulous, luxurious hours. I watched the new years university relay - some reason I get great enjoyment out of watching other people exercise. They also play the human dramas with it so I feel like am personally connected to each and every runner. I just know I will shed a tear at the end tomorrow - goes for two days.

We went to the big Shrine in USA this afternoon - the one where both Shou and Marina went for their blessing. Didn't get round to it with Ryu so we had to take him today. Knew there would be heaps of people (as in thousands) and it is a long walkway of un-pushable pushchair gravel followed by a huge lot of non-toddler friendly stairs. We therefore had to only take one toddler. Granny K doesn't do the Shou thing anymore so we had to abandon Marina and it was just me and my boys.

Shou was THE ONLY small child (or any child for that matter) behaving like you would expect a small child to - as in trying to pray and run round like an airplane at the same time. Not very effective and am wondering if the gods (dirty deities?) will even aknolwedge our efforts.

The noticeble good/placid behaviour by all the other children has made me think that either sechiryori (new years special dishes) is infact made laced with sedatives or that the takoyaki stands all lined up at the entrance to the shrine roll the octopus in horse tranquilizer mix first. Knew I should have fed the kids more of Granny K's sechiryori.

Anyhoo, the kids are all in bed and hub is ironing his shirts for the week. I have rung Jo and the plan is to try for the same tomorrow morning. Of course it will mean I don't get my 'me time' in return as is last day of holiday but nevermind. Still nicer than being at home and the kids are always more manageable at other people's houses - and Jo doesn't have a cot which will mean some peace and quiet at least.

Hub is back at work on Monday - straight into a New Year's drinking thing with the office followed next weekend by all day wannabe fireman practice on Saturday (they practice squirting colored water in a straight line) and off for the real thing on Sunday and a night out drinking in Beppu that night. Awesome.

Best be off.



Orchid64 said...

I know you said you don't have Skype, but you can download it for free and then buy Skype credit to make calls directly to any telephone in the world. The rates are something like 3 or 4 yen a minute (depends on the country you're calling).

My husband and I use this to call businesses in the U.S. when we need to talk. We just bought 1500 yen of credit on their "pay as you go" deal and you dial up a phone number on a keypad on your computer and talk through your computer headset just as if it were a phone receiver. The people on the other end don't even know the difference between these Skype calls and a real phone call.

Perhaps this would be worthwhile for you once you get a better connection.

Brenda said...

Here's hoping you make it to Jo's tomorrow! I really hope the kiddies have learned their lesson about the cot. I'm not sure what we are thinking trying to increase our brood when the one we have now is already too much to handle, but you definitely give me a good look at the fun that lies ahead.

Loved your decade at a glance! Definitely enjoying reading these!