Saturday, 16 January 2010

Just Googeous Darling

Am watching one of those programs with great/sad/unbelievable takes from around the world. Some of them are just a plea for complete baka-ness (idiots) but others are so funny or just that, 'unbareeeeebaburu'.

Today, after meeting hub for lunch (who was at work all day), Ryu and I went to the supermarket and amongst out shop was this...
It was half price ice-cream day and this just stood out for some reason. I didn't even notice the name when I brought it, but for those of you who think you might like some coffee flavored almond crunch chocolate goodness then I definitely recommend this. It is just gooooooooogeous darling.

I have been doing the cycle - 10km the first day, 20km yesterday and 10km today. I don't know if it's working yet. Early days. But I definately feel a lot better for the exercise. It was also good to re-discover yesterday that I can do 45 minutes of solid cardio exercise. I figure I just stick to it and surely it's got to shave something off those thunder thighs cause christ god lord and fuck me sideways they were sore as after yesterdays efforts. Not so bad today but.

Granny K informed me today that policeman brother in law is coming over tomorrow - to pray at the family grave for the 19th (I thought was 20th) year anniversary of their father's death. 19 (or 20 for that matter) isn't an 'important' year in the scheme of houjis (anniversary ceremonies). However this year is also the 33rd (not quite sure on this) of hub's grandmothers death and 50th of his sister's death and both of these numbers are important so come April there will be an anniversary ceremony - a joint one I think. 50 years is the last time you hold an official ceremony. I'm not sure how Granny K will be. When we were talking about it the other day we were both a bit teary eyed. Her daughter was the same age as Ryu is now when she died. I guess I just do what ever it is I am expected to do - minus of course the putting up with ten old men smoking in the house. I don't care if it's a houji I'm not putting my foot up about that. Presuming of course you can put your 'foot up' at all.

So, I cleaned the alter room before - vacuumed and dusted. Brother in law will be doing the prayer thing there and the family grave. Hub and Shou are going to clean it in the morning. Cut the grass and wipe down the gravestones. I'm not sure if sister in law is coming too - I would imagine so. I don't feel like the house needs to be in complete order but would be nice to have some clean cups on the table and some coffee in the pot.

Booked the hotel for girls night out in fukuoka. Has nice onesen and double beds in each single room - so yay. I will be able to have a bath and just worry about getting self clean, and sleep starfished in a big bed without having to worry about pushing hub off or getting up in the night - presuming of course Ryu isn't with me. I had an 'I can't leave my baby' moment this afternoon. Bit my tongue though and hub still thinks he has all three of them for 48 hours.

What to do, what to do. Some moments I think taking him would be fine, but then I think about wanting to soak in an onsen or go to an izakeya for dinner and I think so not compatible with baby in toe. Went out in Beppu when European Stylist was here but Ryu was only a few months old then and hardly as demanding as he is now. I think, in my heart of hearts, he would be OK but what if he packs a spaz and my one night for ever is spent rocking him either in a packed izakeya or in my room while the girls are out. Tis silly really. Am going with four other mothers. If you're going to go out with anybody with a baby is best group of companions really. But still.

Arrhhhh, what to do, what to do.

leave him. You know you can do it. Leave him with his daddy and his granny. It won't kill him. They will be fine. Tired and maybe stressed but fine.

I know this.

What is this damn mother instinct to protect our young. Hub is a very good daddy and Granny K is getting a lot of it right now so what am I worried about?

Perhaps I would have been better back in the cave man days when there were now choices. Stay in the cave, feed the young and protect while the men were out spearing buffelo or whatever. God knows the extra padding I have now wouldn't have been questioned back then. I imagine the skinny chicks got looked over when the men were picking their mates. Built for comfort not for speed my love.

Happy Saturday night to you all.



Anonymous said...

I felt the same with Alex and just going to work and leaving her, but I suppose in the end they are too young at that stage to remember that occasion the way you would.
Considering your outings are few and far between, I would say go for it.
Hope you have a great time!

umebossy said...

hehe I bought that gooooooooogeous stuff a while back just because of the name. Didn't notice that it was coffee flavoured until the first mouthful when I got a bit of a shock. Not usually a fan but I was able to overcome my aversion to it somehow... somehow.

I was watching something the other day and they said that in a hunter-gatherer society the wimmen folk provided more food than the men did, presumably because the blokes would be out trying to poke big fast things with pointy sticks with limited success whereas the ladies were doing the sensible thing and picking the more abundant stuff. Figures!

Gaijin Wife said...

Useless bastards the lot of them. Men. But they sure do make life interesting.

Anonymous said...

Sorry bit of a lurker here but...

I say leave the kiddo with the Granny and Daddy. Let them see what you do!

Go and have a lovely semi-drunken weekend of freedom, and waste your valuable sleeping time alone by going out drinking ALL night and having a hangover the next day!

They will all be fine, but all the more grateful for your presence when you return!!

I hope you have a great time!

Kelly said...

Good luck with the exercise. I've been getting in a good solid 30 minutes on the in-house gym equipment so I'm hoping to be mrs slim this year (haha). Just have to keep the motivation up which is the hard part!!

That icecream looks good...thank god I can't get it over here or there goes my diet. :)

illahee said...

well, if you do bring him, you'll have at least one set of willing arms. (although, one never knows when he will want mommy only, right?) i'm sure he'll be fine at home while you're out having a refreshing time with us in fukuoka!!

tj-injapan said...

You deserve a break - if Granny and daddy are willing, I say leave Ryu home for a night! Btw, when exactly are you going to hit the lights fantastic in Fukuoka?

Nay said...

Congratulations on your biking efforts!! I think I might have to invest in one of those - it would be such much nicer than going outside in the COLD every single day (twice in fact) to walk Milo...

I agree with everyone else - leave Ryu with daddy!! I'm sure he will be fine. But then again, if you are going to spend the night worrying about him, maybe it would be safer to bring him? Hrm... decisions decisions!! But still - it's a great chance to have some 'me' time alone without any of the kidlets... I would go for it!

Violet said...

For godssakes go without the baby! Who knows when such an opportunity will come around next. It will be good for hub to have a go in your shoes for a day or two.

Lulu said...

Firstly loved the snowman picture in the post below- just didn`t read it in time to comment before you blogged again.

I say leave Ryu with daddy & Granny K! I am sure they will be fine and it will show them what hard work looking after three kids is- enjoy your break.

I think I was watching the same tv program as you last night- was there a segment about AUstralian idol? And when a guy was walking along and fell through a whole in a bridge onto the road and almost got hit by a bus? If so, then yes I was watching it also!!!

How did granny K`s daughter die? How tragic. Would be so hard to lose a child.

Gaijin Wife said...

Lulu - was same program. Poor guy singing John Lenon on Australian Idol. He was just so terrible.

Granny K's daughter died of bronchitis from what I can gather - hence why she suggests I take Ryu to the doctors for just looking like he might cough.

Gaijin Wife said...

I know I know, I need to just leave the baby, princess and devil spawn child with their daddy and granny and vacate the premisis for 48 hours. I will try my best.

TJK - last saturday in Jan. Want me to check if there's still room at the inn???

tj-injapan said...

last weekend in Jan, hey ;) kinda considering it - jal mileage to use and all.......

sorry missed your call - was on train and phone was on silent mode, had big day out, didn't even check my phone til just now (I know, I know, what's the point of having it....)

Gina said...

The icecream looks yum. And congrats on the exercise, well done.

I say if they're willing leave Ryu if you can. You deserve a break. But then like others have said, if you're worried take him. : )

Ruth said...

I'm a bit late commenting here, sorry! I think you should leave Ryu too. You must not have had any real time to yourself in nearly 3 years?? You totally deserve it. Go out on the razz, get locked on chu-hai and then sleep it off for a few hours the next day. Just like old times ;)