Friday, 8 January 2010


Just waiting for Ryu to wake up so we can drive over to hub's work to give him his wallet - twat. Oh well, is a nice day so the drive will be good. Days when I get out of the house are considerably better than days when I stay in and watch back to back episodes of 'Packed to the Rafters' - an Australian drama my friend lent me. Have watched whole first series. Is very good. Not as crude and laugh out loud funny as Outrageous Fortune but still a good and addictive watch. There are quite a few similarities - as you would expect with one being from New Zealand and the other Australia.

I had all good intentions about posting on Tuesday night but hub was being a dickhead. I thought would stay on the international relations meeting roll and invited (I would say lured because it sounds better but honestly 'can I come in too?' when hub was having a bath and his 'oooh, OK' is hardly 'luring') self into bath for a water meeting. Somehow though we got talking about work and I said it would make so much more sense for the city to privately employ me instead of one of the JETS - as in just not get a new one when one of them ends their contract.

Hub was very non-encouraging about the whole thing which put me in a right shit and got all upset that he doesn't think I could do it - which is completely not what he said but it was late, and I was naked and wet and vulnurable and all sorts of girly shit so hey, I looked a little too far between the lines. Needless to say the meeting got cancelled. I think hub was hoping it was maybe just postponed until we got upstairs but such is the way women don't just switch into shag mode the whole thing was cancelled indefinately.

On Wednesday I had to take Shou and Marina for their second oinky flu jab. Shou packed a slight sad and I thought I would just leave him in the car if it came down to it - as can't really force him to do it. Would rather he pack a tanty in the car and not get the jab. Managed to use superb mothering skills to bribe himwith chocolate and shinkenja cards though and in we went. Had Granny K with me to keep eye on baby and other child as other one was getting jab.

After he had decided he was doing it Shou just wanted to get it over with so he could get the goods. When we got in he said hello to the doctor and then 'hayaku shit yo' (hurry up and do it). The doctor said what, and Shou replied 'ittai no o hayaku shite yo ' (hurry up and do the sore thing - in angry voice). Was quite funny and he was so brave. Had a wee cry but was trying so hard to suck it up that my heart swelled with pride.

Marina completely nutted out but was fine twenty seconds latter when she had an anpanman chocolate shoved in her mouth to keep her quiet. Whole expedition went very well considering and that is us all jabbed until next year. Within two months this family has had a total of 12 jabs - four each for Marina and Shou, one each for us big people and one for Ryu - although that was a scheduled vaccination and not a flu shot.

Afternoon English class got cancelled yesterday as school didn't start back until today and half the girls were off ice-skating. They didn't get to do their Christmas party so that is next week's lesson. Had the evening class though.

Not sure if I updated about the new English job I had almost said yes to - meet the man for coffee rah rah. Basically said yes to Friday's teaching and from April Wednesday too. Anyhoo, looked into actual location of kindys and they are ages away and didn't get any affirmative about travel money, and also had niggling bloody niggle that was bad idea going to work for man who from very good friend got warned agaist working for. So, I emailed him and said sorry for pissing him around but had talked to husband and he said .... etc. Got an email back saying he totally understands my position so I don't feel like a complete bitch - Of course it means I need to find other means to pay off my horrific phone bills the last couple of months and if I could fit into my low cut and sexy tops and if Kunimi had a corner that wasn't on the main road then perhaps ...

In baby news - no, not new baby news. Ryu turned 7 months yesterday. He has a few more tricks up his sleeve like...

Being able to name all the different kinds of fire engines in Shou's millionth emergency vehichle book - that he got after his jab, with his own money though so I couldn't really tell him what book to buy. He got one for Marina too which I am sure she was thrilled about as is of elephants and what shape their poo and other animals at the zoo are. He used his book voucher he won for outstanding anpanman coloring innage a month or two back. Ryu can also now...
bow - like any good Japanese baby should be able to at 7 months. Of course if he bows too low he will smack his head on pink plastic toy with dancing rabbits and elephants.

He was in shite mood the other day which I think has something to do with all the spots on his tummy - and today his head. I'm pretty much 100 percent sure it isn't the measles and think probably 'toppatsusei' or whatever they call it. He was in a chipper mood yesterday though and today is OK - still has his appetite though so think will just keep an eye on him and take him to the doctors if it gets any worse. Not keen on going to the doctors when the oinky flu is doing the rounds - especially now as he is old enough to get things.

Had a horrendous night of sleep last night but fortunately hub got up at half five with all three kids and I stayed under the duvet pretending I didn't need to get up and try and help feed and change three crying, tanty screaming kids while it was still dark outside. Arggghhhh, I can't wait till these years are over - afterwhich I am sure I will rave on about how fast time flies and weren't they so cute and lovely.

But for the moment I just need to get through this time without becoming a single mum or an alcoholic. I think I can, I think I can. Hub has to put up with a lot - but then so do I. Like a three day weekend this weekend with hub away every day at wannabe fireman's brigade stuff, including a piss up in the city on Sunday night. I need to clean out the family wagon today as he will be taking that and I don't think his mates can fit into the car seats. Plural. All three of them. God, if you'd told me (warned me) four years ago that I would be needing three car seats at the one time I would have laughed. Perhaps. Or cried.

Well, better do something domestic like hanging out the washing. Ryu should be up soon and then I'll let my hair out, wind down the window and drink four diet cokes a row while belting out some 'summer of 69', or perhaps some Van, or something equally as old - as we drive over to drop hub's wallet off.



Nooh said...

Happy New Year, GW! That is too cute how Shou told the doctor to hurry up and get it over with! What a brave little man!!! I havent even met him and my heart was swelling with pride! :) Too cute for words!

Kelly said...

I LOVE packed to the rafters...but I missed a couple of episodes halfway through the year and lost the plot, so I'm thinking of renting the dvd's and staring again. There was a big hoo-haa on tv here about the sex scenes and lesbian scenes in the show at one time.. and that just made it more popular.

Ryu is getting so big now! :)

Sara said...

Wow!! Look at that impressive bowing!!! Sakura can sit for about 3 seconds before toppling over like a bowling pin. Its pretty funny!

Congrats on all your jabs! Ryohei doesn't want us to get them because he thinks they will render us sterile...


Big poo to hubs about not encouraging you on the work thing. I would def. look into doing some CIR work locally if you could... even only a couple days a week instead of them having to pay for the full time CIR.

We had a Chinese lady who came in 3 days a week and the city hall in Kobe who lived locally. Seemed like a pretty nice gig... but then again CIR is like a cake walk isn't it! Thats why I'm so interested in the private CIR job I found in Tokyo!

Good luck!!! Enjoy a glass of wine its Friday!!!

Bryn said...

Well, Gabi will be 16 in a few months (holy crap! I can't believe I'm old enough to have a kid who'll be old enough to drive legally) anyway, I guess I'm still pretty traumatized by my kids' younger years, because this still feels like the longest 16 years of my life, def. no flying time here! I still can't wait for them all to be grown and gone! LOL

Woo hoo, graphic sex scenes and lesbian love-ins? I'm sooooo checking out Packed to the Rafters!! Have you ever seen/heard of "Big Love"? I think it's in Season 3 in the U.S., I just started watching Season 2, great show!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how big Ryu is getting. It seems like I was only there a few weeks ago and he was just learning how to smile!

Ruth said...

Sorry that anonymous was me! Forgot to type my name in, oops. Just in case you think the Aramakis have gained a stalker!