Friday, 29 January 2010

How purple does a pair of shoes need to be?

Have just hung out the load of washing I would usually keep until the morning. There is a big load of wood on the deck and even the dishes have been dried and put away - all in an attempt to minimise the damage of not being here for two days. I imagine the house will still be a right-off on my return on Sunday but what can you do?

Hub is out at ANOTHER union thing. Tonight's one just happens to be at the local Karaoke box so me thinks that after hub does his aisatsu (greeting/speech/waffle thing) they will all be asking for beers and fried octopus and brushing off the microphones.

Shou and Marina were very cute this morning - not that you can tell from the pic but. They were playing 'mummy's work'. Shou lined all the flashcards up on the table and would call one out - and Marina had to find it. He only packed a wee spazz when she didn't know 'hot air balloon ' - that he said in English. Fair play though, she got the rest.

Another cute English moment on the way to kindy when Shou broke out into song "all about a Saturday night". Took me a second to figure out but was from me singing "splish splash I was taking a bath all about a Saturday night, rub dub dub I was..." I have no idea if those are the correct words or not but god the boy has an ear for songs. He has heard that song a lot though - bath time favorite.

Went on wee excursion this morning to buy stuff for the weekend - for me and supplies, like eel, that hub said he needed. Dropped a dvd off, filled the car up with petrol and then just about got assaulted by an army of vestlings at the supermarket - not me of course. Ryu. Who was putting on his hundred watt smile. Even the fish man stopped deboning something or rather fishy to come out and squeeze those oh so squeezable cheeks.

Also had big talk to mum this morning -which means after all my bitching and moaning that my family don't love me I have infact spoken to all of them within the course of three days. Means I'm definately up with the play. We also managed to spend the whole conversation without talking about little bro and his perhaps impending visit to our (Japan's) fair shores. I am pro visit and she is against and any talk on the matter just would have ended in an argument.

Oh, and....

Shoes I orded from Nissen last week finally arrived - I was starting to think they wouldn't arrive by tomorrow and I would have to wear my falling to bits 1500 yen ones I wear EVERY day. Ordered these and a silver pair - leading me to believe I may have been infact stoned or wasted - unbeknownith to me. How purple can you possibly make a pair of shoes people? I'm sure the pic on the internet didn't look quite this luminous. The other pair is silver pair of space pumps with a 7cm wedge heel. Very comfy despite being 'pumps' - hate that word. Makes me feel fifty.

Anyhoo, one more sleep till Fukuoka. Which means no blog - unless I phone blog which is possible but huge pain in ass. That said I have recollection of phone blogging quite a lot in labor and when in hospital with Ryu.

X files movie has just started. Off to watch me some Scodey and Mouldy.


And remember Illahee, Kuri & Ping, Yokomatsu family blog and Jo in Japan are the ladies joining me so their blogs may not be happening the next few days either!! And I know I should link to their blogs there but if you could feel my technological pain you would understand :)


selena said...

Unless you call them fuck-me pumps. I think that might take the edge off.

Ruth said...

I love the purple shoes!! They're gorgeous. You'll have to put up a pair of the silver "space" pumps. I'm intrigued to see what they look like too ;)

tj-injapan said...

love the shoes - will be just right for a weekend away in Fukuoka. have a great time!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

great shoes!! Hoping you have a fabulous time this weekend! Can`t wait to hear the war stories :)

Kelly said...

I love your shoes!! You have nice legs too from what I can see :)

Have fun, can't wait to hear all about it when you return. :)

Corrina said...

Love those shoes! (..opening a new window for Nissen..)
Have a great time in Fukuoka! :)

Lulu said...

Think the shoes are great!!! I have purple flats, purple sandles and purple boots- you can never have too many purple shoes! Although none of mine are quite THAT purple.

Hope you are having loads and loads of fun with the girls right now!

Oh and think the kids english moments are cute- and tell Marina that hot air balloon is a hard one and that she shouldn`t feel bad.