Sunday, 10 January 2010

home alone

Granny K pissed me off this morning and I was worried that it was a bad omen for the start of my two days with hub away.

Hub got up with the kids at half five and let me sleep for another hour - a. because I hadn't had much sleep the night before and b. cause he knew he was skiving off for a night out and better to be nice to the wife who has to stay home and keep house with three small children.

When I came down the stairs just before seven Shou and Granny K were just heading out the front door so she can go and fill up her kerosene tank for her heater. Not really what I would call an activity fit for a three year old. I loudly appealed from the deck for Shou to stand well back as if he even got near the stuff he would self destruct - not to mention what would happen when I got my hands on Granny K.

When I went in to clean their teeth I found them both with medicinal cough lollies in their mouths - and Shou trying to take Marina's out of her mouth because he wanted two. Marina did a fine job of running away but unfortunately ruin the good times and rain on my parade mummy took the lolly out of her mouth anyway. Granny K came in to ask why Marina was nutting out and I said my piece and that was it.

I didn't condemn the women to darker places like I once would have. I was actually very well restrained - such has the three years between the birth of Shou and now made me.

Hub was out the door for his firemen's thing at half seven and we all mucked about destroying the house until half nine when Shou and I and Ryu piled into the car to go watch hub and the other two hundred wannabe firemen and twenty noddy fire trucks.

It was at a sports ground about twenty minutes away. There were loads of concrete grandstand type seating/steps. Too big to let a three year old go wild running up and down them without wondering when he would face plant it. Said three year old kept running off though and as Ryu was being a hold-on-to-me-or-die baby I had to run after Shou with Ryu on my hip. In front of 200 wannabe firemen. There were other kids running round watching their dads but none as little as Shou.

Three bits of cheese, two crackers and a piece of gum (shoot me) later and I had called it quits. We left and took the car through the car wash and went to the loo - quite an adventure really - and got back in time to see the firemen do the "we know how to use a hose" display. In the scheme of things though I would classify it as a successful outing!

Shou watching - the one brief moment he actually stayed still. He has his big red winter jacket on with (what he calls) his fireman's belt - which is actually off the anpanman swing and slide set in the garden but what he doesn't know...
I strained trying to look for hub but realised later that he was actually in one of the noddy trucks!

Got home and Marina and Ryu went down for a nap for oh, about 45 minutes - which was when the prayer goers from next door did the bang the fuckin gong thing for ten minutes. See ya later naptime. Hub came home very briefly to change and get his shit ready, during which time I asked him why he had to leave at half one when Beppu was only 90 minutes away. He said but it was three hours away - guilty look. I enquire as to actual location of night's festivites. Kumamoto. He found out three days ago. I didn't get angry - I mean don't really care. The location isn't as relevant as fact that he lied. For no reason other than he though I would get shitty. I had already said was OK that he go for Sunday and half of Monday so if it means he is back by lunch time tomorrow than don't really care. They are 'supposedly' leaving Kumamoto at 9am tomorrow morning. Poor hub who has to do all the driving. He reckons they'll all be in bed by midnight.

Tis like me saying I doubt I'll do any shopping in Fukuoka.

Whadda ya reckon.

So, only half the day tomorrow to get through and then I have hub taking the kids out after their nap - Shou and Marina anyway. Speaking of the two of them...

It is really hard to get a pic of Marina looking at the camera - if she is facing in the right direction then she blinks at the ten million flashes that go off and always has her eyes shut in the pic. Otherwise she is concentrating on getting the peace sign just right or running up to take a look at the camera before the thing has even ahd the chance to process - such is the crap camera that I own.

And lastly, another useage for bum wipes...

No, and not just doing that so could post cute baby pic.

But my god, could the boy be any cuter!

Shite - prayer goers party has just broken up and can hear a few pissed vestlings speaking VERY LOUDLY as they make their way to their cars - cue one of the kids waking up. Wonder if Granny K will come in - she is funny after a teaspoon of sake.

Right, time for some tv watching and then starfishing the double bed.


PS - nobody got handcuffed to anything lastnight. Humph.

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Kelly said...

Cute photo's. :) Ryu especially looks like he could do a Bond's commercial or something.