Sunday, 3 January 2010

"Holiday" (year right) Over

Shou and Marina are back to kindy tomorrow. Praise the bloody lord. They need it, I need it, Ryu needs it, we all just need the normality of a kindy day. Ryu will get his usual naps - although he has been OK sleeping upstairs in Shou's room during the day. Tis nice and dark and the quietest room in the house. Not much will stop the shrieking of those two though. Oh the laughter and shrieks of joy at jumping in and out of Ryu's cot (which is downstairs) and being told off - fun and games. Not. So over it.

We actually made it out the door to Jo's this morning. The kids were good in the car and pretty good at Jo's and superb on the way home. Shou did try to leave with a toy car in his pocket - the little thief. He got his full of Thomas the tank engine railroad and I have a feeling Jo had a talk to her kids about playing with them cause they were really good when must be hard for a seven and nine year old to play with a two and three year old. Ten points though. THANK YOU.

I got a couple of lovely coffees, some cream buns and loads of chat with Jo. Got home just as hub was pulling in from his outing to silver ball heaven - winning a total of 300 yen. Wahoooo. As in, he didn't lose anything which I guess is OK. He made 300 yen on being entertained by mind-numbing silver balls for two and a half hours.

He took the sproglets to the park for a couple of hours this afternoon. It's funny. When I leave him at home with time on his hands I come back and find the house exactly as it was when I left. If HE leaves and I have time I run excitedly to the vacuume cleaner or the bench cleaner. How very bloody sad. He helps out when we are both at home but I think he does it only because he knows I will have a go at him if he doesn't. When I'm not there it doesn't even occur to him. Such is the wiring of us and them.

I was close to melting down this evening but then Shou ate all his dinner on his own and Marina ate all of hers (not completely on her own) and then they both got into the bath and left me in peace (Ryu was asleep) for twenty minutes with an Asahi (blown the News Years Resolution already - SIGH) to watch Sanma and Kimutaku playing wannabe top gun pilots. Did anybody else see it? Was highly entertaining, especially as Top Gun sound track was playing the whole time. I like both Sanma and Kimutaku and together they are very funny. Brought me back to normalness.

Off on a tangent - over the last week I have been doing a lot of blog hopping as well as catching up on a lot of local news. I don't read too much otherwise as reading blogs is more fun. The lack of blogging over the festive season though has led me to actually read about what has been going in NZ.

Anyhoo, I read today that a 2year old died in the top bunk - and that Australia and New Zealand are working towards laws for bunk beds - perhaps even not allowing children under the age of 12 in the top bunk. Twelve. 12. Doce. Jyuuni. That is exactly 8 years older than I was planning on putting Shou in the top bunk. The article has put the shits up me. Maybe should just keep them in separate beds after all!!

The NZ MSN homepage also has daily or weekly surveys. The one I saw yesterday was 'Do you think Kiwi women drink too much' - I laughed. Of course we do. Why would you even need to survey that. I think I read somewhere that New Zealanders drink more per capita than anywhere else in the whole entire all over absolutely everywhere world - she says while sipping a beer.

I was a bit baffled as to why the survey didn't just say New Zealanders in general. No need to single us women out when the men drink far too much as well. Every occassion is an occassion for booze. Your best friends cousin's half uncle's son's first birthday - get invited to that and whadda you know - champers a flowing. The drinking style isn't good - a lot of binge drinking. I remeber an add saying 'It's not how much we drink, it's the way we drink'.

Not drinking was going to be (one of my) New Year's resolutions. I'm off the wagon already god damn it. I realise an Asahi or two at the end of the day isn't too bad in the overall scheme of things but then I am a mother of three small children. I should be more responsible surely?

I'm not hitting the manuka or fijoa flavored vodka at 10 in the morning but still I wish I had the will power to just stop completely - perhaps this is nature's way. Keeps making me damn pregnant so I have to stop for months on end. Probably just as well or I'd have had liver failure by now.

Does anybody want the vodka by the way? Opened them both for a sniff but don't tickle my drinky fancy.

Well, they have a police special tonight and then I think some Bruce Willis and Die Hard 4. Gotta love Bruce. He's a bit of a legend really.

Thanks all for reading over the festive season. Hits haven't gone down nearly as much as I thought which means you are all still reading about my very boring life. Let's hope 2010 brings with it some exciting tales aye.



Rachel said...

I read about the bunk too, but I thought they were talking about CAMPING bunks, you know the canvas stretcher thingies. NZ kids all live in houses big enough to fit in a bed each!

I think Japanese bunks have higher sides. I certainly don't think it has to be as old as 12 (obviously, since Amy's only 9 and sleeps on the top bunk!)

I can't figure out how he got smothered, he wasn't injured by the fall. Oh, well maybe it just all points to the dangers of beds and we should all switch to futons!

I'm into the Asahi too right now. Must be a NZ thing.

Vicky said...

I think little kids thrive on routine and it sounds like your kids are ready for their routine again! (And you!)

Me too, this week is the start of me working up to full time work NEXT week, so I'm planning on getting sorted out a bit better over the next couple of days so it's not such a huge shock when the 12th comes. Bleh.

I can't help with the alcohol-y thing because I can't drink, it makes me itch (boo hoo) but OMG I have to STOP EATING.

Sara said...

Yay for return to normalicy (for you!) Will probably be nice to have a little peace and quiet in the house.

My News Resolution to lose 20kg, hopefully 30kg in the next year or so starts tomorrow... of course I had to scarf all the bad food in the house the last 2 days so it wouldn't "tempt" me.

I say enjoy your beer - you deserve it!!! Kanpai!! And I was watching the Kimutaku/Sanma thing too although was watching the part where they were jumping over the giant boxes and thought Kimutaku looked very handsome in his Samurai outfit. I'm usually a fan of Shingo but ki ga kawatta daro?

Anonymous said...

I've always thought Brits are the ones guilty of binge drinking.