Saturday, 9 January 2010

High Stakes

Hub took the family wagon to wannabe firemen final practice for the big day, get ready boys, that he had this morning. He came home and noted with surprise that I had cleaned the inside of it - he was about as surprised as I was at finding

  • three umbrellas
  • two pairs of gumboots
  • five hair clips
  • two headbands
  • four books
  • two boxes of squashed tissues
  • two broken window sun visor thingies
  • a collection of toy cars, emergency vehicles and diggers
  • ...

Not to mention the flakes of crackers and random lollies - mostly those really small ones that you get about forty of in a small cola can type packet. Being the fab mummy that I am I dish them out to Marina too, who of course hasn't quite got the eye hand coordination yet to get them all in her mouth. Shou tends to scrounge round for her left overs but even his hands are too big to get into some of the places. Is amazing the sliding doors still slide at all really.

Obviously I don't take much pride in the car I drive. Don't get me wrong, I love having a huge car that fits three car seats, a mother in law, a twat husband (on occassion), a double buggy, AND five thousand tommy cars, BUT I am always getting out of it holding kindy bags or shopping or baby carseats or toddler hands. I do not have the luxury to think about what to clean out of it as well. Give me some credit man, tis lucky some days I make it out with all the shopping and the kids. One day I'll get to bedtime and realise one of them is still in the car!

We headed out for sushi for lunch and to the shops to get random shit like a golf putter, nappies, tonkatsu sauce and some fire starter - they only had four tubes of the fire starter gel we have been using so I stocked up and bought the whole lot. Got a bit of a funny look at the checkout.

Check out lady: (note to self - have just sold four tubes of fire starter to gaijin in pink fleece with bald baby. Doesn't look like a piromaniac but ..)

Ryu has been in a chipper mood the past few days - despite his spots. I think they are getting better but what does a mother know aye. Hub is convinced they are getting worse .

I was extremely restrained this morning. I would usually ring home on a Saturday morning but not today - as images of phone bill swirl in head. That and reminding self that NZ Granny decided to update people on her vegepatch in the Christmas letter - as opposed to the birth of her second grandson. Saaaa, not bitter at all.

On our way over in the car to sushi hub and I had a wee gripe - as I tend to do as a night away for him is looming. I tend to get jealous. Not the mad raving jealous that another woman will steal him away. Not at all. Afterall, when we were first dating I was the only woman trying to steal glances across a crowded room. No, jealous of the going out, away from the house, away from the kids, and getting some SLEEEEEEEEEEEEEP. Me wants me some of that and so I tend to get a bit bitchy. Oh, isn't it nice for you type shit.

He came back with, but you might be going to Fukuoka for a night away soon. But I have to take a child - to which he said, after an extended pause, that I could go childless.

As in, without any children.

As in, all on my own.

As in, I don't need to pack ten nappies, baby food, formula, bottles and change of clothes - will probably take bum wipes anyway as really they are best invention on face of planet and I use them for everything.

I'm a bit scared though. I can leave the older two. Easy as. Show me the door. Oh flag it, show me the bloody plane. But my little baby... not quite sure if I'm ready to leave him for two days in the hands of hub and Granny K. He will be fine with formula and not boob - my boobs my explode but nothing bit of expressing in the shower wont fix.

Hmmmm, what to do what to do.

Hub is off for his actual firemen's show tomorrow. All the local firemen (bar a handful who have to stay behind in case an actual fire occurs) and their noddy firetrucks, plus the big boy trucks will be there. They have to march and salute and run round like dorks with their hands up by their waist. But there is also some good quality three year old boy entertainment - when they spray different colored water out of the hoses. Shou will love it. Ryu wont be too impressed at being taken out in the cold but will just dress him up in his snow suit.

In the afternoon Granny K is going to take Marina next door to the temple for some serious praying. There is a three day pray-athon that started today. Not sure how Marina will hold up but we will be here so will just go and collect her if I hear her making too much noise!

Right, best be off. Hub and I are up for a game of putter golf - the inside putter green I got him for Christmas - had to wait until now as didn't have a putter. I think there might be some pretty high stakes. I best win or I might find myself handcuffed to the futon - if that's even possible.

Wink wink, nudge nudge.

Nighty night.



illahee said...

you killed me with a three day pray-a-thon. genius.

my car is a moving trash pit. like you, i'm lucky to get the kids and shopping out of there! hehehe *shifty look* yoshi's always nagging me about how messy it is and taking the fucking diaper bag out. I NEED THE DIAPER BAG IN THE CAR, DIPSHIT! *ahem* sorry, but i have plenty of diapers and wipes in the house! ne? sometimes i wonder if his mother slapped him with the stupid stick when he was a kid....

while being child-free on a night out (and couple of days) in fukuoka sounds nice, leaving ryu with your MIL and husband sounds tough. good luck with your decision! ;)

Bryn said...

I love bum wipes too! It's been over a year since E was in diapers, but I still keep a stash in the van and house!

I cleaned my van out yesterday, I could have fed the whole family for a week on all the crap I vacuumed out of there.

LOL, illahee, yesterday's van clean out was the first time I've ever done it, and we've had the van for 1.5 yrs!

Melanie said...

When I had a car (5 years ago, in America, uni years) my car was a trash heap, I would hate to think what it would end up looking like if we actually had a car here.

Corinne said...

I'm also a huge bum wipe fan and totally use more than ash.
Our car is cleanish, but only because it's tiny, if we had a van I'm sure it would be a tip.
Oh my god, no kids night is a hard decision for you?! Go! Go! Ryu will be fine for one night, you deserve just one night off, surely!
That would be such an easy decision for me, but I've never found it hard to dump ash whenever I can! (don't nominate me for mother of year or anything...)