Friday, 22 January 2010

Got me some of my own pumping hearts now baby!

Thankyou for all the comments yesterday. Good to know a lot of other people have same-ish inklings of fuckedoffishness at their men. Appologies however for being a bit of a freeky psycho bitch over an email. I'm good like that. Which is why nearly 400 people decided to pop by yesterday. Amazing really. Human drama - brings out the best/worst in us :)

Soooo, anyhooooo, after the morning dramas I was feeling a bit guilty - or at least definately better after blogging. I mailed hub and asked if he wanted me to order the wood cutter thingy. I had rung Handsmen (the handy store) and asked how much their one was - in comparison to the one on the internet Rakuten store. He emailed back with.

"The one on Rakuten is fine (smiling moving face mark). Is it really OK to work late tonight (moving question mark)? If it's OK then I will. (Normal fullstop) I won't (envelope mark) the skinny slapper anymore. (Normal fullstop) See ya later (pumping heartmark x 2, three hearts twinkling x 2, smaller to bigger heart x 1, sparkly "スキ")

He has been forgiven and for his efforts I ordered the extra part for the wood cutter that means you can cut the log not just in half but .... wait for it.... in four. What a gadget. For the man who has everything. It cost more for sure but he wont end up paying for any of it. I have been guilted into paying for the thing outright. Not that he knows this yes. I'll tell him when his cash is low and he's looking a bit worried that he can't cover it with his cut - after his drinking thing tonight and an overnight business trip/on the lash thing on Monday - both 'workers union' things. Things that he has to pay for up front but which most of which will come back later.

Oh, has just rung and is on way home. The thing tonight was a drinking thing but I suggested that, after he wondered how he would get home, perhaps he go and not drink. Oh my god. What a revalation. Not to drink. He is dropping another guy off - who suggested they go past the okonomiyaki place. Wouldn't surprise me if it was closed already but. Hub asked if I wanted him to bring me a nama (cold, in the glass) home from the place - I said what the hell. Good luck to you man.

Ooohhhh (rub's hands in glee), we might be up for some loving tonight.

Christ, so where was I. Right, the wood cutter. Hopefully it arrives tomorrow and then him and Shou can spend Sunday happily chain-sawing the logs into 30cm lengths and then splitting the fuck out of them. This means that hub won't have to spend all day tomorrow chopping wood with the axe.

Soooooo, am thinking perhaps tomorrow we can go on a date plus one. The plus one being Ryu of course. That or we can sleep lots. Well hub can. Sigh. Will someone please come and give my baby some of that sleeping faffing DNA cause he aint got none.

Happy weekend to you all.



umebossy said...

I want to see photos of woodcutting action! I love machines like that and would probably react in the same way as Shou...

And I can't believe you had 400 visitors in one day! That's about as many as I've had since I started...

Kelly said...

Yes, 400 in a day I can believe. It's amazing who pops out of the woodwork when there's drama's going on. :)

Glad you're feeling better and you two are fine. :)

I'm with umebossy, pictures of woodcutter please! I can't imagine what it looks like. :)