Sunday, 31 January 2010

Girls Night Out (plus Ryu)

Only have thirty minutes. Hub needs to use puter for some work and I need to get to bed, to make up for extreme tiredness that has engulfed me after three years of very little sleep followed by a girl's night out. Had a great time but Ryu's tagging along meant another night of not much sleep. Fortunately there were four pairs of willing arms to take him from me throughout the course of our day and a half away.

Left early yesterday morning - as in after dropping the sproglets off at kindy at eight. After being joined by Jo and Rachel we hit the highway, put the top down, tied scarves round our head and laughed defiantly into the wind. Made good time to Fukuoka despite my car navi neeeechan getting completely up the fuck after being thrown into city streets (after being used to only navigating around country roads with no traffic lights). We made it to Canal City though and met Illahee and Kuri for some shopping, lunch and gossip.

Jo and I headed back to the hotel for a baby pitstop and then went strolling around the Hakata station area. Our mission was to perhaps scout out a good location for dinner but this got thrown out the window when we noticed a 'happy hour' sign. It was only four but if a weekend away with the girls doesn't warrent a drink at 4 then I don't know what does.

It was one of those typical station places - oyakodon and other donburi sets with beer and snacks. Very bright lights and small wooden tables. Upon being shown to our seat the waitress immediately asked us if we knew the beers were half price. Indeed we did . No doubt the two foreigners with the baby looked like they needed some half price beers. We had one, we had two, we had snacks, we departed - to a very smiley waitress who had been laughing with the cooking staff, no doubt all agreeing that we were looking a lot better for the lift of bubbles. That or laughing at how silly foreign women were. Imagine. Bringing a baby with you while you get on the lash at 4pm. Not exactly the lash but.

Back at the hotel Jo looked after Ryu while I soaked in the could-be-just-that-little-bit-longer Japanese business hotel unit bath. The hotel did boast a nice onsen but I didn't fancy going in to soak and talk to myself or random strangers. As I was getting out I could hear Ryu cracking up. Was having a great time and Jo took some FAB pictures not far off the ones I paid 600 dollars to a professional photographer for for Marina and Shou last year.

The other girls got back from their escapades to Tenjin and we met up for champers before hitting Shidax. Figured as seeing as it was raining, we had baggage (Ryu) and that we would probably end up at Kareoke anyway, may as well start there too! Four hours of nomihoudai (all you can drink) and all you can sing!! They don't allow groups with small children to stay past eleven anyway so we called it a night then.

Ryu slept for a good two hours - and there was some serious singing and dancing on couches going on. Think that when he wakes up tonight I will stop singing 'lavenders blue dilly dilly' and exchange it with a very loud Bon Jovi or Lady Gaga number.

Back at the inn some of the girls opt for onsens and foot spas but Ryu and I head for bed. He didn't end up wrapped in a futon in the bath and infact slept with me - quite well considering.

Not surprisngly we were up and out looking for a place for breaky at half seven. Not surprisingly in that as mothers of small children we are usually up at the crack of dawn anyway. I reckon when I do finally get my 'night' of sleep with NO children I will still end up waking up every couple of hours, thinking I hear a baby crying - which can sound freakishly similar to a cat or deer.

Costcos got hit on the way back and I came out with pasta, pasta sauce, cheese and a few other goodies. Was very tired on the drive home so Jo took over for a while. I am in need of a good sleep tonight. I hope you heard that Ryu. In my current book a good sleep would consist of at least four hours of uninterrupted sleep.

That would be nice.


- I took no pics on my real camera but will post the ones that Jo took of Ryu later.


Anonymous said...

It sounds so much fun :) Really glad you had a good time and have come back somewhat refreshed, although knackered!

Did the other little poppets miss you when you were gone?

Happy your back safely!

kuri, ping & the pinglet said...

Was a fantastic time! :) Thanks for driving out so far to go out...hope we can meet up again soon and that Ryu, Marina and Shou give you the rest you need tonight!

Lulu said...

4 hours of interrupted sleep would be nice!

It sounds like you had a great time- I am thinking maybe I should make a visit down to Kyuushu! Or perhaps move there. Wonder if I can convince Shun? HEHE!

Has been ages since I have been to karaoke- can`t believe Ryu slept through it! That is awesome! And nomihoudai. I remember those times.

Gaijin Wife said...

Lulu - there's a couch in a kareoke box with your name on it should you ever convince Shun.

Sleepyinsaka - it would appear that the 'other poppets' (and I firmly believe only possible for you to use such term of enderement cause never met in person - after which spawn of the devil would sound more appropriate) ran riot the whole time. The house was a bombsite and hub looked decidedly worse for wears. I'm not sure if 'miss' is the word I'm looking for. Hmmmm.

Kuri - will try and bring Marina in her pretty dress to the party. Won't rock up with three kids. Maybe two though. Hope you're getting some good lots of sleep too :)

Anonymous said...

sounds like you had a great time even if the sleep deficit is still there..always nice to let off some steam with a bunch of girlfriends :)

Should happen more often...

nikintheguch said...

Sounds like you all had lots of fun! If you would like to have a half-crazy Aussie on your next trip please let me know :-)

Brenda said...

Glad to hear you had such a good time, and well-deserved night out! Won't be happening around here for awhile now, but I'll live vicariously through you, so please continue to provide the goodies and tell hub it's not because you want to, it is now your duty to do so as you have people depending on you! (It's worth a try, right?)

Gaijin Wife said...

Niki - anytime. Half crazy aussies are always welcome. Am sure that after a few beverages we'll all sound the same anyway - and of course all start claiming pavlova and crowded house for our own. The ferry from Tokuyama arrives into port about 2km from us :)

Brenda - if hub would fall for it I'd play that card. Actually he may well. Will give it go :)