Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Broken Record

Not to sound like a broken record but last nights sleep, or lack there of, was completely heinous. Hub was away at his 'union' thing in the city so I had no reprive and had to deal to all three of them. They must have sensed something as they all work up during the night, something that for the past half year or so hasn't happened that much with Shou and Marina.

Marina is a mover and kept headbutting the end of her bed. She stayed mainly asleep though and I just put a blanket over the headboard and kept moving her back onto the pillow and putting her empty bottle in her hand - which she seems to need more as a security thing than anything else.

Shou woke up at half four and I had to crawl into bed with him until Ryu got vocal again at half five. Shou's bed is so cosy though cause he snuggles so well and has those fluffy blankets under and on top of him. And my bed was pretty cold as hub wasn't in it to act as human hot water bottle and I hadn't had the pleasure of spending enough time in it for the many hours before then.

Thanks for that Ryu. You are so going in the bath in Fukuoka. Besides safest place for you if there is an earthquake or nuclear bomb.

He went down fine, sweet as. Woke up twice in quick succession and then was WIDE AWAKE, come on mummy I'm so cute you really do love me, between 2 and 4. At half four I started to lose it and put him back in his cot in the alter room, turned the light on low and bashed the shit out of the mobile so it would keep moving and keep him distracted while I made a hasty exit - at which time Shou woke up so my hasty retreat was straight up to his room.

Half five and Ryu gets vocal. He is sooooooo tired though but nothing works so I belt him into his bouncer and stick him in front of baby einstein and crawl back into my own bed for an hour.

Everyone up at half six, breakfast - toast which they both ate and low and behold Shou even ate all his crusts. Why? Because 'okikunattakara mummy' (I'm a big boy now mummy) There wasn't too much resistence getting them changed and ready for kindy and we rocked up there at 8am. Home to do a load of washing, quick vaccuum and then sleeeeeeeep. Took me forty minutes to drift off and Ryu was awake half an hour after that so not such a good effort. Tried to get Granny K to look after him for an hour so I could get back into a fetal position under the futon but no luck - she was off to pick brocolli or something.

Didn't do much all day. Went to the supermarket and the town office to drop some money off to lady who paid hub's bit for the funeral of some office worker's mother. Did that make sense? The standard fee to give is 3000 yen - if is the family of someone you work with who has died. If is someone you know directly then 5000 seems to be the thing.

Did a bit of English class admin this arvo, followed by another 40 minute power nap, no go on the exercycle, dinner making and wood chopping -but not with the new toy. Hub is going to test run it on Saturday when he is HOME ALONE (iiii na) and if it isn't too dangerous and looks three year old friendly then him and Shou will give the wood pile a going over on Sunday, while I am buying up a storm at Costcos in Fukuoka - possibly hungover and possibly having left my baby in the bathtub at hotel due to crazed lack of sleep and half drunk haze.

I am a responsible parent.

No. Really I am.

So that was our extremely boring day. The kids ate their rice lasagne thingy followed by a banana Hersheys choccy shake, yoghurt and mikan. Bath went well, didn't have to scream the house down for Granny K. Marina to bed at 7 as usual. Shou had been going on about how he was going to go to sleep on his own tonight. Right, thought would take that and roll with it.

As if.

'mama to neran to samishii yo' (I don't like sleeping on my own / get sad (lonely) if I don't sleep with mummy) I tried though and I will battle on with this. In the end I put him to bed with teddy and gave them both a talking to about how if they could sleep a whole week without mummy or daddy then there would be huge rewards in form of blue police car thingy that attaches in some way that only three year olds understand to the tommycar fire rescue thing Shou got for Christmas.

Teddy was very compliant and Shou too - to begin with. I had to go up three times and on the third time he said he wanted me to get into bed with him.
No go buddy.
I said fine I would but didn't he want the police car thingy.
Three year old deep in thought.
I want the car mummy.
Well then why doesn't mummy just kneel here for a few minutes.

Out like a light in two minutes.

Have just had word to hub (who arrived home mid all this) and we have agreed to not get into bed with him anymore. Fingers crossed. Shou sleeping on his own means bunk beds a possibility, means Marina can sleep in with Shou, means Ryu can move upstairs, means we have an extra room for the next one...

OK, so that last bit was way fuckin over the top. Imagine if there was a forth rugrat? I know families do it - the four plus kid thing but pleeeeeeeeeeease. Gaijin wife on less sleep than this would be just dangerous... Would you like some TNT with that?

Although a week in the clinic with a newborn in the nurses station - that equals sleep. Albeit sleep with saggy sore saloon doors and the post birth hormonal shakes.

Sweet Dreams, Good Health and Quiet Living to you all.


Kelly said...

I saw a guy on nhk tonight who has 6 kids! I felt so sorry for his wife because he obviously was on tv, so can just imagine her battling it out at home with 6 kids while he's having fun on tv... bet she says a few choice words about him when he's not at home.

Good luck with the sleeping thing. I used to do that to my mum, I'd beg to sleep with her and couldn't stand to be in my own room across the hall, but like Marina I am a total headbutter/tornado in bed and flail my arms and legs everywhere and talk and yell in my sleep so in the end my mum made me stay in my room with the hall light on. Sad times. haha

illahee said...

don't joke about that GW, just don't you joke about that!! *stern look* next thing you know....

Anonymous said...

poor thing! I`m a nightmare with no sleep with just one munchkin..imagine how I`d be with 3??! You are doing a fantastic job!
(and although I`ve never met you, I`m sure no 4 is not something you seem to want..really..:)

Sending sleeeeeeeep vibes your way...

Nay said...

Sounds like after the night you have had you need a Cocktail Partner - or two or three!!


Anonymous said...

I must agree with colorbynumbers here, in that you are doing an AMAZING job. Better than me with 1 for sure.
However your plan would backfire if you got preggo with twins or something? Maybe that would warrant 2 weeks in the clinic?

I always thought i wanted a big family but now I have changed my mind ...

I saw that 6 kids thing too Kelly!! The one I saw they were like a divorced husband and wife who had 4 kids between them then they came together, and they made 2 more after? Anyways ... hubby was like " I love having lots of kids" and wife probably was banging her head off a tatami somewhere!!

Gambare Gaijin wife!!!

Gaijin Wife said...

sleepyinsaka - twins would warrent at least six months on a carribean island with a wet nurse, two nannies, a chef and a bar tender.