Sunday, 24 January 2010


Hub is sitting beside me filling out the kindy application forms for Shou and Marina. Just writing why none of the adults of the household can look after them. In Kunimi, and I think a lot of Japanese towns, you can not put your kids in kindy unless you are unable to look after them - and that includes grandparents.

Actually he is only filling in one and then I have to fill in the other. Pain in ass as is a lot easier and faster for him. Maybe if I get him a shochu he'll fill the other one out too! Have to go the town office tomorrow to get his annual earnings payout slip and also to the 'official inakan signer' lady in our neighborhood - so she can verify the paper I have to fill in saying I work from home. You are meant to have verification from your place of employment. In past years I have gotten this from the university I translate for - I wouldn't get it by Wednesday though which is when application has to be in by.

Me and the boys went to the city this morning. Marina stayed behind with Granny K. Did a wee bit of shopping - got a coffee, although was contemplating one of the...
Has anyone had one before? Tastey?

Hub took Shou to the game center where they wasted an hour and a half, and quite a bit of cash trying to win this...
The blue thing, not the child. It is a でかニャン or big ass cat. Marina was quite impressed, especially when she realised was quite fun jumping on it like a mini trampoline. Surprisingly that game didn't end in tears.

Hub took the kids to the park while Ryu napped and I faffed round - followed shortly after by drinking coffee with Jo and family who arrived during their temple tour of the Kunisaki Peninsula (??) Not that our house resembles a temple.

Was a nice visit despite the lack of warning and therefore underwear and all assortments hanging up to dry infront of the fire and loads of washing waiting to be folded on the couch - where it still is. I finally managed to offload the fejoa and manuka honey flavored vodka that has been taking up space in our three bottle wine rack. It went into the welcome hands of Jo's maybe future brother in law?? I think I might need to buy some wine now.

Visitors left, kids got back from the park, Ryu woke up and once again peace and order were forgotten in the gaijinwife household. A few tanties over dinner time mainly due to Marina not having had a nap and being overly tired. She was out like a light at half six, followed shortly after by Shou and Ryu.

I got a call from my host father last night - where I stayed during my high school exchange in Kagawa 15 years ago. (SHIT) He had a heart valve thingy operation last year and it went well but there is a place where they can't put in a valve or whatever and it could clott and he could drop dead anytime - according to him. He didn't by anyway guilt me into it, but hub and I have decided to do the family holiday (mayhem travelling with chaos and disorder that would be) in May perhaps. Fight the millions during Golden Week.

This will mean however that budgets will force me to delete the Hokkaido wedding trip off my schedule. Bugger shit wank, but what can you do? Younger brother's best friends wedding vs perhaps possibly thinks he's dieing 68 year old host father - who has been extremely good to me over the years.

We were also talking about trips back to NZ and how it would make sense to go back once before Ryu turns two and costs shitloads more. We can't afford for all five of us to go back before then though.

Sooooooo.... the current thought is that Ryu and I will go home in October or November - between the sports day and the town festival - which both Marina and Shou will be in. Christmas would be nice but it is a lot more expensive, hub is busy with end of year shit, and I don't wont to miss Christmas with Shou and Marina now that they know what its all about - well the Santa and prezzie bit anyway. Not quite informed on the three wise men and shooting baby Jesus out the saloon doors into a manger bit yet.

Anyhooo, enough to think about anyway. European Stylist wont be making it over this year like we thought which sucks but hopefully we will have other lights at the end of the tunnel to help us get through.

Right, Tomb Raider II is on and I need to do some random boob flashing to keep hub's attention from being sucked into the TV screen by Angelina Jolie.

Refuse to lose out to big lipped wannabe orphanage - god almighty she's pretty sexy though.



Helen said...

I personally love the Black Assam Tea Latte, as long as it is really hot. For me it is the ultimate chill out drink!

Sarah said...

I had a sip of my boyfriend's Lavender Earl Grey latte and wasn't terribly impressed. It was good but not fabulously great.

thefukases said...

Ahhh the kindy forms- sometimes better to suffer through and fill it out yourself though. K messed up the girls birthdays (switched them) left Meg off Amy's family list altogether and then wrote my profession as kaisha-in rather than teacher, no big deal other than I filled in all the other forms as teacher... Oh well, as each mistake came to light (one at a painstaking time) I realised they do actually read those forms afterall!!

Very impressed at your husband's UFO catcher skills!

Anonymous said...

thanks for posting on my LJ :) your kids are super cute hafu's as well ^_~

Chrysanthemum Mum said...

I'm in the middle of searching for a new hoikuen. I have the arduous task of finding a private one all of which have huge waiting lists. James is going to be sooo disappointed (and crazy) if he has to remain at the current hoikuen we use! The public system is really strict and difficult to get into here in Tokyo.

The dilemmas of travelling back going to give it a go this summer. Finally introduce Alexa to my family. "here's my new baby" (she'll be 2and a half by then!)

fran-japani said...

Hi there! I really enjoyed the houjicha latte (but havent tried any of the others yet)

have a good week, and good luck with the kindy stuff :)

illahee said...

oh, i'm a sucker for earl grey, so of course i had that one. was great, until i got a great big shot of syrupy shit at the end. since then, i order it sans syrup, and it's great! but then, i rather prefer unsweetened tea.

anchan said...

Yeah, Angelina Jolie certainly has the looks... but there must be something not so great about her as she's twice divorced and is now spitting up with Mr Pitt!

Lulu said...

I am sure if you went back to NZ in October it would be nice- not to cold but not to warm yet either (although it never gets THAT warm in nz from what I can remember- in fact remember going one December and having to wear a COAT for godsakes)

Hope you have no issues with the kindy- sounds as if it should all go through smoothly. I had to also fill in forms at the shiyakusho today and was trying to hold bub, write the forms and remember kanji at all the same time and it was a bit of a disaster. Luckily the shiyakusho lady took pity on me and finished filling in one of the forms for me! (I Had to do 3)

Note to self: practice Noah`s kanji!

Brit said...

Hey GW. I too can not attend the wedding.My Gran died suddenly last week. So as I couldn' t get backfor the funeral I will be in T he Uk all summer so cannot attend the Kiwi Japanese piss up.
Maybe we will meet one day!