Tuesday, 19 January 2010

19 Year Anniversary Parteeee

Last night was a complete and utter shocker. Sleepwise that was. It was land of the living dead in our house this morning - for me at least. I absolutely HATE the way I get on no sleep. I'm not a nice wife. I'm not a nice mummy. I'm not a nice person. It is very hard to control. I don't go round abusing my family (well not much) but I am quite free and easy with the 'for the love of god Ryu, would you not give me some fuckin peace and quiet boy' - aimed of course at my very adorable seven month old. Please tell me I'm not the only one that gets like this?

On a recent (for our TV anyway) episode of 'Private Practice' a mother came in to the 'wellness' clinic with her little baby. She was fuzzed out on no sleep and admitted to holding her child under the water when she was giving her a bath. She was diagnosed with post partum crazy shit but I could relate. I would never act out anything but thats not to say thoughts haven't crossed my mind... more along the lines of me taking all my blankets out to the car so I can just escape and sleep - sleep... it's one of those things you take for granted when you can do it at your leisure every night. I never realised lack of sleep could be so life changing.

But enough about sleep - plenty more of that not to be had tonight me thinks.

Last night I suggested my new Fukuoka and haven for pregnant women and mothers of small babies plan. A.O.K. TO his credit he did say he would be fine for one night with all three of them - and then we hit last night, and this morning he said he reckoned my two nights breaking it up was better. So that's that. All decided.

Also last night he asked if we could get a wood splitter - obviously after seeing the builder's one on Sunday. I said abso-fuckin-lutely darling. If those there trees out the back start growing some of that there fine money. Turns out he wants to spend his cut of my translation money (that comes in tomorrow - wahoo) on it instead of new tyres or a two day pachinko binge. Great idea. Means he wont get a sore back from cutting wood and when he is using his new toy Shou will be his right hand button pushing man.

When we were making plans for the house I had to fight quite hard to get the fire. I promised to do everything - cart and cut all the wood etc. Turns out that have been up the duff or with a small baby on my hip ever since the thing got put in and therefore most of the wood duties have been left to hub. Also turns out him and Granny K brag about the fire to whoever has the bad fortune of coming over in winter - or good fortune rather, as is toasty warm. A bit like the lawn. Had to fight for that even though I was financing it. Don't worry love, I'll cut the grass and pull the weeds. And I would have too - had hub not beat me to it everytime :)

So anyway, enough of fires and grass.

This morning passed in a haze. I tried to get some sleep with Ryu but it wasn't working and he ended up only sleeping for forty minutes and me - just about to nod off when he wakes up, which was at the same time that Granny K's little sister (or cousin?? same father - Granny K's auntie is little sister's mother) came over. Still not even 9am by this stage. Was coincidence that they turn up today - the 19th anniversary of Granny K's husband's death - or rather Grandpa ?. God, for the life of me I can't remember what his name is. Ryu, despite very little sleep, was in top form and smiling away for the guests, fooling them that he is the perfect baby.

They left and I tried for some more zzzzzs but not happening part II. I ask Granny K if there is anything special that we should be eating today because of 19 year anniversary. Apparantely not but they did always used to eat sushi. OK. No worries. Thought very briefly about driving over to pick some up at the sushi shop an hour away but squashed that idea when realised was too knackered and would probably drive the family wagon straight into the ocean - and in my state of mind perhaps I would have thought that an easy way out. Would get me some sleep at least!!

Went to local supermarket instead and got some fish to cut up into sashimi, some maki sushi, some yakitori and some things to make yummy cheese and nama ham crackers for me. Came home and later this arvo arranged everything onto nice platter. Put some rice on, put the brewskies in the fridge and wala - instant party for Grandpa.

Shou thought it was a party - albeit one that required everyone to go in a kneel and pray at the alter. Shou of course pulled out his 'please look over us and protect us from traffic accidents and illness' line, which I was sure he had got from Granny K, but which turns out the teachers at kindy told him. It was in Japanese of course

'koutsu jikko awanai youni, byouki ni naranai youni, mimamotte kudasai'

Marina just tried to clamber up to touch the candles and knock over the incencse.

Grandpa was probably just thinking what a load of unrulely grandchildren he had - and could someone please put a glass of sake up on the alter too. Which hub did.

At the 'party' Shou wolfed back about as much sashimi as hub. Marina went straight for the apple, chicken nuggets and yakitori and Ryu went straight for some party boob. They are all in slumber as I type. Including hub me thinks. Might go wake him up though and get him out of Shou's bed. I was in a foul mood when he left for work this morning, and it was all go the minute he walked in the door tonight so I need some 'hub and me' time.



Sara said...

Just wanted to let you I am here in the land of no/little sleep... it honestly sucks. I spend the first 3-4 hours after I wake up in a haze and all I have is one 6 month old.

The party for Grandad sounds yum - specially the nama ham and crackers!

Yay for hub getting his toy, he and Shou will get some nice bonding time out of it I'm sure!!

Sending you all my crossed fingers and toes that you get a bit more sleep tonight.

Chrysanthemum Mum said...

Sleepless nights here too at the moment so can reallly understand. Both wake up and want to come into mummy's bed. Both cry if I refuse and so we end up with 4 in the double bed with hub and me getting smacked in the face as they thrash about in their sleep. Not sure what to do if either of them wake up tonight. It's too cold to be fannying about getting kids to stay in their beds in the middle of night. Definitlely affects my moods - was a complete bitch to James this evening and he was also having a huge meltdown due to no afternoon nap at daycare. Hope you get a decent sleep tonight.

Sarah said...

Although my lack of sleep was due to a completely different type of unruly project, I can relate. When the alarm would go off and I would have to drag myself from the futon the pain was almost physical... shudder shudder!

Sending you restful thoughts.

Gina said...

Having gone through many sleepless nights when both Branden and Noah were little babes, I can totally understand. I'm hoping you can get some good sleep real soon! : )

Lulu said...

I am like you- I am a HORROR without sleep although I think I am slowly adjusting to have less sleep now that Noah is here- my problems is that it takes me SOOOO long to fall asleep when it is time and then I have to get up to feed him, and then it starts all over again. I also can not "nap" very well so a nap during the day is usually out unless I am almost DEAD from lack of sleep.

I hope you get more sleep tonight!! (or was it last night?!) - sending peaceful sleeping vibes your way.

Oh and Shou saying the thing about protecting you from traffic accidents etc was really cute!