Monday, 25 January 2010

10 yen Jelly Spaz

Just put Ryu down for the second time this evening. Not unusual. He went down at half six. If he has a shit night tonight I will bring him upstairs to sleep with me - help me keep the bed warm seeing as hub is away.

Has been a very uneventful day - bar the complete spaz Shou packed over a ten yen jelly thing. They got one each in the car on the way home from kindy - with the promise of another one if, and only if, they ate all their dinner and had a bath. Got back from the kindy run, sorted out dinner and then made the radical decision that there would be no baths. I wanted to put Ryu in though so I asked Granny K if it was OK. She was in here anyway and I just stupidly presumed that she would stay in here for the ten minutes while I was putting Ryu in the bath and Marina and Shou were finishing their dinner.

Two minutes later Ryu and I are in the bath when I hear Granny K say 'right, I'm off to have my dinner', walks to her room and closes the door. Cue Shou and Marina to abandon their dinner and start jumping on the couch - instigated by Marina. I have left all the doors open and can glimps the corner of the couch. That aside I am the mother and I 'know' what they are doing. I say in a loud voice that there will be no jelly if I get out of the bath and find them on the couch and their dinner not finished. No response. I say in semi soft voice that perhaps I will eat the jelly's myself - Noooooooooooooooooo mummy.

Get out of the bath to find Little Miss Mayhem and only a bit bigger Master Spawn of the Devil attacking the couch, pillows and pile of washing with vigor. The jellies promptly get put on top of the cupboard and Shou starts his supreme nutout. Considering the amount of energy that half hour of nutting out must have taken out of him I was surprised it still took forty minutes to get him to sleep.

Granny K came in mid-nutout and looked surprised that Ryu and I were out of the bath already. We have a kind of routine whereby I will put the kids in the bath and then scream for her to come get Ryu out and dry him. I have been known to do it all myself but is easier if I can pass the wriggly baby off to someone else and then sort Marina and Shou out - especially as I get in with them. So tonight I loudly appeal for 'baaaaaaaaaaachaaaaaaaaaaaaan - and when that didn't work the nicer okaaaaaaaaaaaasaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan' Deaf ears I tell ya.

During Shou's nutout Marina is very quiet and surprisingly obedient. Only had to ask five times to get her to come and get into her PJs and brush her teeth. She even gave me a cuddle for no reason - perhaps her way of saying sorry for being a part of the previous chaos. Shou finally cottoned on that mummy wasn't giving in this time. He went to bed with me promising that I wouldn't scoff the jellies on my own and that they would infact still be there tomorrow.

In other news - the wood splitter arrived this afternoon. I was tempted to open it and give it a whirl but figure hub will get more enjoyment out of that so have left it out in the driveway for anyone to come and steal away. Good luck with that though. Is heavy bastard. Delievery man just about fell over. I did offer to help him but was at the same time talking to Illahee about girls weekend in Fukuoka - which of course tops my list of fun and exciting things to do at the moment vs the wood splitter.

I also rang the hotel for Saturday night - just to check that the confirmation email I got last week wasn't spam :) Things have been tripple confirmed. Carparks fine Illahee - as no doubt will forget to email you! Gomen. Baby accessory also fine. I refrained from telling them I planned on leaving him with the lady on reception over night so I could sleep - surely if I just leave him behind the desk with a note they will sort it! And if not I figure a few big blankets in the bath will be fine??

Went to the petrol station to see if they can tell me what whirrring noise is in car-hub thinks is turning belt? I have no idea. Has been going for a while and I tried to ask a week or so back but the niiiiichan (bloke) who knows a bit or two about cars wan't there - ditto this arvo. His grandfather took ill suddenly and he had to take him to the hospital, just in case you all wanted to know. Gotta love inaka (rural) life sometimes. Too much information. The worst thing is is that it is catching - this relaying of random irrelevant information.

Right, time to enjoy the bed all to myself - and maybe Ryu from when he wakes up next.

Good week to you all



Kelly said...

Uhuh. Gotta love the inaka where everyone knows everyone else's beezwax. Though I kind of miss to tell you the truth.. :)

illahee said...

yeah, as long as it's everyone else's news and not your own!!

kel said...

We have similar tantrums (and promises) over here too. And here I was thinking things would be better when we hit 3. Everywhere that used to be safe to put stuff out of reach or hide things isn't any more. B just pulls a chair over, climbs up and can reach absolutely everything...