Monday, 14 December 2009

Twist me a Demented Giraffe

Before Shou's first birthday I ordered a pack of two hundred balloon art balloons, a balloon pump and a 'be the star at your kid's birthday party' balloon art instruction manual. Hub (like tennis, ice skating, darts and pool) thought that he was a dab hand at twisting balloons - despite never having twisted even a snake in his entire life. Needless to say the only use they got at Shou's birthday was for being used as luke skywalker litesavers (?) or shinkenger swords. Actually I think Shou got himself a headband.

So, I have had this huge bag of balloons for over two years now. The first balloon pump broke because Shou used THAT as a shinkenger sword and bashed the tip against something. For some reason or other I decided that today I would buy another pump and put my twisting skills to the test. I was actually hoping I could find a balloon twisting christmas thing of some kind - santa, rudolph, snowman...

My rule the world with your balloon twisting skills book is however safely tucked away in English lesson bookshelf (more like throw and stash) which I would be very hard pushed not waking Ryu up while trying to find - as is in engawa waste of space corridor bit beside where Ryu is in peaceful slumber. So, I had to resort to following a one page instruction sheet that came with today's pump. It only had a few things on it but... try and guess. And be kind.

That first one was meant to be a giraffe. I know! A giraffe in need of some serious plastic sugery. Poor bastard. Being stuck with a snout like that. Proportions are also something I obviosuly need to work on!! Since when did giraffe's have a tail like that.
That second thing was a rabbit with it's front legs tucked into it's back legs - not because I particularly felt it needed to try a new yoga move but just because that was what manual said. I do believe Miss rabbit will be joining Mr. Giraffe when he goes in to some private clinic to the balloon stars in Arizona to have his nose fixed. Am also not sure why had to twist small round bit on rabbit - possibly so that it stands up better but really just looks like poor bitch has gout or whatever that big swelling neck disease is.
And lastly - the flower that was meant to have five petals but my balloon ran out. Giggle giggle. Not a line used by men with unsatisfied parteners. My balloon ran out. Snort snort.
So anyway, watch this space. I WILL get better at this and will be twisting with the best of them before too long. Am sure will be able to have a baloon animal for everyone at Shou's 21st. Whether he bloody well likes it or not.


Ruthie said...

That's impressive stuff! Did you burst many? You can give a balloon twisting kyoshitsu when I'm next over ;)

Lisa said...

Haha! Adorable!

Kelly said...

Hey, that's quite good. I thought the first one was a dog, and the second one was a dog sitting and looking upwards. :)

Very cute!! :)

Nay said...

Your attempts were way better than anything I would be able to manage!!

By the time Baby N is ready for a birthday party, you will be a pro at balloon twisting. I might have to book you in for a clown demostration :)