Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Sleep In, To. Def...

Today was yet another example of why I pay professionals to look after my children six days a week. Some people have mummy flair - I'm more of a mummy in the making. Not going to be bloody good at it until my kids have grandkids and then I will know EVERYTHING.

Last night wasn't quite as bad as the night before - Marina and Shou slept through but Ryu was being a fussy tart. I remember an add from when I was little that said 'never shake your baby'. I probably used to think how odd it was that people would even think about it - and now. Now I get so close sometimes I have to shake myself to sort my shite out.

Hub did the breakfast thing and I got to sleep in.

Sleep In, To. Def - to enjoy thy bed and peaceful slumber for longer period of time than usual in the morning.

Sleep In, To. Def - (mother of toddlers and babies) ... the word you searched for could not be found.

My sleep in this morning was...
5am - Shou gets up and hub takes him downstairs. I didn't even realise.
5:30am - Ryu wakes up and hub brings him into the lounge too. I didn't even realise.
5:45am - Shou decides to wake Marina up and comes upstairs. Marina is not a good morning person and I hear everything but try to pretend I am still 'sleeping in' by hiding self under layers of duvets.
6am - Marina and Shou are in Ryu's cot AGAIN and hub gets them out. Loud voices, a few 'bakatares' (from Shou), a few 'bakares' (from Marina who can't quite get her mouth round the whole bakatare (which means dickhead)) and I get up through lack of any other choice really.

Awesome. My having to come downstairs four times last night for Ryu meant Hub got up with the kids first thing and I got to 'sleep in' for an extra thrity minutes. Fuuuuuuuuuuuck, I'm lucky.

This morning I had to finish the nengajo for his office - all new people and addresses from this year. He gets all shitty and I pack a sad that I am there doing the nengajyo for his office and could he at least entertain a child or two and pawn the rest off to Granny K. Half an hour later and we are ready to get out the door - via the post office - to the hospital so that hub, Granny K and I can get out 'parents of children under one year old' swine flu jab.

Takes way longer than I anticipated and had to use my whole days bestest mummy skills to keep them in semi order in the full waiting room. Which is why the rest of the day was spent telling them off - mainly for climbing into Ryu's cot.

After lunch Marina, Shou and daddy have a nap. Ryu went down as soon as we got back from the hospital and was therefore just waking up when the others went down. Sigh. How nice it would be to have a KY (kuuki yomeru - hmmmmm, English??) baby for once who sleeps when everyone else does. I decided to plonk him in front of DVD for forty minutes while I napped on the couch.

The afternoon was chaos, followed by dinner which was remarkably OK and the bath thing which was good, minus a few fights over Marina's teapot. Hub went off to wannabe fireman training thing where they stand outside in straight lines puffing their chest out. Following that they get in the noddy firetrucks and cruise round - they have just gone past us with a million bells a ringing, a thousand lights a flashing, aaaaaaaa lot of noise. la da di da and a partridge in a pear tree.

Ryu woke up. Dummy got stuffed back in. Ryu went back to sleep.

Only fifteen nengajyo to go - better get to it.


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