Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

All finished! The last three sentences got finished while the kids were throwing their breakfast on the floor. I turned off the computer for a good few hours, refreshed and then reread the the whole thing - all 20,000 words of it. 77 fricken pages.

I emailed my contact at the university with a revised invoice - stating actual words and that I would only charge for 17,000 which was 300,000 yen - but still twice what I orginally quoted so I wasn't sure if they would accept it or not. I got a reply and was I sure that I wanted to give them a discount? Doh. Should have asked for the whole lot but still, not bad for two weeks of being a grumpy bitch. Also, better to let them know I am giving them discount so want to come back and use me for big shit again. Is better excuse than PMS for being grumpy bitch though - as reward at end for hub, but not sure if he deserves it - but more on that later.

After finishing the translation Ryu and I headed to get some nappies, and see friend for cuppa. Stopped in to try and get a few more chrissy things - cause the more I got today the less I have to get tomorrow in Fukuoka which of course equals more times in Starbucks to slowly work self way through winter menu.

Our family does a christmas wheel whereby all the adults buy for a different person each year and then everyone buys for the kids. There are nine adults (ma, pa, four of us and our three partners) - so uneven numbers until my little brother gets married or someone gets divorced!! This means mum and dad go on the wheel twice - once separately and once together. This year they are buying for me and me for them. I asked them what they wanted - stupid. They want T-shirts. Am almost tempted tro print own.

"My daughter lives in the middle of fuckin nowhere and all I got was this t-shirt"
"My daughter lives in Japan and all we got was this t-shirt made of recylcled bamboo"
"My daughter lives in Japan and has three kids and we've only visited once"

OK - so that was a bit mean. And not acutally that bad as we have been back three times since been married - or from just before.

My mum asked what I wanted for Christmas and I said a proper baking and cooking set - measures, bowls the works. I think that's whats in the post as I type. Is going to be the start of a new Nigella me. Hub's going to come home one night and find me standing in the kitchen in nothing but an apron and heels and a bit of lippy and a ten course meal in front of me. Christ, he would think all his Christmases had come at once.

The next part of the new me, is getting into kind of shape where can actually stand in just an apron and not need manufactured items to keep my bits in place. That might be a way a way but when I get there I guarantee you there will be photos displayed proudly all over the internet. Me, my apron and I.

Anyhoo, I did manage to get a couple of t-shirts and a few extra stocking fillers for neices. Haven't really got much on list for tomorrow - might just buy what ever tickles my fancy. Not sure what to get hub? Any ideas? What are all you getting your hubbys this year? I am a bit at odds really - not sure if he deserves it or not!

A week and a half a go I left his ATM card in the machine at the bank. Haven't been able to go get it as was at bank three towns away and have been too busy. So, anyway, need some pingers for tomorrow. I could raid the New Zealand account but that doesn't make sense as will be getting translation payment in yen this month or next month and the rate is crap at the moment so makes more sense to get money out of 'illicit slush fund carribean account' that we have - that hub chalked up debt in and I found out about it back in April and we paid it off using my ten year diamond and family holiday fund. It didn't pay it all off and we were going to pay the rest off using his summer bonus. We had BIG issues over this.

Anyway, we needed money for tomorrow and I didn't have the bank card but had the illicit bank card (as had to confiscate it off money laundering pachinko slut husband). Couldn't remember number - well acutally had it written down but wanted to ring hub so we would know that I was going to take X amount of yen out and put it back when translation money came in. He gave me the number and we hung up. Two seconds later he rings back and says did I realise that I could take money out of the normal bank account with his bankbook and his inkan - both of which I don't normally have but have since meant to be going to pick up ATM card. I suggested that perhaps bank person wouldn't give me money even with these seeing as I obviously wasn't a Japanese man. We hung up again.

I started thinking things a bit odd. I went ot bank, got money out and looked at statement - hmmmmmmmmmm. Not good. Not as bad as before but it has only been six months since we 'supposedly' paid it all off. The one fucker thing is is that I can't remember if we used the summer bonus to finish paying it off. Bonuses got cut and some part of me thinks we flagged paying the rest off but am not quite sure. Therefore I need to play my next move just so. I thought he would ask about it tonight but he didn't. Maybe tomorrw when i hand some money over.

If we did pay it all off - and it has gotten back to where it is - it means he is getting the bank nechan to come straight to the town office which they all do anyway. But fuck me sideways its more than lunch money for the last six months. Which then gets us into the whole have you been skiving off to silver ball heaven while I change shitty nappies and clean up hard cooked dinner off the ceiling??


You slimey fucker.

But enough said - I will give him the benefit of the doubt and bide my time. It's not like he can pay it back. And if he thinks he is getting away with it then I will just have to make random checks on the account to see how much is going -which I should obviously have been doing all these months!! Bugger shit.

I hate this. I really do. Spend two weeks working my ass off for extra cash and he is just pilching all the pocket money he wants from the damedame (no no) account.

Or I'm just being a paranoid bitch and is only a few hundred dollars less than it was 6 months away.

Sah, time will a tell.

Right, best get shite sorted for tomorrow. Up at five and out the door by six. Shou off to kindy in a taxi with Granny K.

Nighty night.



nikintheguch said...

Congratulations and otsukaresama on finishing it! 300,000 is still a nice amount for 2 weeks of work but I have no idea how you did it with 3 kids to look after as well! You're a star and should definitely buy yourself a nice present.

Anonymous said...

totally agree with Nikki, definately time to pamper yourself. Congratulations on such a big job and great $$.
Bummer about the trust thing with hub, hope things work out and things turn out to be better than you thought..

Sara said...

Wow!! Omedetou and what a nice payday!! I'm super jealous as my translation endeavors are going nowhere.

Hopefully the whole account thing is nothing to be concerned about and if you do end up making a couple "safety" checks it will be staying pretty much the same.

Have fun with your proper measuring and bowls set! Your spinach make believe lasagna was yummy - I hope this prompts a few more glimpses into the GW Recipe Book!!

Night night!

thefukases said...


I can't believe you did it,

I can't believe *both* your parents are grandparent age *and* able to fit into Japanese size t-shirts.

I can't believe you had a choice of shirts... or did you buy them matching 'I love my Kubota small farm machinery' shirts?

I can't believe you haven't used your husband's inkan before... It's small town banking at it's best- take a bankbook and matching inkan in, talk weather and crop prices for 10 minutes and walk out with the dosh. :)

Presents for the DH.... hmmmmm whatever ridiculous back of a magazine miracle crap he buys closest to Christmas I groan a little less and say 'Merry Christmas' so no help here. :)

Kelly said...

Congrats on getting it all sorted, must feel so relieved and I believe a night out on the town with the girls would be a great present to yourself! :)

If you find out that he has been skiving money I would say his present would be to be wrapped in a giant silver ball and rolled off the map...jk.

Is there a way you can limit access to yourself only on that account? Or does everything have to be jointly owned in Japan?

Good luck. :)

Nay said...

Congrats on getting the translation done in time - now it's time to go on a shopping spree or buy something just for 'you'!! You deserve it!!

Brenda said...

Congratulations!! Forget giving hubs a treat (regardless of any bank account activities that may or may not have taken place), you did the work, treat yourself first and well! And good job on invoicing for twice the estimated amount! What a well-deserved end of year bonus!